Ship: 1191 tons
Captain: Brown

Surgeon Superintendent: William Russell
Sailed London 11th March 1875 - arrived Nelson 9th June 1875

Our thanks to Allan Dodson and also to Christine for contributing to this list

Arrival of the Hannibal

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Hansard Mr
Wallace Reverend
Assisted Passengers
Passengrs bound for Nelson
Families & Children
Barnes William 38 Surrey Navvy
Sarah 29
Brewer James 40 Middlesex General Labourer
To be forwarded to Taranaki at Government expense.
Mary 37
Mary E 15
James 14
Charles 12
William 9
Matthew 6
Clark Edward J 29 Suffolk Wheelwright
To be forwarded to Taranaki at Government expense.
Alice 30
Day Joseph 25 Kent Carpenter
E 23
A 4
W 2
Hicknott George 28 Kent Engine Driver
Clarissa 27
Thomas 6
George 4
John 2
Hook John 34 Sussex Sawyer
Mary H 24
Rose E 5
Lucy 3
Fanny 1 Died on board - 07/05/1875
Kidman William 35 Nottinghamshire Farm Labourer
Isabella 33
Mackitt Stephen 25 Kent Labourer
Alice 22
Mumford William 24 Warwickshire Labourer
Sarah J 23
William J 6 months
Oben Henry 25 Kent Labourer
Eliza E 18
Sidney 5
Phillip 4
O'Brien Daniel 28 Clare Farm labourer
Margaret 2
Female child Born on board - 31/05/1875
Perris Fred 21 Somersetshire Cotter
Marian 22
Quayle Philip 28 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
Mary A 26
Emily J 3
Phillip J 1
Rees William 22 Carmarthen Cotter
Elizabeth 23
Elizabeth J 8�
Robertson John William 21 Middlesex Labourer
Annie 21
Skerrett Peter 28 Kent General Labourer
Margaret 28
Charles 12 T/F to single men
Sarah 10
Mary 8
Julia 4
Patrick 10 months
Smith Archibald 27 Lanark Plasterer
Margaret 25
Mary 8
Jane M 4
Robert B 1
James 18 T/F to single men
Andrew 16 T/F to single men
Barbara 14 T/F to single women
Spicer R George 30 Kent Farm Labourer
Mary A 30
Elizabeth 8
Charlotte 7
Spicer Henry Robert 28 Kent Farm Labourer
Charlotte 24
Rose E 22 months
Male child Born on board - 06/06/1875
Ward George 27 Wiltshire Cottier
Martha 21
Whyte Andrew 26 Fife Labourer
Helen 26
Male child Born on board - 20/05/1875
Wills David 35 Kent Labourer
Hannah 27
John D 7
Richard 5
Charles 3
Amy M 1
Winterburn Edwin 21 Yorkshire Plasterer
Elizabeth 24
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
Adam David 25 Fife Iron Moulder
Esther M 25
William 3 months
Single Men
Adam Adam L 15 Perth Grocer
Ashby David 22 Surrey Miller
Austen George 21 Kent Farm Labourer
Bartley Joseph 26 Limerick Farm Labourer
Edward 18 Limerick Farm Labourer
Blackman Henry 30 Sussex Farm Labourer
Brewer James 14 Middlesex Died on board - 09/05/1875
Charles 12 Middlesex
Caley Thomas 21 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
Carey Joseph 23 Kent Labourer
Carmody John 26 Clare Farm Labourer
Patrick 24 Clare Farm Labourer
Chandler Thomas William 21 Kent Labourer
Clark James 34 Suffolk Shoemaker
To be forwarded to Taranaki at Government expense.
Colgan Stephen 23 Kings Co Farm Labourer
Collins Charles G 25 Middlesex Smith
Cosgriff Patrick 19 Tipperary Labourer
Douse Robert Henry 22 Kent Tailor
Fissenden James 19 Kent Labourer
Philip 28 Kent Labourer
Gallop William F 21 Somersetshire Painter
George Thomas 31 Glamorgan Collier
Harrigan John 28 Clare Farm Labourer
James 26 Clare Farm Labourer
Hicknott John 46 Kent Tailor
Hynes John 20 Clare Farm Labourer
Jenner James 23 Kent Farm Labourer
Kershaw John 21 Lancashire Smiths Man
Kirkwood Robert 20 Down Fitter
Legg Josiah 20 Dorsetshire Labourer
McNally Michael 37 Monaghan Labourer
Moore William 18 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
Morgan Cornelius 20 Clare Farm Labourer
Morrison Michael 31 Cork Butcher
Muncaster John 27 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
Oakenfull John 18 Kent Labourer
O'Brien John 19 Clare Farm Labourer
Piddington Arthur 26 Oxfordshire Gardener
Powell Henry 21 Gloucestershire Milkman
