Barque: 725 tons
Captain: Courtney
Surgeon Superintendent: James Frood
Sailed Plymouth August 21st 1875 - arrived Hawkes Bay November 28th 1875

The Inverness, a barque of 725 tons, built in 1869, made two voyages to Napier. Sailing from London on August 21st, 1875, she arrived on November 28th, 99 days from port to port and landed 105 pasengers. The following year she again visited the port, leaving London on July 21st, and reaching Napier on October 29th.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Inverness

Name Age County Occupation
Passengers for Hawkes Bay
Families & Children
Hutching Charles 39 Essex Gardener
Maria 36
James 10
Elizabeth 8
Alice 6
May James 25 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Henry on Surgeons report
Elizabeth Ann 27
Female child Born on board - 29/10/1875
Pellowe William 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary Ann 21
William James 1
Richard J 1 month
Rashleigh John J 25 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Priscilla 24
Sanford Mark 29 Devonshire Painter
Maria 26
Albert M 2
Trethewy Jabez 24 Cornwall Carpenter
Sarah 22
Thomas William 49 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Died on board - 28/09/1875
Heart disease
Mary 39
Mary 18 TF to s/w
William 16 TF to s/m
Anne 15 TF to s/w
Catherine 13 TF to s/w
Elizabeth 12 TF to s/w
Grace 9
Matthew 7
Williams William Henry 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary 22
Williams James 44 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary 43
John Henry 14 TF to s/m
Thomas Charles 12 TF to s/m
Angelina 10
Alfred E 8
Emily 6
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
Hutching John 45 Essex Basket Maker
Sophia 43
Rosa 10
Lawrence James 35 Hertfordshire Labourer
Mary 35
Albert E 11
Charles 9
James V 6
Anne M 2
Edith E 3 months
Meredith William 31 Gloucestershire Plumber & Painter
Sarah 31
Single Men
Bisson George 18 Jersey Agricultural Labourer
Bourke John 32 Limerick Labourer
Driscoll Cornelius 29 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Frankiln Robert 22 Clare Farm Labourer
Gibbs William 27 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Gillanders Donald 25 Ross Shepherd
John 23 Ross
Goodon Anthony 30 Sligo Labourer
Harris John 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Hancock Richard 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Harvey Josiah 32 Cornwall Lawyer
Lambert Thomas 20 Galway Farm Labourer
Lesbriel Joshua 23 Jersey Carpenter
Menadue Thomas 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Michael Richard M 21 Cornwall Navvy
Penna Edward 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Phillips John 29 Sussex Farm Labourer
Prater Thomas 21 Cornwall Navvy
Penhall Frederick 21 Cornwall Masons Labourer
Quealy Matthew 27 Clare Labourer
Rowe Andrew 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Thomas 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Smith Enock 30 Lancashire Miner
Staines John 21 Essex Carpenter
Thomas Isaac 21 Monmouth Labourer
Thomas William 16 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Veal James B 14 Cornwall
Williams John H 14 Cornwall
Thomas C 12 Cornwall
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Brown John 33 Lanark Agricultural Machine Maker
Gilligan John 23 Clare Labourer
Mary 19 TF to s/w
Highly George 16 Bedfordshire Warehouseman
Single Women
Berriman Jane P 19 Cornwall Servant
Driscoll Mary 17 Cornwall Housemaid
Doyle Bridget 17 Clare Domestic Servant
Hutching Mary A 16 Essex Domestic Servant
Eliza 24 Essex Domestic Servant
Lambert Eliza 19 Galway Housemaid
Thomas Mary 18 Cornwall Servant
Anne 15 Cornwall Farm Servant
Catherine 13 Cornwall Servant
Elizabeth 12 Cornwall
Thomas Catherine 32 Cornwall Farm Servant
Veal Mary 35 Cornwall Servant
James B 14 Cornwall
Henry 11 Cornwall
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Dart Eliza 21 Devonshire Domestic Servant
Gilligan Mary 19 Clare Farm Servant
Ginty Anne 35 Leitrim Housemaid
Mary 15 Leitrim
Highley Ann J 43 Devonshire Housemaid
George H 16 TF to s/m Warehouseman
Knell Emma 21 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Passengers for Auckland
Families & Children
Sheehy Patrick 38 Kerry Labourer
Catherine 38  


