Ship: 560 tons
Captain: T S Stead
Surgeon Superintendent: William Garrett
Sailed Gravesend 19 June 1841 - arrived Port Nicholson 30th October 1841

Name Age Occupation Comment
Cabin Passengers
Copps Michael 32
Garrett Ellen 18
Daughter Born at sea 08/09/1841
Howell T.
Nowles T.
Intermediate Passengers
Knowles John 17 Storekeeper & Clerk
Steerage Passengers
Ade George 22 Miller
Angell Joseph 25 Gardener
Ashbolt Thomas 29 Agricultural Labourer
Caroline 29
Thomas 1
Atkinson Henry 21 Teacher
Mary 22
Bailey Thomas 28 Cabinet maker
Mary 26
Barnes William 36 Blacksmith
Harriet 36
William Robert 14
Harriet Frances 12
Hannah 10
Daughter 5
Thomas 7 months Died at sea 09/07/1841
Barrow Charles 21 Agricultural Labourer Assistant to Surgeon
Bartlett George 14 Labourer
Benson William 18 Labourer
Bragg Richard 40 Agricultural Labourer
Charlotte 36 His second wife
Jane 17 Sempstress
Alfred 15 Labourer
William 3
Richard 1
Brown Amy 40 Laundress MATRON
Son 13
Chatfield Edmund 16 Agricultural Labourer
Chittenden Edward 33 Agricultural Labourer
Lydia 33
Clarke Rice Owen 25 Clerk
Cole Thomas 39 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 36 Formerly Mrs Shotter
Connell Charles 39 Labourer
Ellen 36
Morgan 17 Labourer
Johanna 14 Sempstress
Ellen 12
Daughter 8
Daughter 8
Daughter 9 months
Conway Robert 20 Agricultural Labourer
Corkery Dennis 35 Labourer
Mary 28
Daughter 12
Son 7
Daughter 5
Son 2
Daysh John Ings 33 Shepherd
Elizabeth 28
George 9
Elizabeth 7
Susan 6
Richmond 4
Mary Ann 2
John 3 months
Duling Ann 22 Sempstress
Dunston Samuel 23 Agricultural Labourer
Jane F. 22
Durrant William 25 Labourer
Ellis James 30 Labourer
Mary 27
Catherine 7
Bridget 2 months
Farmer Edward 21 Engineer
Jemima 26
Daughter 11 months
Forster James Rumsey 22 Bookseller
Galven Daniel 36 Agricultural Labourer
Catherine 30
Daughter 13
Son 11
Gill John 23 Agricultural Labourer
Amelia 33
Frederick 1
Gribble Elias 22 Agricultural Labourer
Gribble Eliza 19 Sempstress
Hall George 30 Carpenter
Charlotte 19
Daughter 5 months
Hattersley George 22 Cabinet Maker
Sarah 21
Inglesby Ann 25 Servant
Jackson Sarah 23 Sempstress
Jackson John 20 Mason
Jackson Jane 18 Sempstress
Jackson Martha 15 Sempstress
Jackson William 27 Mason
Grace 27
Jeffs George 35 Labourer Cook
Ann 32
Louisa 12
Son 7
Charles Born on board 10/07/1841 Died on board 23/07/1841
Ann Born on board 10/07/1841 Died on board 05/08/1841
Ladbroke John 25 Mason
Mary 24
Son 8 months
Lawson Robert 29 Gardener From Leith, Scotland
Susannah 29
Andrew 4
John 3
Jabez 2
Daughter 4 months
Lingard John 48 Labourer
Grace 50
Mary 19 Sempstress
Richard 17 Labourer
James 12
Lowden Joseph 29 Sawyer
Phebe 27
Daughter 2
Daughter 6 months
Lowe Adrian 27 Engraver & Printer
Frances 28
Daughter 6 months
Lowe Edward 19 Assistant to Surgeon
Loader James 31 Labourer
Judith 33
Son 10
Daughter 8
Son 6
Daughter 4
David 18 months Died at sea 15/09/1841
Mannering John 28 Bricklayer & Mason
Sophia 26
Daughter 3 months
Mitchell John 48 Brickmaker
Mary 48
Elizabeth 22 Sempstress
William 20 Brickmaker
James 18 Brickmaker
John 16 Labourer
Joseph 14 Labourer
Son 8
Murch Philip M. 29 Baker
Catherine 25
Son 5 days
Murch Robert 31 Agricultural Labourer
Ruth 26
Daughter 5
Son 1
Norgrove William 27 Plumber
Sarah 22
Ovid Hall 4 months
Osborne Joseph 31 Stone Mason
Elizabeth 30
Daughter 10
Daughter 7
Parker Thomas 28 Agricultural Labourer
Susan 28
Son 8
Son 4
Daughter 10 months
Pike William 29 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 31
Son 8
Daughter 5
Daughter 3
Daughter 2
Son 5 months
Plimmer John 28 Builder
Eliza 29
Isaac 6
William 4
Mary 2
Plimmer John Jnr 17 Nephew of John Snr
Roe Edward 39 Labourer
Amelia 37
Amelia 19 Sempstress
Edward 17 Labourer
Emily 14 Sempstress
Son 10
Son 8
Daughter 4
Daughter 2
Rowe William 39 Labourer
Frances 38
Son 5
Daughter 3
Daughter 1
Russell James 21 Gardener
Sherring Stephen 17 Agricultural Labourer
Shotter Richard 15 Labourer Child of Mrs T. Cole
Shotter Charles 13   Child of Mrs T. Cole
Shotter George 12   Child of Mrs T. Cole
Shotter John 9   Child of Mrs T. Cole
Shotter Fanny 7   Child of Mrs T. Cole
Thompson William 28 Agricultural Labourer
Eliza 20
Daughter 4 months
Waller William 40 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 40
Mary 16 Sempstress
Charlotte 14 Sempstress
Son 11
Daughter 11
Son 8
Son 6
Daughter 4
Weston Samuel 27 Agricultural Labourer
Caroline 26
Phoebe 6
Charlotte 4
Samuel 2
White David 35 Tanner & Baker
Isabella 30
Son 4
Daughter 2
Daughter 1 mth
Whiteman Francis 40 Agricultural Labourer Widower
George 13
Jane 9
William 6
Martin Ann 24 Sempstress Came out with Whiteman's
Wilson William 32 Baker
Young Edward 31 Turner
Caroline Mary 27

