Lady Nugent
Ship: 668 tons
Captain: John Parsons
Surgeon Superintendent: Frederick A Laking
Sailed Plymouth 13th December 1849 - arrived Otago March 26th 1850

                                                                                      Port Nicholson May 1850
                                                                                                                  Nelson May 10th 1850                               

Name Age Occupation Comments
Chief Cabin Passengers
Bolton Emily 19 Bound for Wellington
Bulkely Francis 22 Ensign 65th Regiment Bound for Wellington
Elliott Mr 22 Gentleman Bound for Wellingto
Godley John Robert 27 Bound for Port Cooper
Charlotte 25
John Arthur 1 month
Lee Edward James 26 Gentleman Bound for Nelson
Nicholson Mr 20 Bound for Wellington
Robison Hugh 24 Gentleman Bound for Otago
Tollemache Algernon Gray 48 Gentleman Bound for Wellington
Wakefield Edward Jerningham 32 Gentleman Bound for Wellington
Fore-Cabin Passengers
Bishop Ann 23 Servant Bound for Wellington
Bolton Frederick 24 Gentleman Bound for Wellington
Cleaver William 27 Settler Bound for Nelson
Mary 21
Ann 5 months
Drewite Joel 22 Settler Bound for Nelson
Ferguson George 28 Gentleman Bound for Wellington
Howe Eliza 39 Servant Bound for Wellington
McRae William 46 Settler Bound for Nelson
Sarah 38
George 11
Kate 9
Roderic 7
Morrison John 27 Settler Bound for Otago
O'Loughlan Matthew 30 Settler Bound for Nelson
Emma 27
Spencer Sarah 17 Settler Bound for Nelson
Widderburn Joseph 48 Settler Bound for Nelson
Martha 27
Paid Steerage Passengers
Abrahams A 13 Servant Bound for Otago
Beamish Nathaniel 22 Labourer Bound for Wellington
Bradley Arthur 33 Bound for Wellington
Lydia 35
Mary Ann 13
John 7
Henry 5
Alfred 3
Jane 1
Connell Elizabeth 18 Servant Bound for Wellington
Findlater Alexander 39 Settler Bound for Otago
Elizabeth 36
Alexander 15
Eliza Leslie 10
James Turnbull 8
Mary 6
Susan Forrester 3
Legg William 28 Servant Bound for Otago
McKenzie William 25 Labourer Bound for Otago
Robert Gordon 21 Labourer Bound for Otago
McLeod Donald 30 Labourer Bound for Otago
Moule Stephen 26 Carpenter Bound for Otago
Nicholas Alexander 16 Labourer Bound for Wellington
Ritters Johan Albert 38 Organist Bound for Wellington
Russell Andrew 37 Teacher Bound for Otago
Margaret 35
Catherine 11
William 9
Margaret 6
Andrew 3
Storman William 42 Servant Bound for Wellington
Waterlow Richard Frederick 37 Labourer Bound for Otago
Sarah 32
Assisted Steerage Passengers
Allan David 21 Shepherd Bound for Nelson
Agnes 19 (nee McKenzie)
Married prior to departure
Anderson Robert 33 Labourer & Carter Bound for Nelson
Isabella 33
Ellen 2
Elspeth 8 months
Bell William 20 Agricultural Labourer Bound for Nelson
Mary 23 (nee Dron)
Married prior to departure
Borton Frederick Bound for Otago
Brougham Catherine 16 Farm Servant & Maid Bound for Nelson
Chapman William 36 Gardener Bound for Otago
Helen 31
Janet 5
William 3
George 1
Clarke John Farm Servant
Connor Margaret 20 Bound for Otago
Cowell Ralph 32 Dairyman Bound for Nelson
Martha 29
Cummins George 22 Shepherd Bound for Nelson
Thomas 27 Shepherd Bound for Nelson
Cundy John 40 Builder Bound for Nelson
Harriet 39
John 15 Labourer
Frederick 13
George 11
Emily 8
Harvey 5
Richard 2
Dann Joseph 26 Farm Labourer Bound for Nelson 
Mr Widderburns nominees
Hannah 27 Servant
Dron John 45 Ag Labourer & Miller
Agnes 44
Lawrence 21 Ag Labourer & Miller
Agnes 15 Married to David Allan
Margaret 12
William 11
John 8
Anne 4
Elizabeth 10 months
Duncan David 10 Bound for Nelson 
Gourlay George Blacksmith Bound for Nelson 
Lee Andrew 18 Bound for Otago
Legg Charles 29 Bound for Wellington
Lindsay Margaret 33 Bound for Otago
Lowden James 19 Farm Servant Bound for Nelson 
Marten Harriet 14 Servant Bound for Nelson 
Matthews George 37 Gardener Bound for Otago
Elizabeth 32
James A 7
George 3
Isabella 9 months
Matthews Jane 25 Sister of George above Bound for Otago
McNamara Bridget 16 Farm Servant & Maid Bound for Nelson 
Morrison Reverend John 27 Minister Bound for Otago
Murphy Thomas 21 Shepherd Bound for Nelson 
Nicholson Rhodes 20 Bound for Wellington
Pattie Robert 28 Farm Labourer Bound for Nelson 
