Ship: 785 tons
Captain: Norris
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London February 9th  1860 - arrived Lyttelton May 9th 1860

The Gananoque was a smart American ship of 785 tons. She was chartered by the Shaw Savill Co., for two voyages to New Zealand, and sailed from London three years after she was launched at Quebec for Lyttelton. This was in 1860. Leaving London on February 14, with 215 passengers, she covered the distance from the Downs to the Equator in 21 days. She was becalmed a few days in the tropics, and carried fairly strong winds in the Southern Ocean, arriving at Lyttelton on May 9, completing the passage in 85 days.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Chief Cabin Passengers
Bilton Mr J
Congreve Mr W
Ferguson Mr J D
Goodrich Mr W W
Karslake Mr J K
Knyvett Mr C F
Knyvett Mr H
Lenton Mr H
Lloyd Mr J H
Powell Mr R
Selfe Mr J
Spooner Mr G
Sprot Mr M
Tucker Mr E
Walker Mr W
Wilson Mr R
Williams Mr H
Second Cabin Passengers
Davis Mr
Deresham Mr
Dyer Mr
Hogg Mr
Pinwill Mr
Scully Mr W
Woodforde Mr
Paying Steerage Passengers
Amor Richard
Ayres A
Cussell J
Denman J
Deresham Mary
Kirtzell Charles
Lorrimer W
Petrie R
Pope F B
Robertson Jeannie
Scully Maria
Smith F
Stevenson John
Straitton J
Stringer J
Provincial Government Immigrants
Families & Children
Binnie John 36 Lanark Ploughman
Elizabeth 24
Breakwell John 23 Staffordshire Farm Labourer
Ellen 20
Burrows Henry 23 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 23
William Henry 5
Cairncross Daniel 31 Forfar Ploughman
Agnes 27
Agnes 8
George 5
John 3
David 1
Campbell Arthur 28 Down Farm Labourer
Margaret 27
Alexander 7
Hannah 5 Died on the passage from Belfast to Plymouth
Card William 23 Surrey Slatter
Elizabeth 24
Crooks Robert 22 Lanark Gardener
Elizabeth 28
Feather James 35 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 32
Edwin 9
Emily 6
Ann Amelia 2
Forgan James 38 Lanark Labourer
Isabella 21
Fuller Julius 34 Surrey Miller
Maria 31
Gibson Samuel 23 Down Farm Labourer
Martha 25
Green Samuel 31 Middlesex Oilman
Susan 31
Hay David 26 Forfar Ploughman
Margaret 26
Hughes Bartholomew Joseph 31 Warwickshire Carpenter
Emma 29
Humm William 22 Essex Farm Labourer
Eliza 20
James 2
George Infant
Kitchingham Jabez Richard 42 Middlesex Gardener
Jane Thomazina 41
Emma 11
Jane 10
Ann 8
Eliza 6
Sarah 3
Henry 1
Loosey Emma 22 T/F to single women Travelled with Kitchingham
Newham Emma 43 T/F to single women Travelled with Kitchingham
McKenzie James 33 Perth Ploughman
Elizabeth 33
Alexander 11
James 9
Milne Alexander 23 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Charlotte 28 Kincardine
John 3 Kincardine
David Infant Kincardine
Peagram Charles   John 35   28 Essex T/F to single men Labourer
Ann 41 This man "John Peagram" goes out to take charge of the children of his brother Charles who was arrested for debt before the ship left the docks.
Charles 13 T/F to single men
Edward 11
Mary Ann 8
Emma 6
Pepper Andrew 24 Down Labourer
Rachael 23
William John 2
Perrin John 31
Elizabeth 33
Joseph Herd 13 T/F to single men
William Henry 7
John 6
Robert William 37 Guernsey Cabinet Maker
Lucy Durell 34
Lucy 14
Angelina 13
Walter 10
William 6
Louisa 2
Robertson Duncan 21 Lanark Ploughman
Isabella 21
John Infant
Rosengrave Thomas 35 Galway Farm Labourer
Ann 29
Thomas 11
Ann 10
Eliza 8
Jeremiah 7
Martin 5
Maria 3
Margaret Infant
Ryan Thomas 31 Leicestershire Labourer
