Ship: 426 tons
Captain: Allan Bolton
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Isle of Wight July 13th 1854 - arrived Auckland October 25th 1854

                                                                             Wellington November 13th 1854
                                                                             Nelson November 26th 1854

The Gipsy, a full rigged ship of 426 tons, built at Dundee in 1853, made only two voyages to New Zealand, Captain Allan Bolton being in charge. Against adverse winds, she made the passage on the first trip out to Auckland in 103 days, land to land, her greatest day's run being 253 miles. She sailed from the Isle of Wight on the 13th July, and arrived at Auckland on the 25th October 1854. Instead of coming up the Rangitoto Channel, she followed the course taken by other vessels arriving in Auckland in the early days, and sailed through the Eastern Passage. When she anchored the yellow flag was flying. Shortly after sailing, fever had broken out on board, and continued most of the passage, resulting in the death of three passengers and one seaman. The Gipsy brought the first installment of assisted immigrants to the Province, landing 100 at Auckland. She also had 35 for Wellington and 30 for Nelson. The ship sailed for Wellington on the 6th November, and arrived there on the 13th, and Nelson on the 26th November.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age Country Comments
Cabin Passengers
Nevin Mr Bound for Wellington
Assisted Steerage Passengers
Agilvie James Bound for Nelson
Aiken Mary Bound for Wellington
Allan Alexander Bound for Wellington
Thomas Bound for Wellington
Anderson Catherine 12 Scotland Servant - Bound for Nelson
Bains John Bound for Auckland
Barnett Ann Bound for Auckland
Bell Margaret 16 Scotland Servant - Bound for Nelson
Bennett Henry Bound for Auckland
Benton William Bound for Wellington
Frances Bound for Wellington
Brennan Ellen Bound for Auckland
Brewer William Bound for Nelson
Brooks Samuel Bound for Wellington
Brown Hannah Bound for Auckland
Brown Peter Bound for Auckland
4 children
Browning George Bound for Auckland
4 children
Bruce James Bound for Auckland
Bryan Sarah Bound for Auckland
Bush Michael Bound for Auckland
Carswell Elizabeth 25 Scotland Bound for Nelson
Mary 8
Churches Joseph Bound for Auckland
Cross Thomas Bound for Auckland
Dougherty James Bound for Auckland
Dreen Michael Bound for Auckland
Field Mary Ann Bound for Auckland
Field Thomas 37 England Brewer - Bound for Nelson
Elizabeth 39
martha 7
Hannah 5
George 1
Fleming William Bound for Auckland
Gill William Bound for Auckland
Gollan Alexander Bound for Auckland
Hackett Michael Bound for Auckland
Hercus Elizabeth Bound for Wellington
Hewett J Bound for Wellington
Hickey Thomas Bound for Auckland
Johanna Bound for Auckland
Jane Bound for Auckland
Higgins Daniel Bound for Auckland
Howie Mr Bound for Wellington
2 children
Jeaning John Bound for Auckland
5 children
Locke Martha A Bound for Auckland
Louden William 39 Scotland Blacksmith - Bound for Nelson
Elizabeth 36
Jane 12
Janet 10
Isabel 9
Margaret 6
Elizabeth 4
Mary 2
Gipsy (Gypsey) 1 Born on board and later renamed Williamina
Lonsdale Dorothea Bound for Wellington
McGuire Eliza Bound for Auckland
McKenzie Mary A 20 Scotland Bound for Nelson
Jane 1
Ogilvie James 30 Scotland Cooper - Bound for Nelson
Isabella 34
Margaret 3
Child 1 Born on board
Pattison A Bound for Wellington
G Bound for Wellington
Scott William Bound for Auckland
Scuproa James Bound for Auckland
2 children
Sewell William Bound for Wellington
Georgina 13 Died on board
Sheehan Daniel Bound for Auckland
5 children
Smith Mr Bound for Wellington
4 children
Smith John Bound for Nelson
Taylor Mr Bound for Wellington
Thomas William Bound for Auckland
Wade Charles Bound for Auckland
2 children


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