Ship: 560 tons
Captain: John Innes
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Francis L Vickerman
Sailed London 27th July 1849 - arrived New Plymouth 24th October 1849
                                                                                 Wellington via Nelson 4th November 1849
                                                         Otago 20th November 1849

Name Age Occupation Destination & Comments
Cabin Passengers
Faithfull Edward Williams 26 Solicitor Bound for New Plymouth
Mary Ann 28
Alfred Williams 2�
Charles Edward 17 months
Arthur Stewart 6 months
Lloyd John Yeeden 54 Gentleman late Major 73rd Regiment Bound for Wellington
Vickerman Charlotte 29 Wife of Surgeon Superintendent
Fore-Cabin Passengers
Armstrong William Hry Frederick 17 Gentleman Bound for New Plymouth
Bagster John 27 Book-keeper Bound for Wellington
Betts George 33 Draughtsman Bound for New Plymouth
Taunton William Elias 28 Barrister Bound for Wellington
Travers William 30 Solicitor Bound for Wellington
Jane 28
Henry 5
Ann 3�
Travers John 26 Bound for Wellington
Paid Steerage Passengers
Alexander James 44 Joiner Bound for New Plymouth
Burbush Robert 36 Gardner Bound for Nelson
Mary Ann 35
Robert 12
Mary Ann 10
Ellen 7
Ann 5
Henry 3
Carkeek Mrs Mary 64 Of no business Names not down in list sent out. Mr Morrison of Riches Court, Limes St interested himself for the. FV (paying people)
Miss Frances 27
Gilmour John 24 Cabinetmaker Bound for New Plymouth
Isabella 20
Parris William 56 Farmer Bound for New Plymouth
Peterson Peter 56 Merchant Bound for Otago
Scott Alexander 17 Farmer Bound for New Plymouth
Smith James 26 Farmer Bound for Otago
Assisted Steerage Passengers
Adams Stephen 54 Skinner Bound for Nelson
Ann 44
Mary 18 Domestic Servant Married just before starting to Falla
George 16 Skinner
Alex 14
Robert 4
Adamson Jessie 24 Servant Bound for Otago
Boag John 24 Cartwright Bound for Nelson
Connor Patrick 30 Farm Labourer Bound for Nelson
Ann 23
Jeremiah 3
John 1
Falla George 23 Light Porter Bound for Nelson
Married Mary Adams
Garrison Samuel 23 Blacksmith Bound New Plymouth/Nelson
Emma 23
John 7
Ann 2
Harpers Isaac 35 Farm Labourer Bound New Plymouth/Nelson
Emma 31
Henry 8
Elizabeth 6
William 3
Edwin 1
Haynes Isaac 35 Farm Servant Bound for Nelson
Emma 31
Henry 8
Elizabeth 6
William 3
Edward 1
Infant son 1 month
Leader Mary 19 Domestic Servant Bound for Otago
McEwen Ellen 28 Dairymaid Bound for Nelson
McKenzie D 28 Shepherd Bound for Otago
Parker Charles 39 Carpenter Bound for Nelson
Hannah 33
Charles 9
Frederick 8
Elizabeth 7
Henry 6
Walter 1
Infant daughter 1 month
Ross Margaret 13 Domestic Servant Bound for Nelson
Under charge of Wm Adams - paid for and berthed as s single woman
Salmond Andrew 29 Agricultural Labourer Bound for Nelson
Savage Charles E 21 Tailor Bound for New Plymouth
Shanks James 49 Coach Builder Bound for Otago
Eleanor 39
Robert 18
James 15
Isabella 12
Eleanor 11
William 10
Andrew 6
Harry 2
Slatter George 43 Carpenter Bound New Plymouth/Nelson
Sarah 39
Julia 18
George 10
John 6
James 4
Agnes 1
Smith Margaret 26 Bound for Wellington & went to Otago Sister to James Smith in paid steerage
Taylor Hannah 19 Domestic Servant Bound for New Plymouth
Waterman Maria 28 Servant Bound for New Plymouth

As a 24 year old, Jessie Adamson emigrated to New Zealand on board this sailing of the Kelso. Originally bound for Otago, she was to meet the recently widowed James Henry Baggarley when the ship called in to Wellington on November 4th 1849. James had recently lost his wife and two of his four children and was no doubt on the lookout for a new wife to care for him and his two children. They were married after a very short time, on 10th December that same year and had three children, before James died in Wellington on 13 February 1856. This left Jessie with 4 children to care for and no doubt this placed her in a very difficult situation, particularly in those years. We will never know what her existence was like at that time but can only assume it must have been extremely difficult.Three years later in 1859 she gave birth to a daughter, Mary Jane, given the surname BAGLEY, whose father, in the Registrar General's records, is listed as Charles ASKINS a soldier in the 65th Regiment.

A further illegitimate daughter was born at the Head of the Bay in Akaroa in 1864, whose father was recorded as Henry VALLER and it was unusual then for the father's name to be given. Following this child was another in 1867, a son registered as Harry VALLER, fathered by Henry once again. Eight years later Jessie and Henry married, no doubt having to wait until Henry's first wife had died. Jessie died on 13 Aug 1884 at Porirua and is buried in the old Presbyterian cemetery in Tawa Flat. Her death record states that her father was David ADAMS an Engineer. She and Charles ASKINS were associated circa Aug 1858 at Wellington, New Zealand. Children of Jessie ADAMSON and Charles ASKINS were: Mary Jane Askins; born illegitimate March 1st 1859 at Wellington, New Zealand, married Daniel Thomas KING, son of George Thomas KING and Susannah Ellen DODD, 15 Mar 1882 in Wellington, New Zealand; died 30 Jan 1942 at Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand, at age 82; buried 1 Feb 1942 at Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand. She was also known as Mary Jane Bagley.
Children of Jessie ADAMSON and Henry VALLER were as follows: Harriet VALLER, born 6 Mar 1864 at Head of the Bay, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand, married William VALLER. Harry VALLER, born 6 Mar 1867 at Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand married Elizabeth THORNTON. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Keith Jacobs or visit his website.


Inscription alongside Carkeek name:
This inscription on the original passenger list is very faint. If anyone is able to shed light on its meaning, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please contact Denise & Peter.


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