Ann 32
Robert 2
Sands George William 28 Surrey Gardener
Ruth 28
Sloan John 27 Down Farm Labourer
Catherine 23
William 9 months
Street Arthur 23 Middlesex Carpenter
Louisa 23
Thompson Richard 27 Down Farm Labourer
Jane 27
Andrew 2
William Infant
Single Men
Atkinson Thomas 22 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Brann John Henry 23 Kent Schoolmaster on Board
Birnie James 25 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Boycott William 24 Salop Miner
Richard 20 Salop Saddler
Cooper William 27 Down Farm Labourer
Crampton George 16 Wicklow Farm Labourer
Douglas James 19 Down Farm Labourer
Gabby William 21 Down Farm Labourer
Herd Joseph 13 Devonshire
Heron David 22 Down Farm Labourer
John 21 Down Labourer
Kerr John 18 Down Farm Labourer
Kidd James 54 Perth Ag Labourer
James 24 Perth Ag Labourer
Agnes 20 Crossed out
Joshua 17 Perth Ag Labourer
Elizabeth 12 Tran to s/w
Alexander 10
Leatherdale George 30 Suffolk Farm Labourer
Eliza 18 Trans to s/w
Lomas John 23 Derby Farm Labourer
McNiely Hamilton 21 Down Farm Labourer
Ogilvie John 20 Forfar Joiner
Osborn David 21 Down Farm Labourer
Peagram John 28 Essex Labourer
Charles 13 Essex
Petrie Alexander 26 Forfar Farm Labourer
Shaw James 30 Down Blacksmith
Stewart Archibald 27 Kent Gardener
Stewart John 18 Kincardine Shepherd
Strong Patrick 24 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Trail William 23 Aberdeen Blacksmith
Tobin Edward 25 Dublin Farm Labourer
Sister to Edward Margaret 23 Trans to s/w
Tooker Lawrence 29 King Co Farm Labourer
Walls Francis 23 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Wellwood Joseph 25 King Co Farm Labourer
Single Woman
Abeams Ann 24 Essex Housemaid
Barrett Jane 20 Warwick Domestic Servant
Brown Sarah Winfied 27 Surrey Domestic Servant MATRON
Canty Agnes 22 Middlesex Cook
Dunlop Jane 28 Down Factory girl
Dunlop Margaret 22 Down Needlewoman
Gabby Sabina 23 Down Needlewoman
Gohey Mary 18 Glostershire Domestic Servant
Heron Sarah 20 Down Domestic Servant
Jenkins Rosanna 15 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Kidd Elizabeth 12 Perth
Leatherdale Eliza 18 Suffolk Domestic Servant
Loosey Emma 22 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Macdonald Sarah 24 King Co Domestic Servant
Kate 19 King co Domestic Servant
Martin Mary 20 Down Needlewomen
McGee Catherine 29 Forfar Dairymaid
Isabella 18 mths
Newham Emma 14 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Peck Hannah 28 Essex
John Walter 2
Reddall Marianne 14 Staf
Robert Lucy 14 Guernsey
Angelina 13 Guernsay
Robertson Jane 24 Perth Needlewoman
Janet 26 Perth Needlewoman
Stewart Mary 24 Kincardine Dairymaid
Thomson Isabella 20 Down Domestic Servant
Tobin Margaret 23 Dublin Domestic Servant
Warren Ellen 27 Middlesex Nursery Governess
Williams Emily 26 Kent Domestic Servant
Worsford Eliza 29 Surrey Domestic Servant

John Henry BRANN:
John Henry Brann was a schoolmaster from Kent who arrived in Lyttelton on board the Gananoque in 1860 during the voyage of which he acted as schoolteacher. He came to Wellington where he married a daughter of Mr Woodward (unknown Christian name at present) then had a school in Wellington, then up to Wairarapa, taught at both Carterton and Clareville, then moved on to Wanganui, found this out in the 1897 Cyclopaedia today.. two burials at Clareville for two of his daughters.

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