Lancashire Witch
Ship: 1574 tons
Captain: West
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr McLean
Sailed London 4th July 1863 - arrived Lyttelton & Timaru 13th October 1863

The Lancashire Witch was one of the many vessels built at Quebec. She was a full-rigged ship of 1574 tons, and was eleven years off the stocks when she came to new Zealand. She was owned by Firnie and Co., of Liverpool, and in 1863 was chartered by the Shaw Savill Co. The Lancashire Witch made her first passage to Lyttelton in 1863, and the 420 immigrants who embarked at London experienced a very trying and anxious time. Shortly after her departure scarlet fever broke out, and before reaching Lyttelton three adults and 23 children died and were buried at sea.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Fifty Year Reunion of Lancashire Witch
What is it about York Wold?

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Carruthers Mr
Gollin Mr
Harris Mr
3 children
      Nurse to Harris children
Jones Mr
McLean Dr Surgeon Superintendent
Otway Mr
Rawlings Mr
Salomon Mr
2 daughters
Streerage Passengers
Families and Children - Destination Lyttelton
Allan George William 27 Middlesex Painter
Mary Ann 30
James 10
James John Infant
Anderson Andrew 26 Forfar Ploughman
Mary 24
Anderson Catherine 20 T/F to single women
Archibald James 29 Stirlingshire Labourer
Elizabeth 28
Margaret 7
Elizabeth 1
Bellman Charles 31 Middlesex Bricklayer
Harriett 29
Elizabeth 6
Bennett Edward 30 Hertfordshire Carpenter
Esther 27
Edward 11
George J 4
Elizabeth Jane 2 Died at sea 02/10/1863
Louisa S 6 months Died at sea 07/09/1863
Bennett John 26 Shropshire Carpenter
Mary 26
Blyth James 24 Forfar Farm Labourer
Ann 23
Bowmaker John 38 Durham Joiner
Isabella 38
Isabella 9
Hannah 4
Sarah 2
Brackenridge Alexander 25 Lanark Joiner
Janet 23
Janet 4 Died at sea 14/09/1863
Brenner George 30 Caithness Farm Labourer
Jane 26
Brinkmann Fritz 35 Germany Farm Labourer
Maria 31
Brown Luke 36 Leicestershire Farm Labourer
Sarah 40
Matthew 10
Henry 7
Thomas 5 Died at sea 02/10/1863
Convulsions following scarlatine
Lydia 3
Buckett William 41 Oxfordshire Tailor


Mary Ann 41
Hannah 14 T/F to single women
Charles William 8
Cass Francis 24 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary A 25
Mary Ann 3
Carey Thomas 45 Middlesex Shoemaker
Emily 43
Emily 16 T/F to single women Domestic Servant
Sarah 14 T/F to single women
Charles 11
Mary 8
George 3
Carter John 26 Kent Farm Labourer
Emma J 26
Ann Mary 2 Died at sea 08/09/1863
Apthous ulceration following rubeola
Daughter Born on board 16/09/1863
Comyns Alfred 43 Hertfordshire Farm Labourer
Rebecca 44 Died at sea 07/09/1863
Angina scarlatina
Elizabeth 14 T/F to single women
Sarah 13 T/F to single women
Alfred 11
Mary Ann 9
Jane 7
Jasper 5 Died at sea 22/09/1863
Anarsarca & bronchitis following scarlatina
Coults Peter 23 Perth Ploughman
Betsy 22
Craig John 29 Caithness Farm Labourer
Catherine 20
Cronin George 28 Surrey Labourer
Elizabeth 26
George 4
Elizabeth 2
William 5 months
Crow William 30 Warwickshire Labourer
Julia 28
Mary Ann 9
Celia J 6
Michael John 3
Harriett Infant
Female child Born on board 31/08/1863
Dalton Thomas 26 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Charlotte 21
Dawson Henry 37 Warwickshire Carpenter
Elizabeth 35
Henry 9
Louisa 7
Ellen 5
Alfred 3 Died at sea 07/09/1863
Abscesses following scarlatina
Frederick 1
Shale Ellen 20 T/F to single women Came with Dawson
Dixon Thomas 32 Surrey Labourer
Clara Ann 31
Thomas Arthur 4
Gilbert 3