Quinburn Walter 21 Limerick Ploughman
Ryan Michael 22 Clare Farm Labourer
Ryan Michael 23 Waterford General Labourer
Shalloe James 30 Clare Farm Labourer
Simkin Frederick J 17 Suffolk Butcher
To be forwarded to Taranaki at Government expense.
Skerrett Charles 12 Kent
Slater Thomas 19 Warwickshire Wagoner
Smart Joseph P 23 Kent Labourer
Smith John 22 Surrey Turner
Smith James 18 Lanark
Andrew 16 Lanark
Taylor Walter 24 Somersetshire Plumber
Theis William 28 Germany Baker
Trogley Charles 21 Middlesex Carpenter
Wakefield Samuel 18 Kent Labourer
Waters Alex 20 Sussex Gardener
Wright William 26 Devonshire Carpenter
To be forwarded to Taranaki at Government expense.
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Drager William 25 Germany
Tanner William 21 Gloucestershire Labourer
Frederick 19 Gloucestershire Labourer
Single Women
Bakey Margaret 21 Clare General Servant
Brewer Mary E 15 Middlesex
Faulkner Emily 16 Middlesex Servant
Garton Elizabeth 36 Nottinghamshire Housemaid   MATRON
Jordan Eleanor 30 Lancashire Laundress
To be forwarded to Taranaki at Government expense.
Mary E 7
Thomas 5
Clara E 2
Paul Ann 48 Kent
Smith Barbara 14 Lanarkshire
Sturgeon Mary 18 Suffolk Servant
To be forwarded to Taranaki at Government expense.
Thompson Annie 20 Middlesex Servant
Passengrs bound for Marlborough
Families & Children
Clark John 27 Devonshire Miner
Ann 24
Henry 5
Foot Thomas 24 Devonshire Miner
Caroline 25
Thomas 2
William Infant Born on board - 05/05/1875
Morrissy Daniel Terence 21 Cork General Labourer
Bridget 18
Mary 4 months
Robinson Edward 28 Limerick Carpenter
Georgina 20
Wilkinson Matthew 32 Cork Labourer
Kate 30
Mary 2
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
Mulcahy James 40 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Mary 38
Single Men
Burgess William 23 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer
Connery Patrick 27 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Crawford James 26 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Decy Dennis 28 Mayo Farm Labourer
Jones Thomas 23 Brecon Farm Labourer
Jones John 19 Radnorshire Labourer
Keenan Patrick 26 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Kershaw James 23 Lancashire Coachsmith
Knight Isaac 21 Lincolnshire Labourer
Lester William James 22 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer
Sophia M 18 T/F to single women
Frederick G 15
Caroline R 11 T/F to single women
Mason John W 18 Radnorshire Labourer
McLeary Michael 23 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Morgan Edward 18 Radnorshire Labourer
Nash Henry 22 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Phillips William 23 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer
Wright George 21 Cambridge Farm Labourer
Single Women
Lester Sophia M 18 Gloucestershire Housekeeper
Caroline R 11
Passengrs bound for Westland
Families & Children
Caldwell John 21 Derry Farm Labourer
Margaret 20
Single Men
Corby Timothy 25 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Downey John 23 Limerick Labourer
Hogan James 23 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Kerr Alex 23 Limerick Miller
O'Dea James 22 Clare Carpenter
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Bray Michael 21 Clare Labourer
Cooke William 16 Leicestershire Gardener
Duggan Patrick 19 Waterford Accountant
Norah 20 T/F to single women
Edward 14 Waterford
Fitzgibbon Denis 23 Limerick Labourer
O'Donnell John 23 Limerick Farm Labourer
Denis 25 Limerick Farm Labourer
Single Women
Chequers Charlotte 19 Surrey Nurse
Harold Honora M 21 Middlesex Housemaid
Hogan Eliza 28 Kerry Cook
Lush Frances 21 Dorsetshire Servant
Tucker Mary 21 Limerick Dairymaid
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Duggan Norah 20 Waterford Dairymaid
McAlister Mary J 19 Louth Servant
Wighall Jane 18 Fermanagh General Servant

