George Fyfe
Ship: 460 tons
Captain: George Pyke
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Philip Williams

Sailed London 16th June 1842 - arrived Wellington November 7th 1842
                                                               Nelson December 12th 1842

Note on passenger list:
"13th June 1842 - emigrants embarked at Deptford after breakfast"

Name Age Occupation Comment
Cabin Passengers            
Aldred Miss For Wellington
Buckland Mr M For Wellington
Mrs For Wellington
Champney Mr For Wellington
Christian Eliza Sarah For Wellington
Clifford Charles 29 Gentleman For Wellington
Coster John For Nelson
Mary For Nelson
Dillon Hon. Constantine Augustus 29 Gentleman For Nelson
Fanny For Nelson
Donald Mr and Family
Fitzgerald Thomas Henry 18 Surveyor For Wellington
Emily For Wellington
Fox William 30 Lawyer For Wellington
Sarah For Wellington
Haigh Mr
Kearsley James
May Mr
Redwood Henry 48 Farmer For Nelson
Mrs For Nelson
Henry 20 For Nelson
Thomas 9 For Nelson
Charles 5 For Nelson
Francis 3 For Nelson
Four other children For Nelson
Thailwell Mr
Vavasour William
Webster Mr
White W.B.
William Dr Philip Surgeon on board
Ward Joseph
Steerage Passengers
Balhary David 32 Carpenter Ships Constable
Margaret 31
Adam 8
David 6
Jane 3
Barnett Reuben 22 Whitesmith
Elizabeth 25
Bolten Edward 27 Farmer
Broadbent William 26 Blacksmith
Honorah 23
Burnett Alexander 25 Gardener
Jane 26
Jane Infant
Coster Charles 18 Farm Labourer For Nelson
Firth James 25 Joiner
Hannah 24
Arabella 2
Godfrey Henry 17 Farm Labourer
Hammond Matthew 30 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 22
Henry 1
Daughter Born on Board
Hammond Richard 26 Agricultural Labourer
Amelia 22
Jane 2
Elizabeth Infant
Harris David 28 Agricultural Labourer
Caroline 21
William 2
Hirst Sydney 27 Joiner
Mary 24
Susan 2
George Henry Infant
Jones Francis 32 Carpenter
Rosa 34
Roberts Rosa 12 Child by Mrs Jones first Husband
Elizabeth 7
Charles 3
Sarah Infant
Kinniburgh David 21 Carpenter
Jane 24
Leggard Daniel 31 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 25
Ledgard Robert 25 Agricultural Labourer  Assistant to Surgeon
Mary 28
Lewer Charles 20 Agricultural Labourer
Martin Alice 18 Servant Servant to Mrs Fox
Remmnant James 20 Agricultural Labourer
Hannah 18
Reynolds Edward 32 Cabinet and Chairmaker
Harriett 28
Edward 8
Francis 7
Harriett 3
George 1
Son Born on Board
Rhodes Israel 27 Agricultural Labourer Cook on board
Martha 27
Rhodes Richard 31 Joiner
Elizabeth 31
Ann 4
Son Born and died on board
Riddell George 31 Carpenter
Marion 31
James 3
Allison 1
Secker Dinah 23 Dairymaid


For further information on Francis Jones and his wife Rosa and their children (incl the children from Rosa's former marriage) please email the Wilton Family History Team c/- Colin Watson.


FOX family:
For further information on William Fox please visit:


Thomas Henry and Emily Fitzgerald were brother and sister to Dr John Patrick FITZGERALD the Colonial Surgeon at Wellington. On the same ship was Eliza Sarah CHRISTIAN from Dublin, Ireland who was to become the future Mrs John Patrick Fitzgerald. We cannot be sure but it can fairly be assumed that the Fitzgerald family were escorting the young Miss Christian to her intended wedding.


RHODES family:
Israel Rhodes built a new house with timber, which he got from William Birdling, from whom came also the seeds of the gum trees that are still standing. In the early fifties he bought the homestead, with perhaps a small area of freehold and grazing rights of some 4,000 acres, paying the Rhodes brothers 250 pounds as compensation. In 1866 the license for the Flea Bay and Akaroa run, No. 30A, 7,000 acres was transferred to Israel Rhodes and Charles Haylock. Israel's sons worked the property until about twenty-five years ago, and members of his family are still living on the Peninsula. His son, Alfred, whose home is in Akaroa, told me that he is sure people were more happy in the old days. Everyone seemed honest then, agreements were made by word of mouth, and there were few papers to sign. The hills were covered with bush and it was wonderful to get up in the morning and hear the birds singing. Everyone worked hard but that did them no harm. "No man ever made a fortune for himself on the Peninsula who worked eight hours a day; you must work from daylight to dark."

At first the runs were stocked with cattle only, but sheep soon began to appear. In 1843 the Deans brothers of Riccarton imported 43 from Sydney, which were the first in the province. The following year the Greenwoods had about 400 running at Purau.....
Israel was born in 1813 in England and arrived at Wellington, New Zealand in the George Fife in October 1842 with his wife Martha who was born in c 1812. Israel worked for a year at the Hutt for a Mr Wright before being engaged by George Rhodes (Rhodes of the Plains). Israel worked for George Rhodes at Flea Bay, Akaroa which he bought in 1852 and farmed until till 1867. They came to Akaroa to live in 1867 and Isreal died there.
From the book "George Rhodes of the Levels".
If you have any information concerning this family or would like to know more please contact Suzanne Crosbie.


HARRIS & LEWER families:
Charles LEWER, labourer, farmer and sawyer, (baptised 2nd Feb 1821, Albury, Surrey), was the base born, (illegitimate), son of Charlotte SMITH who married James LEWER.  Charles LEWER’s wife Emma formerly HARRIS, (baptised 11th Dec 1825, Shere, Surrey), was the daughter of William and Sarah HARRIS.   Charles and Emma LEWER were married for as little as eight days when they applied on the 14th May 1842, (application no. 5844), for a free passage to New Zealand.  It was just two weeks earlier that Emma’s brother David HARRIS, (application no. 5670) and his wife Caroline formerly COX, and son William aged two, had applied.  Its believed that both the LEWER and HARRIS families, who sailed together to New Zealand on the George Fyfe, disembarked at Wellington on the 7th November 1842.  An early record of St Paul’s Church, Wellington shows a Henry HARRIS, born 18th Aug 1843, as being the son of David and Caroline HARRIS.  The HARRIS family eventually settled at Pauatahanui.  Two of David & Caroline’s nine children died in childhood.  More than eleven years after Emma & Charles LEWER first arrived in Wellington, and while living at Porirua Road, they started their family of nine: (1) Emma, born 1854, who married Richard BARBER.  (2) Henry born 1856, who married Mary Jane PRIER. Moving to Ohariu Valley the rest of their children were born:  (3) Charles LEWER Jnr, born 1859, who firstly married Elizabeth PRIER and secondly Amy HAMILTON.   (4) Jane LEWER, born 1860, who died young.  (5) Lucy LEWER, born 1861 who married Thomas NEWLAND.   (6) Mary LEWER born 1864 who firstly married Albert Thomas DORREEN and secondly John MANLEY.  (7) Eliza LEWER born 1866.  (8) Frederick LEWER born 1867 firstly married Emma PICKERING then Alziere MALCOLM.   (9) Sarah Ann LEWER born 1869 married James Stephen SMITH a butcher of Wellington. If you have an interest in any of these families please contact Lesley Keil a descendant of Lucy LEWER.  


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