Sarah Ann 34 T/F to single women
Morrison Eliza 29 T/F to single women Came with Dixon
Doell James 35 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Maria 35
Frank 11
Fanny 10
Ann 8
Elizabeth 5
Frederick Infant Died at sea 12/09/1863
Bronchitis following rubeola
Doherty Susan (Wife of Francis Doherty who paid his passage)
Eadie William 27 Perth Mason
Janet 30
Mary J 2
Ann H 7 months
Elliott William 24 Surrey Gardener
Elizabeth 24
Gamble William 24 Yorkshire Gardener
Annie 26
Herbert Infant
Grice George 25 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Sarah 21
Elizabeth 2 Died at sea 24/08/1863
Abscesses following rubeola
Emma 8 months
Hall Thomas 27 Shropshire Farm Labourer
Eliza 32
Henderson John 30 Edinburgh Labourer
Margaret 28
William 6
Margaret J 4
Male child Born on board 29/09/1863
Henderson John 39 Perth Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 36
James J 18 T/F to single men
Janet 16 T/F to single women
Elizabeth 11
Ann 4
Hight Henry 27 Nottinghamshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 26
Albert 4
Anne 2
Mary Jane 4 months
Holland Robert 38 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Ann 37
George 13 T/F to single men Farm Labourer
Mary Jane 11
Frederick 9
Charles 6
Henry 3
Sarah Ann Infant
Jones Edward 21 Worcestershire Blacksmith
Louisa 23
Lamb John 34 Shropshire Farm Labourer
Jane 30
Leader Patrick 26 Cork Smith
Margaret 27
Stanton Bridget 26 T/F to single women Came with Leader
Menzies Charles 23 Stirlingshire Ploughman
Catherine 23
Female child Born on board 02/10/1863
McCutcheon George 32 Lanark Shoemaker
Sarah 28
Charles O 3
Munro Robert 29 Caithness Farm Labourer
Janet 26
Munton Thomas 30 Leicestershire Farm Labourer
Catherine 33
Eliza 4
Elizabeth 4 months
Muzzall Thomas 22 Sussex Carpenter
Rosina 19
Otten John 23 Germany Farm Labourer
Maria 22
Patterson William 40 Forfar Ploughman
Barbara 32
William 9 Died at sea 09/09/1863
Scarlatina maligna
James 7
Alexander 5 Died at sea 22/08/1863
David Infant Died at sea 08/09/1863
Scarlatina maligna
Pierce William R 23 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Ann 24
Prestidge Jesse 33 Northamptonshire Carpenter
Jane 35
Thomas 10
Walter 7
Henry 6
Jesse 4
Edward 2
Mary Jane Infant
Prestidge Sarah 28 T/F to single women
Price Henry 29 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Emily 27
James 2
Henry 8 months
Robbie James 28 Forfar Ploughman
Isabella 24
Rowbotham Joseph 29 Nottinghamshire Farm Labourer
Jane 30
Sarah Jane 7
Joseph John Infant Died at sea - 04/10/1863
Shipley Burton 25 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Ann 25
Susannah 6
William 5
Sarah 1 Died at sea - 24/07/1863
Diarrhoea following rubeola
Sneddon David 38 Stirling Labourer
Maria 32
Maria 13 T/F to single women
Rachel 11
Catherine 7
Ann 4
Mary 2
Female child Born at sea 13/08/1863
Soanes Henry 24 Oxfordshire Bricklayer
Sarah 23
Henry A 3
John Infant
Tracey Edward 37 Middlesex Shoemaker
Lucy 35
Welges Frederick 33 Germany Labourer
Hatwig 32
Mary Ann Infant Died at sea 16/09/1863
White George 28 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Margaret 30
James 8
Yardley Eli 29 Warwickshire Printer
Martha E 35
Walter B 3
Families and Children - Destination Timaru    
Aitken Andrew 35 Dumbarton Ploughman
Ellen 28
John 5
Robert 4
Andrew 2
Anderson John 24 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Grace 30
Beckingham George W 25 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Emma 25
George Infant
Ann 19 T/F to single women Sister of George W
William 11 Brother of George W
Emma 6 Sister of George W
Belch John 27 Lanark Carpenter
Mary 24
Duncan Infant
Blanchet Auguste 21 Alderney Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 20
Brasell George 45 Surrey Farm Labourer
Janet 36
Robert 18 T/F to single men
John 16 T/F to single men
Harriett 13 T/F to single women
Louisa 11
George 9
Emma 7
Elizabeth 5
Budd William 21 Staffordshire Farm Labourer
Emma 21
Emma Infant
Bush William 32 Warwickshire Carpenter
Martha 30
William 5 Died at sea 20/07/1863
Rubeola with parotiditis
Butler George 25 Warwickshire Labourer
Eliza 24
Elkers Henry 28 Germany Labourer
Catherine 27
Fleming Henry 24 Shropshire Blacksmith
Jane 23
Mary Infant
Gammie James 27 Aberdeen Smith
Helen 27
Goodman John 42 Nottinghamshire Farm Labourer
Ellen 27
Thomas 5
Benjamin 3
Mary Elizabeth 2 Died at sea 21/08/1863
Ulcerative diarrhoea following rubeola
John Henry 10 months Died at sea 19/08/1863
Apthous ulceration following rubeola
Female child Born on board 09/08/1863
Harrop James 25 Kent Carpenter
Sarah 23
Hick Francis 33 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary Jane 28
Mary A W 9
Frances B 3
Flora D 10 months
Higgs John 41 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer
Alice 40
Hannah 13 T/T to single men
William 10
Harriett 9
Alice 5
Sarah 2 Died at sea 28/08/1863
Pneumonia accompanying rubeola
Hudson Henry 25 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Ellen 19
Husband George 43 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Mary 42
Jones Henry 30 Surrey Farm Labourer
Ann 29
Koster Behrend 31 Germany Farm Labourer
Sophie 26
Corster 10 months
Manning William 32 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer
Hannah 32
George 11
Emma 8
Ada 4
Amelia 18 months Died at sea 13/08/1863
Diarrhoea following rubeola
Mills Thomas 36 Devonshire Carpenter
Susanna 26
Thomas 3
Henry 1
Male child Born on board 16/09/1863
Parsons Thomas 15 T/F to single men Came with T Mills family
Mills John 38 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Jane 36
John 2 Died at Sea 05/08/1863
Scarlatina with tonsilitis
Ellis Infant
Pelvin Richard 42 Kent Labourer
Elizabeth 34
Henry William 5
Richard Charles 4
Rose 2
Robertson Duncan 24 Lanark Carpenter
Ellen 24
Smith George 38 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 33
Sutherland Hugh 31 Rebfrew Carpenter
Mary 25
Marion 7 months Died at sea 23/09/1863
Sutherland William 23 T/F to single men
Upton William 26 Pembrokeshire Carpenter
Jane 26
Martha 5
Single Men - Destination Lyttelton
Allison William 22 Perth Joiner
Baker Jonathan 20 Chester Farm Labourer
Bates Thomas 19 Lincolnshire Gardener
Harriet 16 T/F to single women
Barnes Anthony 19 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Bentley Thomas 25 Yorkshire Gardener
Brasell Robert 18 Surrey Labourer
John 16 Surrey Labourer
Carr David 27 Forfar Farm Labourer
Dalton Henry 28 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Dickie Alexander 24 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Dow James 23 Perth Joiner
Duncan Peter 24 Forfar Smith
Duncan David 23 Kincardineshire Shepherd
Alexander 21 Kincardineshire Shepherd
Dunkley Thomas 34 Northamptonshire Farm Labourer
Died on board 05/09/1863
Scarlatina maligna
Duthie James 26 Forfar Farm Labourer
Evans Benjamin 22 Montgomery Farm Labourer
Falconer James 25 Caithness Shepherd
Gerrard James 24 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Giles Richard 30 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Gobbart Johann 20 Germany Farm Labourer
Anna 22 T/F to single women
Harris Edwin Charles 16 Middlesex Labourer
Hellewell Thomas 40 Yorkshire Cabinet Maker
Grace 28 T/F to single women
Hannah 25 T/F to single women
Wright 18 Yorkshire Labourer
James Henry 16 Yorkshire Cloth Worker
John D 5 Yorkshire
Henderson James J 18 Perth Farm Labourer
Hendry Alexander 22 Perth Joiner
Holland George 13 Yorkshire
Jacques Thomas 14 Northamptonshire
Kirk William 23 Wigtonshire Miller
Marshall John 20 Lincoln Farm Labourer
Menzies Adam 24 Lanark Plasterer
Mehrtens Heinrich Germany Labourer
Mierhoff Christian 20 Germany Labourer
Muston John


