James Nicol Fleming
Ship: 1000 tons
Captain: P Logan

Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Glasgow July 7th  1871- arrived Otago October 5th  1871

Built in 1869, the James Nicol Fleming was a composite clipper of close on 1000 tons and was a sister ship to the Otago, built on exactly the same lines. She was an exceedingly fast ship and only twice in her career took more than the average 90 days for the passage from Glasgow to Otago. In 1879, owing to financial problems at the City of Glasgow Bank (which also involved one of the directors after who she was named), her name was changed to Napier.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name County of Origin Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Deans Miss
Lockhart Mr Snr
Mr Jnr
Mason Mr
Assisted Immigrants
Brodie David Aiery, Kirkwall Farm servant
Brown William Pollockshaws, Glasgow Farm servant
Maggie Domestic servant
Caithness John Bay, Kirkwall Farm servant
Cameron Elizabeth Bunachtown, Inverness Domestic servant
Dunsmure Allan Sharon St, Dalry Miner
Ellis Isabella Bank St, Aberdeen Domestic servant
Fruish Eliza Lauriston Lane, Edinburgh Domestic servant
Fruish Isabella 20 Elm Row, Edinburgh Domestic servant
Grant Gilbert 9 Milan St, Glasgow Farm servant
Holt Hodgson Newbegin, Yorkshire Farm servant
Hunter Richard Stirling St, Airdrie Carter & Porter
Houltson Adam Newbegin, Yorkshire Mason
Hyne Georgina Dicks Place, Edinburgh Domestic servant
Hyne Lilias Mayfield, Edinburgh Domestic servant
Hyne Williamina Minto St, Edinburgh Domestic servant
Irwine Charles Gramsay, Kirkwall Mason
Johnston Robert Bellsquarry, Mid-Calder Farm labourer
Hugh Farm labourer
Mary Domestic servant
Key Isaac 220 Broomielaw S,Glasgow Farm servant
Love James Stirling St, Airdrie Miner & Porter
Matheson James Hight St, Jarrow Farm servant
McDonald John Blockton, Lockalsh Shepherd
McKay Alexander Strathbeg, Erribol Shepherd
McLean John London Rd, Edinburgh Iron moulder
McPherson Patrick Burnside, Ballindalloch Farm servant
Ann Domestic servant
Isabella Domestic servant
Naismith Jane 1 Park Rd, Hamilton Domestic servant
Nutt Charles Salisbury Sq, Edinburgh Farm labourer
Mary Ann
Provan Mary Glasgow Domestic servant
Shand Charles 2 North Bridge, Edinburgh Farm servant
Smellie Agnes Greenhead St, Glasgow Domestic servant
Stephen David Ellison St, Jarrow Farm servant
Stewart James Lethnal, Forfar Shepherd
Ward Henry Emscote, Warwich Shepherd
Luke Shepherd
White Theophilus Redskateriff, County Tyrone Farm labourer
White William Redskateriff, County Tyrone Farm labourer
White David C. Lethan, Forfar Shepherd
Wright Andrew New Luce, Wigtonshire Shepherd
Margaret Domestic servant
Mary Domestic servant
William Shepherd
Smellie Agnes
Guaranteed Passengers
Applegarth Isabella Mary Longwitten, Newport
Cousin George Saline, Dunfermline
Ford Thomas Armagh,  Galway Farm servant
Gow Mrs John Fews, Auchterarder Domestic servant
Christian Domestic servant
John Farm servant
McKnight Mrs Jane Dalry, Ayrshire
Isabella FRUISH & Charles SHAND:
Isabella FRUISH and Charles SHAND met on the voyage to New Zealand and were married in Dunedin 2/1/1874. They settled in Balclutha where Charles was a stock and wool buyer. They had nine children,Annie, Isabella, Elizabeth, Charlie, Elsie, Joseph, William, Nellie, & Allan. Charles was killed in May 1923 when the horse & dray he was driving was hit by the Southener express at Kakapuaka. If you have any connection to this family or would like to learn more please contact Allan Lyall.

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Otago Gazette 1871
Otago Daily Times October 5th 1871

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