Ship: 744 tons
Captain: Foreman

Surgeon Superintendent: R St. M Dawes
Sailed London 21st November 1873 - arrived Napier 8th March 1874

Captain Foreman seems to have been singular in carrying matrimonially inclined couples, as on a voyage to Napier 1873 - for he performes two ceremonies, and on that occasion no questions were raised as to his jurisdiction. She was formerly the Atlanta Banfield, under which name she came to grief and was condemed and sold. Her new owner, however, carried out extensive repairs and remaned his craft the Invererne. Under her new name the ship made three vouages to New Zealand , all under the command of Captain Foreman. The first was to Napier, where she arrived on March 8 1874, bringing 240 immigrants, 107 days from London. There was a lot of sickness aboard during the trip and 16 children died, the chief trouble being scarlatina.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Our thanks to Cathy Warren for sending us this list.

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Andersen Lars 41 Copenhagen Farmer
Yerghen 32
Nils 10
Rosaminus 8
Jens 5
Barker John 32 Staffordshire Plasterer
Gwendoline 32
Rose 9
Ellen 6
Arthur 5
Matilda 2
Agnes 4 months
Barnes Thomas 28 Kent Labourer
Charlotte 33
Richard 5
Burley William 42 Oxfordshire Coachsmith
Isabella 41
Bryant Edward 26 Bedfordshire Gardener
Mary 28
William 3 months
Carne Richard 38 Cornwall Miner
Catherine 37
Clara 10
Cooper Alfred 38 Middlesex Bootmaker
Maria 40
Edgar 6
Florence 4
Cox Henry 30 Oxfordshire Miller
Frances 28
Arthur 4
Archibald 3
Mary 1
Cushing John 28 Norfolk Gardener
Marie 26
George 5
William 4
Maria 3 months Died on board
Duckett Thomas 28
Alice 28
Lucy 7
Sarah 5
Richard 3
Thomas 3 months
Farrell Thomas 56
Mary 48
Freemantle Walter 25 Hampshire Policeman
Elizabeth 25
Lydia 3 Died on board
Albert 1
Furgiss Tom 26 Hampshire Carpenter
Martha 26
Groves Edward 36 Oxfordshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 39
Elizabeth 9
Arthur 7
Gertrude 5
Frederick 3 Died on board
George 1 Died on board
Hallberg Andreas 26 Copenhagen Farmer
Johanna 24
Ham George 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Maria 21
Hands Joseph 36 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Mary 38
Annie 11
Emma 8
William 6
Mary 3
Hannah 6 months
Hansen Carl 21 Copenhagen Farmer
Nicoline 25
Hansen Hans 35 Copenhagen Farmer
Karen 33
Frederick 7
Anna 5
Christopher 3
Daglin 3 months
Harding Edward 33 Oxfordshire Labourer
Sarah 34
Francis 10
John 8
Ann 6
Charles 3
Albert 1 Died on board
Hood Alexander 22 Staffordshire Plaster
Harriet 21
Joseph 10
Florence 6 months Died on board
Hope William 42 Gloucestershire Labourer
Sarah 35
Elizabeth 11
Frederick 9
Agnes 7
Catherine 5
Charles 2
Fanny 1 mth Died on board
Infordsen Yarn 29 Copenhagen Farmer
Eluart 27
Ireland Thomas 22 Oxfordshire Shepherd
Ann 21
Elizabeth 2
John 4 months
Ireland John 43 Oxfordshire Labourer
Phillis 40
Henry 11
Benjamin 9
George 7
Elizabeth 5
Mary 3 Died on board
Louisa 1 Died on board
Kemp Benjamin 37 Surrey Farm Labourer
Mary 37
Ellen 8
Benjamin 6
Louisa 3
John 9 months
Krause Wilhelm 41 Copenhagen Labourer
Pera 35
Wilhelmina 11
Ernest F 9
Sophia 7
Catherine 3
Oline 3 months Died on board
Mackey Samuel 40 Sussex Painter
Roseannah 35
James 3
Emily 1
Madden John 40 Middlesex Carpenter
Jessie 35
Lizzie 9
Frank 8
Mary 5 months
Maycock John 44 Oxfordshire Labourer
Sarah 41
Mary 10
Edward 6
James? 2
Meech Thomas 29 Dorsetshire Labourer
Maria 25
Thomas 3
Mills Elijah 36 Oxfordshire Labourer
Sarah 33
Herbert 10
Mary 8
Thomas 6