Leicestershire Farm Labourer
Oram Hubert 24 Somersetshire Painter
Parsons Thomas 15 Devonshire Labourer
Simons William 20 Leicestershire Farm Labourer
Steward William 32 Yorkshire Weaver
Stonyer Joseph 21 Shropshire Labourer
Martha 18 T/F to single women
Storey William 21 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Sutherland William 23 Renfrew Labourer
Thomson Thomas 21 Durham Labourer
Watson David 27 Yorkshire Labourer
Webb George 22 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Wells Richard Berry 22 Lanark Ploughman
William 32 Lanark Farm Labourer
Winter Michael 25 Leicestershire Farm Labourer
John 27 Leicestershire Farm Labourer
Alfred 23 Leicestershire Farm Labourer
Single Men - Destination Timaru
Beattie William 26 Lanark Labourer
Cheesworth John 22 Cheshire Farm Labourer
Fenton Robert 23 Lanark Labourer
Horler John William 20 Somersetshire Painter
Husband Henry 24 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Joyce John 24 Dumbarton Shepherd
Mason Alexander 22 Kincard Ploughman
Ray Charles 18 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Single Women - Destination Lyttelton
Aidkin Margaret Elizabeth 17 Cambridgeshire Domestic Servant
Allan Mary Ann 19 Middlesex Milliner
Clara 21 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Anderson Catherine 20 Forfar Dairywoman
Bates Harriet 16 Lincolnshire Domestic Servant
Beavan Sophia 33 Middlesex Milliner
Beckingham Ann 19 Middlesex Cook
Boyd Emma 24 Nottinghamshire Laundress
Brasell Harriet 13 Surrey
Buckett Hannah 14 Oxfordshire
Butterwick Margaret 22 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Callham Ellen 22 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Carey Emily 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Sarah 14 Middlesex
Comyns Elizabeth 14 Hertfordshire
Sarah 13 Hertfordshire
Cook Emma 20 Leicestershire Domestic Servant
Cullen Jane 20 Lanark Domestic Servant
Dixon Sarah Ann 34 Surrey Domestic Servant
Dogherty Ann 21 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Druffen Mary Domestic Servant
Dyer Clara 30 Middlesex Cook
Cornelius 4 Middlesex
Edwards Margaret 26 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Fielding Mary 20 Cheshire Domestic Servant
Gobbart Anna 22 Germany Domestic Servant
Hatton Maria 22 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Hellewell Hannah 25 Yorkshire Weaver
Grace 28 Yorkshire Weaver
Henderson Janet 16 Perth Domestic Servant
Higgs Hannah 13 Gloucestershire
Howard Ann 26 Cheshire Domestic Servant
Died on board 21/09/1863
Epileptic convulsions
Husband Eliza 18 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Knox Margaret 21 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Lindsay Jessie 25 Fife Domestic Servant
McFarlane Elizabeth 29
McLachlan Helen 18 Buteshire Domestic Servant
McNicol Mary 20 Perth Domestic Servant
McWilliams Ann 22 Carlow Domestic Servant
Morrison Eliza 29 Surrey Domestic Servant
Munro Betsy 24 Sutherland Domestic Servant
Murray Jessie 24 Sutherland Domestic Servant
Oatley Eliza 21 Middlesex Dressmaker
Pain Ophelia 33 Middlesex Dressmaker
Eliza 23 Middlesex Dressmaker
Payne Jemima E 28 Herefordshire Domestic Servant
Prestidge Sarah 28 Northamptonshire Domestic Servant
Ridgeway Mary A 20 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Robson Jane 26 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Rogers Hannah 19 Northumberland Domestic Servant
Shale Ellen 20 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Smith Sophia 27 Lanark Domestic Servant
Sneddon Maria 13 Stirlingshire
Stanton Bridget 26 Cork Domestic Servant
Stonyer Martha 18 Shropshire Domestic Servant
Strathers Jessie 23 Lanark Domestic Servant
Thorold Dorothy 22 Liecestershire Domestic Servant
Watson Margaret 26 Domestic Servant
Young Elizabeth 22
Single Women - Destination Timaru
Lavery Catherine 21 Lanark Domestic Servant
Watts Annie 20 Wiltshire Domestic Servant

