Ship: 1000 tons
Captain: Friston
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London November 22nd 1872 -arrived Lyttelton March 13th 1873

Although a fine large ship of over 1000 tons, the Himalaya made only average passages, but on one occasion she ran from the Lizard to the Snares in 78 days, She made twenty-four voyages to the colony, and brought out many thousand passengers. She was built in 1863, and about 1865 was purchased by the Shaw Savill Co. In 1896 she was sold to the Alaska Packers Co. and renamed the Star of Peru. In 1880 her rig was changed from a ship to a barque. NB A small barque named Himalya, a vessel of 477 tons, arrived at New Plymouth, and then proceeded to Nelson, arriving there on January 10th, 1844 under the command of Captain Burns.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age Country Occupation
Families and Children
Gilpin William John 25 Armagh Farm Labourer
Mary Ann 25
Gleistein Christian 22 Germany Labourer
Catherine 24
Christiania 2
Godfrey Elisha 34 Staffordshire Labourer
Elizabeth 33
A. Arthur 11
Frederick A. 5
F. Augustine 3
Elisha 1mth
Hagan Samuel 25 Tyrone Farmer
Nancy 23
Thomas 4
John 2
Wilson 5mths
Kirby John 31 Yorks Miner
Temperance 27
Mary 7
George 6
Elizabeth 3
McGiffert John 36 Down Ploughman
Anna 28
Anna 2
John 11mths
McIntosh Hector 35 Ross Farm Servant
Catherine 34
Kenneth 8
William 6
Catherine 3
Meierhoff Christian 58 Germany Bricklayer
Catherine 58
Parkin Charles 23 Yorks Tailor
Hannah 22
Pritchard James 33 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Eliza 30
Henry James 4
Rickards Charles 24 Oxon Baker
Helen 20
Sleeman William 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Harriet 21
Sutton Thomas 28 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Rebecca 23
Thomas James 1mth
Treblock John 32 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Jane 32
Weston Robert J. 30 Essex Miner
Mary Ann 29
Mary Ann 8
James Henry 4
Robert J. 11mths
Single Men
Auld James 23 Devon Farm Labourer
Brown John G. 17 Down Weaver
Brown Robert 13
Cuttle William 23 Yorks Engine Fitter
Davies John 19 Pembroke Farm Labourer
Eale William 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ebborn Edward 25 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Edwards William 22 Dorset Rope Maker
Gleistein Henrich 29 Germany Farm Labourer
Gordon Alex 27 Aberdeen Rope Maker
Harrison John 23 Yorks Farm Labourer
Kennedy David 24 Tyrone Labourer
Loftus Richard B. 18 Carlow Farm Labourer
Marks Robert 18 Tyrone Labourer
Mildren Samuel 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Moorehead Robert 22 Devon Ploughman
Pearce Samuel J. 18 Cornwall Labourer
Sheehan John 19 Cork Farm Labourer
Sullivan Daniel 22 Kerry Labourer
Thompson Robert 22 Tyrone Labourer
Thompson John 19 Tyrone Labourer
Verral William 21 Sussex Farm Labourer
Wallace James 20 Tyrone Ploughman
Wilson James 24 Down Farm Labourer
Woods Harold 23 Yorks Millwright
Single Women
Brannelly Catherine 23 Galway Farm Servant
Brown Jane 41 Down
Mary Jane 19 Down Servant
Sarah A. 15 Down Servant
Duggan Margaret 42 Galway Servant
Freeman Sarah 27 Pembroke Housemaid
Fritz Minna 19 Germany Servant
Gadd Emma 19 Hants Cook
Gardiner Eliza 36 Hants Housekeeper
Edward 11
Henry 9
Caroline 7
Garland Mary 26 Hants Servant
Hart Hannah 25 Tyrone Servant
Hulme Sarah A. 31 Stafford Servart
Jordon Ellen 28 Berks General Servant
William 8
Frederick 7
Henry 3
Jane M. 1mth
Kennedy Margaret 23 Tipperary Servant
Marchant Emily 28 Kent Servant
Mildred 20 Kent Cook
McGrath Catherine 19 Middlesex Servant
McIntosh Jessie 18 Ross Servant
Meierhoff Christiania 21 Germany Servant
New Elizabeth 32 Antrim Cook
Sarah E. 9
Bridget 6
Smith Anne 32 Edinburgh Housemaid
Thomas G. 9
Margaret 7
John D. 6
Helen R 4
Thompson Martha 23 Tyrone Servant
Verral Elizabeth 23 Sussex General Servant
Wallace Eliza 22 Tyrone Servant
Warke Jane 21 Derry Cook
Watts Pen 65 Somerset


SLEEMAN family:
The Sleeman Family Tree - Descendants of John & Hannah Maria Sleeman Of Boyton, Cornwall is a book compiled by Glynn Hardy  in 1990 and therein he has noted William SLEEMAN and his wife Harriet STACEY as having been assisted immigrants that came to New Zealand by  the Himalaya in March 1873. This family initially settled at Wairiri Valley, Hororata and then later moved to Christchurch where they ran a boarding house. Apparently another brother, Charles Palmer SLEEMAN & his wife Hannah BLADES also came to New Zealand by the Piako  which arrived at Lyttelton on January 16th 1880.


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