Elizabeth 4
Elijah 2
Child Born on board
Mullan George 37 Oxfordshire Labourer
Mary 36
Emma 10
Elizabeth 8
Joshua 5
Mary 3
Nielsen Nils T 26 Copenhagen Farmer
Christine 26
Pierce Henry Thomas 39 Surrey Plumber
Annie 29
Henry 11
Annie 6 Died on board
Eleanor 2 Died on board
Pollington John 30 Kent
Charlotte 28
John 8
Maria 6
Alice 4
Albert 2 Died on board
Marthe 1
Rasmussen Yens 23 Copenhagen Farmer
Maren 21
Child Born on board
Reidy James 34 Kerry Labourer
Eliza 34
Mary 8
Margaret 6
Satchwell George 28 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Fanny 29
George 5
Louisa 2 Died on board
Tucker Thomas 42 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Lydia 31
Alice 8
Sarah 6
William 4
Emily 1
Wheeler Joseph 40
Ann 40
Paulina 10
Mary 8
Albert 6
Philip 4
Annie 1 Died on board
Wright W C 25 Middlesex Labourer
Crossed out on list
Fanny 22
Yardly William 35 Shropeshire Labourer
Mary 34
Mary 10
William 9
Edward 6
Yensen Nils 33 Copenhagen Farmer
Else 30
Yens L 2
Yens P 5 months Died on board
Single Men
Andersen H 19 Copenhagen Labourer
Andrensen Niels 21 Copenhagen Farm Labourer
Arvidsen C 29 Copenhagen Labourer
Blanquist Joh 22
Carne Richard 17 Cornwall Farmer
Chapman James 19 Cornwall Labourer
Cooper Alfred 15 Surrey Bootmaker
Cooper Alfred 23 Surrey Carpenter
Crossed out on list
Groves Frank 12 Oxfordshire Labourer
Farrell John 23
Alfred 19
Fransen F 20 Copenhagen Painter
Fredericksen M 29 Copenhagen Millwright
Hanssen J 22 Copenhagen Farm Labourer
Hattemore Henry 20 Middlesex Labourer
Heeney John 22 Londonderry Labourer
Hesebech Joh 28
Ireland John 21 Oxfordshire Labourer
Joseph 17 Oxfordshire Labourer
William 13 Oxfordshire
Ivan Arn 26 Copenhagen Farm Labourer
Knotsen C 31 Copenhagen Farm Labourer
Crossed out on list
Larsen Lars 20 Norway
Halvord 15 Norway
Karl 13 Norway
Loder Carl N 28
Loman John 29 Devonshire Labourer
Lydford Samuel 24 Somersetshire Carpenter
Mackey John 14 Sussex Carpenter
Madden Charles 14 Middlesex Carpenter
Crossed out on list
Mallano Francis 31
Martinsen L 26 Copenhagen Labourer
Maycock George 14 Oxfordshire
Mills George 14 Oxfordshire
John 12 Oxfordshire
Nissen H C 18 Copenhagen Farm Labourer
Oldrup E S 18 Copenhagen Farm Labourer
Petersen Hans 25
Petersen Hans 24
Petersen P W 21 Copenhagen Merchant
Randler Y P 21 Copenhagen Farm Labourer
Sheatt R F 21 Surrey Labourer
Taylor Charles 28 Norfolk Bootmaker
Weller Edward 26 Surrey Labourer
Yansen Y E 27 Copenhagen Farm Labourer
Single Women
Barnes Ellen 15 Kent Servant
Blanquist Anna 12
Carne Esther 19 Cornwall Servant
Clifton S 27 Middlesex Dressmaker
Charles 4
Herbert 2
Cooper Emily 14 Surrey Servant
Farrell Anne 16
Fredericksen A 34 Copenhagen Servant
Harmer C 23 Copenhagen Servant
Crossed out on list
Hassell Sarah 36 Sussex Cook
Heeney C 23 Londonderry Servant
Hogberg B 23 Copenhagen Servant
Ireland Rose 16 Oxfordshire Servant
Larsen B 36 Copenhagen Servant
King Rose 37 Antrim Housekeeper
Joseph 21
Margaret 17 General Servant
Mary 15
Rosenia 10
Sarah 5
Larsen Catherine 26 Copenhagen Servant
Mackey A 16 Sussex Servant
Maddon Charlotte 14
Maycock Fanny 16 Oxfordshire Servant
Sarah 12 Oxfordshire Servant
Nicholas E 31 Cornwall Housemaid
Payne M 24 Meath Servant
Petersen Johanne 16 Copenhagen Servant
Ridley M 19 Kent Cook
Springate Y 22 Sussex Servant
Torkildsdatter (Larsen) Eli 58 Norway Mother of Lars, Elizabeth, Halvord & Karl Larsen
Larsen Elizabeth 17 Norway
Tucker Elizabeth 12 Wiltshire Servant
Walker Mary A 36 Oxfordshire Servant   MATRON
Wheeler P 12 Oxfordshire Servant
Yanssen C 24 Copenhagen Servant