HOLLAND family:
On June 27, 1863, Robert and Anne (Robson) Holland left Nafferton, in Yorkshire, England, with their children, bound for New Zealand. They left in a horse-drawn wagon for Hull, 25-30 miles away, where they presumably took a ship to London or Gravesend to board the Lancashire Witch. Others from the same small town left with them in the wagon: the Shipleys and their children; Thomas Butterick with his wife and brother Henry; along with Margaret Butterick, Jane Robson (probably related to Anne), and William Storey. (Thomas Butterick and his wife and brother do not appear on the Lancashire Witch's passenger list, however.) All were assisted passengers. Robert Holland was the son of George and Jane Holland of Kirkburn, Yorkshire, England. He probably had an older brother, John, and two older sisters, Jane and Elizabeth. He was born in Kirkburn, probably on 18 November 1822. He married Ann (or Anne) Robson in Lowthorpe, near Nafferton, on 1 January 1846. Their marriage certificate describes him as living in Lowthorpe as a servant, his father as a laborer, and Ann's father, James Robson, as a farmer. Robert and Ann were active in the Baptist Church in Nafferton as well as in Greendale, N. Canterbury, where they finally settled, farming land adjoining that of the Shipleys.
Their children, who except for the first all came with them, were:
1) Henry Holland, 1846-1850.
2) George William Holland bap. 7 Oct 1849; m. 1) Mary Withell, 2) Ruth Agnes Pannet Farmed at Brookside, then Greendale; in 1914 moved to Christchurch. Had at least one child, Clarence.
3) Mary Jane Holland, b. 1851/52, d. betw. 1888-1900.
4) Frederick Holland, b. 1854, d. 4 Aug 1938; he had two wives and 17 children and was my great-grandfather. I have info on all the children.
5) Charles Holland b. 1856/1857 d. betw.1888-1900; m. Ada Giles, had 10 children (no info on them).
6) Henry Holland b. 1859/1860 d. 1935 or later; m. Jane Eastwood. Lived Greendale, N.Z., till 1898, then  Christchurch; mayor of Christchurch 1912-19; in Parliament as Independent Liberal, 4 Nov 1925-1 Nov 1935.
Had 8 children including Sidney George Holland, who was Prime Minister of N.Z. 13 Dec 1949-26 Sep 1957. Sidney was b. 18 Oct 1893 d. 5 Aug 1961, m. 20 May 1920 Florence Beatrice Drayton.
7) Sarah Ann Holland b. 1862/1863, no more info.

