Hokitika Alphabetical Directory 1865-66

M - Z

Name Occupation Location Detail
Mace & Dixon Aerated Water & Cordial Manufacturers Gibson's Quay
McDuff, Charles Mac's Non-pariel Dining & Coffee Rooms Revell St
MacGregor, Joseph Alexander of MacGregor & Harvey Residence - Camp St
McGuire & Lynch Swan Family & Commercial Hotel Gibson's Quay Proprietors - McGuire & Lynch
McGavrin, J Rising Sun Hotel Revell St
McIntosh, V Ballarat Star Hotel Revell St
McLaren, James General Store Revell St
McLivey, W Dining Rooms Revell St
McLaundress, Hepburn & Co Auctioneers Wharf St
McMahon & McKittrick Shamrock Hotel Revell St Proprietors - McMahon & McKittrick
McQuilkin, John Belfast Hotel Revell St
Medard, M French Restaurant Gibson's Quay
Miller, A G Wine Spirit & Provision Merchants Revell St
Miller, James & Co Wine Spirit & Provision Merchants Revell St
Mining Registrar & Warden's Clerk's Office Revell St
Mitchinson, Mrs Machine Sewing Establishment Revell St
Moeller, R & Co Outfitters Revell St
Moffat, W & Co Butchers Revell St
Moire & Staiter Importers & General Commission Agents Wharf St
Montagu, T Colonial Produce Store Gibson's Quay
Moore & Co European Hotel Gibson's Quay Proprietor - Moore & Co
Moran, James J Imperial Hotel Wharf St Proprietor - James J Moran
Morrison, Law & Co Merchants & Shipping Agents Wharf St
Mulligan, Halligan & Co Clothiers & Outfitters Revell St
Mulloy, Meikle Draper & Outfitter Revell St
Mulvhill John Dan O'Connell Hotel Revell St
Munchaussen, M Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer Weld St
Munro, T & Co Merchants Revell St
Munson, Job L Bookseller & Stationer Revell St
Myerstein, Samuel Fancy Goods & Iron- mongery Establishment Revell St
Myers, John Blacksmith & Horseshoer Revell St
Magistrates Court Sewell St
Malody, William Spread Eagle Hotel Revell St
Marks & Fuerst Tobacconist Revell St
Marks, H & Co Wholesale Wine & Spirit Merchants Revell St
Marshall, William Fruiterer Revell St
Martin, P Grocer Gibson's Quay
Matthies, Julius Cabinet maker & Upholsterer Weld St
Maynell, George Lord Nelson Hotel Revell St Proprietor - George Maynell
McCartney Brothers Brewers & Bottlers Revell St
McBeath & Co Drapers & Outfitters Revell St
McBeath Nees & Cornfoot West Coast Steam Sawmills Sale St
McCaughan, James Saddler Revell St
McCulloch, James Ulster Hotel Gibson's Quay Proprietor - James McCulloch
McDermott, P Munster Hotel Revell St Proprietor - P McDermott
McFarlane & McKay Importers & General Merchants Revell St
McGuire & Lynch A1 Bakery Revell St
Nelson, T Bookseller & Stationer Revell St
Newton & Co Tinsmiths Revell St
North, Thomas North Dining Rooms & Boarding House Gibson's Quay
Oakes, O K Barrister & Solicitor Chambers - Revell St
Odd fellows Hotel Revell St Proprietor - James Turner
Owens, Thomas Hokitika Hotel Revell St
O'Donnell & Graves Drapers & Clothiers Revell St
O'Driscoll, G & Co Timber Merchants Beach St
Old Bendigo Hotel Revell St Proprietors - J Mehan
O'Loughlin, J H Solicitor Chambers - Bracken's Hotel, Revell St
Orr & Co Wine & Spirit & Provision Merchants Revell St
Osborne, B & Co Empire Hotel Revell St
Pain, Henry Bendigo & Ballarat Hotel Revell St
Pahn, Alwin Tobacconist Revell St
Palmer, S Bonded & Free Store Wharf St
Panama, New Zealand & Australian Mail Company (Limited) Gibson's Quay Agent - J White
Parker & Garsides Importers & Bottlers Weld St
Parsons & Co Coffee-Roasters Wharf St
Paterson, G A General Storekeeper & Family Grocer Revell St
Pennefather, A A Cawarra Junction Hotel Revell St Proprietor - A A Pennefather
Percival - Cigar Divan Revell St
Perriman, J & Co General Merchants Beach St
Peters, J N Glazier etc Beach St
Pizzey & Arkell Phoenix Bakery Weld St
Police Office Camp & Revell St
Potter - Southland Bakery Weld St
Powell, O Montreal Pie & Coffee Rooms Revell St
Powell & Co General Merchants Revell St
Power, Mary Dunedin Hotel Revell St Proprietress - Mary Power
Prince, Gow & Co General Storekeepers Beach St
Pringle, T Merchant Revell St
Pritchard, Galloway & Co Drapers Revell St
Proctor, T R Watchmaker, Jeweller & Gold Melter & Refiner Revell St