Mrs 28
Mary 6 months
Powles Mary 37 Bound for Wellington
Robison Hugh 28 Merchant Bound for Otago
Steel David Pike 22 Bound for Otago
Veitch Thomas Ploughman
Wan William 29 Brickmaker Bound for Nelson 
Helen (Ellen) 27
Mary 7
Alexander 1
Infant Infant
Watson Mary 51 Widow Bound for Nelson
Mary Ann 26 Servant
Robert 22 Blacksmith
Margaret 19 Servant
Helen 15 Servant
Whyte David 48 Carpenter
Mrs 48
James 14
Elizabeth 12
Henry 8
Wilson David 34 Bound for Otago
Janet 35
David Wright 8
Elizabeth 1
Woolmer John B 21 Labourer Bound for Nelson
Edward James LEE:
Edward James Lee, born March 30th 1822 at Walton-on-Thames, was a clerk in the Bank of England before taking ship in Plymouth for Nelson, New Zealand. The 'Lady Nugent' sailed on 13th Dec 1849, arriving 10th May 1850. Fellow cabin passengers, of note to Cantabrians, were John RobertGodley, and his wife Charlotte. Charlotte mentions Edward in her diaries. After looking around the country, he decided that there was good sheep country down in Canterbury. He reckoned that there could be a more direct, overland, route from Nelson to the Port Cooper plains to take sheep. On 22nd December 1851, he set out across country and after twelve days of difficult riding arrived, 2nd January 1852, on the Plains, 27 miles north of Christchurch. An account of this journey was published in the Lyttelten Times 17th Jan 1852. Later he and Edward Jollie formed a partnership and they brought their 1800 sheep down the trail Lee had blazed. It took a month,due to the hard going, to arrive at their destination ‘The Retreat’, later called ‘Cheviot Hills’. A year later they took up their own run at Parnassus, freeholding 1400 acres for 10/- acre soon afterward as their neighbour ‘Ready-money’ Robinson’s large operation was making them nervous. He married Harriet Maria Paul 6th August 1853 at Motueka. They sold Parnassus, some 38822 acres c1860, doubling their money on the freehold. The sale realized around �28000, � to Jollie and � to Lee. They moved to the Ellesmere district, buying 2000 acres. This was divided between the two after Jollie married in 1861, Lee’s called "Brooklands’, and Jollie’s ‘Beachcroft’. As well as farming, Edward Lee became very active in local affairs, taking on paid offices such as receiving officer, returning officer etc. He was also involved with the local Roads Boards. From 1868 he became the Revising Officer for the North Canterbury electorate, and later the Marlborough, Nelson and West Coast electorates. He showed stock successfully at the district shows during this time, indicating that his farm was not being neglected. In 1875, he bought ‘Beachcroft’ from Jollie, and in 1878, when land prices were booming, sold his original farm, ‘Brooklands’. Local body politics beckoned, and in 1878, he was elected to the Selwyn County Council, two years later moving into the Chair. In 1883 he was elected to Parliament and was an orthodox conservative. Unfortunately, life in Wellington was too much of a change, and he died at ‘Beachcroft’ 17th Dec 1883. He owned at his death, three farms, totalling some 4200 acres. He and Harriet had eight children;
    - Louis born 13/3/1855
    - John Bateman born 12/1857
    - Jane Pauline Harriet born 22/6/1859
    - Laura born 26/4/1861
    - Harry Herbert born 30/5/1863
    - Charles Woodhouse born 22/6/1865
    - Robert Paul b.6/12/68
    - Sybil Mary born 1/6/1872.
Jane married Arthur Cuthbert Williams 26th April 1881. From Jane’s line, Edward Lee has eight grandchildren, nine gr grandchildren, sixteen grandchildren and 28 gr grandchildren, as at October 9th 2002. One branch of this family has carried Lee as a Christian name through four generations. There a thriving Lee branch in Trayning, Western Australia, descendants of Robert Paul. I have a faint childhood memory of Aunt Sybil reading to me in my grandparents garden. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Edward James Lee's Great Great Grandson John C L Williams. For further information on Edward Lee, his forebears, siblings and descendants in New Zealand, please visit

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