WHITEMAN family:
Francis (widower), his sons, George and William and Daughter Jane came from Sussex in England. They settled in the Hutt Valley. Jane Married Matthew Shirley in 1847 and they had 11 children, 6 born in Wellington and the rest in Southland. During his later years Jane's father also moved to Southland. This family are also related to the Whiteman's in Australia. Any information or connections please contact Lyall Mitchell Ann MARTIN
Ann  accompanied the Whiteman's. Francis was her step father. She too comes from Sussex, England. Her mother Mary had remarried Francis Whiteman in 1831 after her father's death.  Her mother died in 1839 in Sussex. Any information would be appreciated. Please contact Lyall Mitchell


LAWSON family:
Robert Lawson, born Leith Scotland 1812 and one of eleven children to Andrew Lawson and Jane Cunningham, left Gravesend with his wife Susannah Allen and 4 children for their new life in New Zealand.  They settled in a place called River Hutt, near Wellington.  Whilst in New Zealand they had 3 more children and lost their son Jabez Lawson who drowned. Jabez had emigrated with them to New Zealand. On the 1st August 1853 Robert Lawson and his two eldest sons, Andrew and John, arrived in Victoria Australia to search for gold, without success, in the Bendigo gold fields. Susannah Lawson and her children remained in New Zealand and followed Robert to Bendigo around 2 years later. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Keith Treuel.

GILL John, Amelia and Frederick
John married Amelia TURNER in Halifax, Yorkshire, England on the 7th July 1839. Their application number was No. 3228, their embarkation number was 1313. John is listed in the 1842 Burgess Roll for Wellington as a labourer, residing at Thorndon Flat. He is also listed on the Jury list for 1848, labourer, Thorndon Flat. John's date of death is not known. Amelia was born in Halifax and christened 12th July 1807. Amelia's father was Japhet TURNER and mother Hannah nee WASHINGTON. Amelia is listed as a ‘servant’ on her marriage certificate. Amelia died 19 September 1876 and was buried in the Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington.  Frederick, born 1840, Halifax, Yorkshire, ENG. Died 18 sep 1874, Wellington, NZ, buried Bolton Street Cemetery. Mary Ann was born in Wellington on the 22nd January 1844. Christened in the "First Independent Church of New Zealand" 13th December 1847 Hannah was born in Wellington on the 22nd August 1847 Christened December 13th 1847 at same time as Mary. Jane. Born c 1850? married Robert YEATTS.  Any interest in this family please contact Tony Christiansen

ELLIS family:
JAMES and MARY (Downey) ELLIS and their two daughters were living in Marylebone, London, before  leaving for New Zealand.  KATHERINE was seven years old and BRIDGET five months old when they arrived in Wellington.  (The ship's papers give Bridget's age as "2 1/2" when leaving England, but that was months, not years.)  When Mary Ellis died about 1847, Katherine aged about 13 was cared for by the Knocks family and later married their son John Knocks of Otaki who was listed as a Licensed Victualler, Leasehold, Waikanae in the 1850's and 1860's and in 1863 became a Native Inspector and Interpreter in the Otaki Magistrate's Court.  Bridget aged about 6 was cared for by Mr and Mrs James Smith who had a shop on Lambton Quay (which later became James Smith's Department Store).  During the Wellington earthquake on 23 January 1855 Bridget told of the tidal surge breaking the windows in Smith's shop on the Quay.   She married Bartholomew Lorrigan who was on the staff of Government Houses in Auckland and Wellington, and whose family arrived on the "Westminster", the third ship in the first fleet into Auckland in 1843.  There are a large number of descendants in New Zealand and if you are interested in this family please contact [email protected]


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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/2 p59