Prosser, E Chemist & Druggist Revell St
Pullen, Alfred Prince of Wales Hotel Revell St
Quadri, David West Coast Hotel Revell St
Rae, Thomas Union Hotel Revell St
Ramsay & Clark Saddlers Revell St
Reany, J Saddler & Harness Maker Revell St
Reeves, R & Co Auctioneers, General Commission Agents etc Wharf St
Renton, William Baker Revell St
Robeck, G Haircutting Salon Revell St
Robinson, William Duke of York Hotel Revell St
Roscow, J A Manchester Hotel Revell St
Rouse, M Bootmaker Revell St
Ryan, C M Royal Hotel Revell St
Roylan & Cullen Storekeepers Revell St
Russell, Richard Old House At Home Hotel Revell St
Ryley, R (M.D.) Surgeon & Chemist's Shop Revell St Revell St
Samuel, Thomas Ironmonger Revell St
Sandilands - Union Bakery Revell St
Scott, Archibald Gladstone Store Weld St
Scott - Bootmaker Revell St
Searle, William
Sinclair, Jane Tobacconist Revell St
Singer, A Tobacconist Revell St
Shappere, Solomon Watchmaker Revell St
Sharp & Co Glasgow Piehouse & Bakery Revell St
Sheppard, J W Shipping & Commission Agent Revell St
Shiers & Goodman Tobacconists Revell St
Sloan, J Tailor etc Revell St
Smethurst, Edward Southland Hotel Revell St
Smith T B Shakespear Hotel Revell St
Smith, Mary Ann Arrow River Hotel Revell St
Smith, G C Accountant & Valuator Beach St
Smith, Alexander A Provincial Hotel Revell St
Smith, William Invercargill Bakery Weld St
Solomon, John & Co Merchants Revell St
Solomon, Phineas Cafe de Paris Revell St Proprietor - Phineas Solomon
South, Mr Barrister & Solicitor Chambers - Revell St
Spence Brothers Importers & Storekeepers Revell St
Spicer & Murray Undertakers Revell St
Sprot, Mark of Wilson, Burnell & Co Gibson's Quay
Stanford & Co Merchants & Kerosene Lamp Depot Revell St
Stone, F G Shoeing & General Smith Revell St
Stevens Mary All Nations Hotel Revell St
Stewart, John Bookseller & Stationer Revell St
Swanson, William Storekeeper Tancred St
Taggart & Reeves Universal Bond Sewell St
Taggart, Benjamin of Lloyd, Taggart & Co Residence - Sewell St
Tait & Renton Blacksmiths Beach St
Tayler & Setele Tailors Beach St
Telegraph Office Sewell St Manager - Henry J Jones
Thom & Bullen Drapers & Outfitters Revell St
Thompson, G Auckland Bakery Revell St
Tramway Hotel J H Gibson Revell St
Trennery, John Star Hotel Revell St
Trist & Bertram Tent Makers Revell St
Tromater, A Watchmaker & Goldsmith Revell St
Turnbull, W G & Co Merchants Beach St
Union Bank of Australia Revell St Agent - Robert Harold
Upjohn, R Tailor Tancred St
Valentine's Hotel Revell St Proprietor - J Valentine
Veith, Charles Butcher Revell St
Victor, Frank Lambing Flat Hotel Gibson's Quay Proprietor - Frank Victor
Wagner, Jacob S Shamrock Hotel Revell St Proprietor - Jacob S Wagner
Walker, W T Hope & Anchor Hotel Revell St
Walker, A City Buffet & Fruiterers Shop Revell St Proprietor - A Walker
Walker, R Cookham House Boot Store Revell St
Walker & Dooley Aerated Water & Cordial Manufacturers Gibson's Quay
Warden's, Treasurer's and all the Government Offices except the Engineering & Survey Sewell St
Ward, Richard Nag's Head Hotel Sewell St Proprietor - Richard Ward
Waterman's Arms Hotel North Spit Proprietor - Benjamin Boddy
Welcome Inn Revell St Proprietor - T Powell
West Coast Times Office - Weld St
Whale, R Live & Let Live Store Gibson's Quay
White, J Panama, New Zealand & Australian Royal Mail Co Gibson's Quay Agent - J White
White, George London Bakery cnr Revell St & Gibson's Quay
White, H & Co Customs, Shipping & Commission Agents Gibson's Quay
Whyte & Pirie General Drapers Revell St
Wilson, Burnell & Co Stock & Station Salesmen & Auctioneers Revell St
Wilson, Burnell & Co Bonded Storekeepers, Auctioneers & Stock Salesmen Gibson's Quay
Williams, J Chemist & Druggist Revell St
Wood Brothers Flour Factors Revell St
Woodside, William Bootmaker Revell St
Worrell, Mrs Dunedin Bruce Hotel Gibson's Quay Proprietor - Mrs Worrell
Wright, W General Storekeepers Revell St
Young, Alexander & Co Drapers & Outfitters Revell St
Young, J (M.D.) Surgeon etc Revell St
Young, John Victoria bakery Revell St