Robert Henry DOUSE:
Robert Henry “Roy” Douse (“RHD”) born 16.9.1854 Chatham, Kent.  His father, William Stillman Douse (“WSD”) was a tailor.   RHD sailed from London to Nelson on the “Hannibal” in 1875.  Apart from a copy of Shakespeare he signed at Wellington in February 1882 I have no other record of his time in New Zealand until 1887 when he was a storekeeper at Warkworth then known as Mahurangi.  He then married Flora Harriet McLean nee Statham (“FHD”).  FHD born 1.5.1860 in Cromford Derbyshire England daughter of George & Maria Statham butchers publicans.   FHD was a teacher and probably immigrated to New Zealand between 1881 and 1884 when her son William George McClean was born there. By 1885 she was widowed and transferred from her school in Auckland to Wharehine. There was a newspaper report of her return to New Zealand in 1947 (age 87) giving these details and photos of her old school and pupils. After their marriage RHD and FHD had a son Oliver Statham Douse and returned to England in about 1891 and had a third son my grandfather. RHD was in insurance or accountancy and became political agent for the Liberal party in England. William McClean-Douse returned to New Zealand at Lyttellton in 1906. He married Dorothy Flora Anderson in February 1919 in Auckland. They had at least two daughters Kitty and Mabel. Mabel visited the UK got caught here during the war. After the war she and FHD returned to New Zealand. FHD lived with her living in Birkenhead Auckland with her son’s family until she died in 1953 and is buried at Birkenhead Auckland. William seems to have died around 1950 a retired carrier in Glenfield. Dorothy died in 1959. Kitty and Mabel married and at least one had children and both may have gone to Australia or USA but contact was not kept. We would love news of any of these peoples time in New Zealand or news of their descendants so if you have a family connection or would like to know more please contact Kirsten Moon.  


Daniel Terence MORRISSY:
Daniel Terence Morrissy (Morrissey per marriage certificate), his wife (Mary) Bridget with baby Mary arrived on the Hannibal in 1875. They had been married in Cork in 1873. They changed their surname to Morrison for ease of spelling, and lived variously in Blenheim, Kaituna, Gibsontown, Okaramio, Pelorus and Canvastown in the Nelson/Marlborough district.  Fourteen more children were born, of whom four died in childhood.  Mary (married Thomas Mead) and her siblings produced many descendants.  Bridget died in 1935 and Daniel in 1945. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Jo Featherston who is the Great Granddaughter through the son John) See attached obituary for further information.


FOOT family:
Thomas Foot's family moved to the Manawatu during about 1885 where together with his sons, Thomas and William (born aboard the Hannibal, 5 May 1875) they set up sawmills and eventually Thomas jnr's son Charles farmed one of the former sawmilling sites at Piripiri, Raumai.  Charles had three children, including Charles Foot who can be contacted through the email address given here.  William Foot married twice.  Children from his first marriage were Percy, Harold, George and Melvin.  At least one, Harold had issue.  William's second wife was surnamed, Gilbrason, and they had a son Bill.  Representatives of both Thomas Jnr's and William's families would love to hear from other descendants of any of the above.  Please e-mail Charles Foot


John O'Brien, son of of John O'Brien and Bridget "Wigs" Hynes, was born on 9 March 1856 at Moynoe, Scariff, Clare, Ireland, and died on 15 April 1906 at Koorboora, North Queensland, Australia. After the early death of his mother Bridget, John was brought up by Hynes relations in Whitegate, Co Clare. On 11 March 1875, at the age of 19, he sailed for New Zealand on the "Hannibal", disembarking at Nelson. Five of his O'Brien half-siblings subsequently came out to New Zealand and stayed there. However, in 1879 John himself emigrated on to Queensland where he ran hotels and farmed in Northern Australia until his death. John married Catherine Symonds (1859-1905) on 30 Nov 1881 at Charters Towers, Northern Australia. They had six surviving children John Joseph, (b1882), Mary Ellen "Molly" (b1885), Catherine Marie "Kate" (b1886), Michael "Mick" (b1888), Margaret Anne "Peggy" (b1890) and Francis Patrick "Frank" (b1893). At least two other sons, both named Patrick, died as infants. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Christine.


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