Anyone who has more information or would like more details is welcome to contact me, Patricia Holland, at [email protected]


On August 26th 1858 Thomas Munton married Catherine Bird at Waltham on Wold. They left England with their two daughters, Elizabeth Ann and Eliza on board this sailing of the ship Lancashire Witch. Thomas Munton was in poor health, and the sea voyage and life in NZ was recommended by a Dr. Shortly. Unfortunately, not long after arriving in Lyttleton, Thomas died (1863). Catherine later married William Musson in 1865 who was a close friend of Thomas. They had been to school together in Waltham on Wold. Catherine had 2 sons and 2 daughters to William and died on 3rd June, 1904, Canterbury. Elizabeth Ann Munton (daughter of Thomas and Catherine, born 1861) married James Walter Smart at the age of  17 at St James Church, Cust. She died 26th Dec, 1934 at Christchurch, her husband James having predeceased her by eight years. Their marriage produced 10 children, 4 sons and 6 daughters. One of their daughters, Alice Eliza Smart, was born in 1881 at Oxford Canterbury and married Walter Adams on 4th Feb , 1899 at Heriot. This  marriage produced 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. One of these, Millicent Mildred Adams, born 25th October 1907 in Wellington, married William John Roydhouse on December 18th 1929. Their marriage was to produc 3 children, 2 daughters and 1 son. One of the daughters, Jill Roydhouse, born on March 27th 1932 at Auckland later married William Myers in Coffs Harbour,Australia in 1967. They had 5 children, 3 daughters and 2 sons. Their first daughter, Cathy Dale, born in Masteron 1956, would love to talk to you if you have a connection with any of the families mentioned above. Please e-mail her at [email protected].


John William Horler was born on October 29th 1843 at Paulton, Somerset. He was the son of Abraham Horler, a Collier, and Mary nee Evans. He arrived in New Zealand at Timaru on this sailing of the ship Lancashire Witch where he became a Storekeeper, Grocer and a Soap and Candlemaker. On July 5th 1865 he married Elizabeth Jane Rawling at St Michael's in Christchurch. They had nine children; John William -1866, Lilian Anne -1869, Frederick -1871, Henry -1873, Maude Elizabeth -1875, Edward Abraham -1877, Beatrice - 1879, Albert Edward Abraham - 1882 and Ernest Rawling - 1884. John William Horler died in 1909 and is buried at St Peter's in Christchurch. If you are researching this name please e-mail Tony at [email protected]  


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