George Satchwell was born in Butlers Marston, Warwickshire, His family had come from Deddington, North Oxfordshire. He married Fanny Linney, daughter of Edward Linney of Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, at St Michael Parish, Coventry. They have 2 children George & Louisa before emigrating to Napier New Zealand on board the Invererne in 1873, arriving Napier March 1874. Louisa dies at sea, recorded by the ship's surgeon on the 3rd Jan, she is buried in the Old Napier Cemetery Plot 639. George and Fanny live in the Barracks at Napier and it is presumed that he finds work on the railway or road making. Fanny gives birth to another son William in July 1874. In 1875 an epidemic of Typhoid breaks out and George dies of the fever and is buried in the Old Napier cemetery plot 826. Fanny is left with her two sons. She soon meets Frederick William HOLLINS and they marry in August 1876 in Napier. To follow this story refer to the "Schiehallion" - Frederick HOLLINS & family. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Lorraine James.


Richard CARNE and his wife Catherine arrived in Napier aboard the Inverene in March 1874 with three of their eight children; Esther, Richard and Clara. Another daughter, Catherine made a separate voyage to Napier with her husband Nathaniel Hunt and their firstborn child around the same time and two other Carne children emigrated to the U.S.A. A family friend, James CHAPMAN, the son of a sheep farmer also boarded the Invererne with the "Carnes". Clara Carne and James Chapman married at St John’s Church, Napier in 1881 and had six children, living and farming in the Manawatu and Northern Wairarapa areas. Esther Carne died of a fever in Napier four years after their arrival in Napier, her occupation was listed as "young woman" and her epitaph reads, "Not lost but remembered". Her father Richard a miner from Cornwall, died some nine years later of pneumonia and is also buried at the old Napier Hill Cemetery. His wife Catherine had moved onto Palmerston North, and their son Richard jnr married Lucy Kite at Palmerston North a few months earlier that year. Catherine Carne snr died in 1892 and is buried in the Wesleyan Block of the Terrace End Cemetery at Palmerston North. James Chapman died at Pahiatua in 1898, his widow Clara lived another twenty-seven years and was buried in 1925 at Addington, Christchurch. Clara’s brother Richard jnr, a gardener/labourer died at Palmerston North in 1927. To share any further information, please contact Margaret Hamilton


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