To be forwarded from Hawkes Bay to Auckland at the expense of the New Zealand Shipping Company

Margaret 17
Catherine 15
Michael 14
Patrick 13
Honoria 11
Mary 9
William 5
John 1�
McCarthy Johanna 28
Mary 26
Single Men
Sheehy Michael 14 Kerry
Patrick 13 Kerry
Single Women
McCarthy Johanna 28 Kerry Domestic Servant
Mary 26 Kerry Domestic Servant
Moloney Johanna 21 Limerick Dairy Maid
Sheehy Margaret 17 Kerry Farm Servant
Catherine 15 Kerry

Descendants of William Hutching & Anne Brown:

William HUTCHING was born about 1804 in England. William married Anne BROWN, daughter of Joseph BROWN and Elizabeth, on 23 Oct 1826 in Ongar, Essex, England. Anne was born about 1808 in High Laver, Ongar, Essex, England. They had the following children:
a) John HUTCHING was born 16 Sep 1827. He resided in Napier. John married Sophia in England. Sophia was born about 1829.
b) William HUTCHING was born 20 Mar 1831. William married Mary RICE on 01 Feb 1864 in Penge, Surrey, England.
c) Stephen HUTCHING was born before 11 May 1834 in Ongar, Essex, England. He died 16 Jan 1919 in Woodville, New Zealand and was buried 18 Jan 1919 in Woodville Cemetery. Stephen immigrated Nov 1873. He resided after 1875 in Woodville, New Zealand where he was employed as a Gardener. He emigrated 09 Aug 1873 from per ship "Helen Denny", arrived Wellington Nov 22, 1873. Stephen married Maria STAINES, daughter of James STAINES and Miss PEACOCK, on 11 Oct 1857 in Ongar, Essex, England. Maria was born about 1838 in Beauchamp Roding, Ongar, Essex, England. She died 22 May 1920 in Palmerston North, New Zealand and was buried 24 May 1920 in Woodville Cemetery.
d) Charles HUTCHING was born 20 Jun 1836. He died in Kihikihi. He resided in Waikato & Napier. Charles married Maria. Maria was born about 1839.
e) Mary HUTCHING was born 31 May 1840. She resided in Tolaga Bay, Gisborne, later Woodville. Mary married James LAWRENCE in England.
f) Sarah HUTCHING was born 05 Dec 1842. She resided in Woodville, New Zealand. Sarah married William MEREDITH in England.
g) Reuben HUTCHING was born 08 Jun 1845. He died before 08 Jun 1847 in Ongar, Essex, England.
h) George HUTCHING was born 02 Mar 1848 in Ongar, Essex, England. He died 11 May 1939 in Onehunga, Eden, New Zealand. George was employed as an Agricultural Labourer. He immigrated Oct 1873 to per EP Bouverie. He resided in Napier, Waipukurau, Tongaporutu, Tauranga, Auckland. George married (i) Ruth SPEARMAN, daughter of William SPEARMAN and Elizabeth WINGER, on 09 Jul 1871 in Moreton, Essex, England. Ruth was born before 31 Dec 1848 in Moreton, Essex, England. She died 11 Jul 1900 in Tauranga, , New Zealand. George also married (ii) Matilda (Childs) SMITH on 03 Aug 1904. Matilda was born before 1850 in Essex, England.
i) James HUTCHINS was born 31 Mar 1851 in Ongar, Essex, England. He died 1922 and was buried in Te Henui.
James was employed as a bootmaker. He immigrated Oct 1873 to per the Edward P Bouverie. He resided after 1873 in Woodville, New Zealand. He resided before 1873 in Essex, England. James married (i) Ellen Maria CULLEY, daughter of Daniel CULLEY and Jane (UNKNOWN), on 18 Jun 1873 in Penge, St John, Surrey, England. Ellen was born 16 Mar 1855 in Warwick, England. She died 1900 in Woodville, New Zealand. James also married (ii) Elizabeth LITTLE on 19 Apr 1907 in St. Mary's, New Plymouth, New Zealand. Elizabeth was born in Essex, England. She died 1929 and was buried in Te Henui.
I suspect that Mary A & Eliza Hutching on this list are daughters of John Hutching. John Staines on this list may be connected to Maria Staines, wife of Stephen Hutching. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Gary & Brenda Anderson.


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