Captain: John Bruton
Surgeon Superintendent: Hugh Bryce
Sailed London June 6th 1849 - arrived Dunedin September 11th 1849

                                                                   Wellington October 21st 1849
                                                                Nelson November 12th 1849

Name Age Occupation Comments
Cabin Passengers
Adams Mr 30 Solicitor Bound for Nelson
Mrs 30
Doran Mr 25 Barrister Bound for Wellington
Smith Miss Margaret 34 Bound for Wellington
Miss Susan 27 Bound for Wellington
Tanner Thomas 18 Medical Student Bound for Wellington
Woodhouse Mr J H 25 Gentleman Uncertain (sic)
Fore-Cabin Passengers
Beach Mr 22 Gentleman Bound for Wellington
Mrs 20
Clarke J R 28 Draper Bound for New Plymouth
Mrs 26
J W R 2
Mary Louisa 10 months
Guy Mr 32 Agriculturalist Bound for Nelson
Mrs 22
Low Mr 32 Gentleman Bound for Otago
Mrs 30
William 9
Salmond John 27 Agriculturalist Bound for Otago
Mary 27
Walmsley Mr 49 Farmer Bound for Nelson
Mrs 36
Caroline 12
Maria 10
Emily 8
Morton 6
Felicea 3
Charlotte 2
Frederick 2
Steerage Passengers
Bain James 28 Gardener Bound for Otago
Marion 28
John 5
Catherine Leeds 3
James 1
Balfour James 51 Labourer Bound for Otago
Batty Mary Ann 22 Bound for Otago
Beattie Margaret 30 Governess Bound for Otago
Blackie Matilde 25 Servant Bound for Otago
Bower Isabella 47 Bound for Otago -
Widow of David Bower
Hugh 18 Skinner
Charlotte 16 Servant
Joseph 13 Skinner
Julia 11
Brotherston Jean 27 Housekeeper Bound for Otago
Brotherston Charles 26 Millwright Bound for Otago
Brown James 29 Pattern Drawer Bound for Otago
Ann 25
Cameron Donald 35 Labourer Bound for Otago
Clarke C Noble 20 Saddler Bound for New Plymouth
Duff Donald 54 Labourer Bound for Otago
Duff Margaret 25 Servant Bound for Otago
Daughter of Donald
Duff John 23 Shoemaker Bound for Otago
Son of Donald
Edwards Robert 38 Bricklayer Bound for Nelson
Ellen 30
William 16 Mason
Mary Ann 10
Robert 7
Herriot 5
John B 2
Elliot William 23 House Carpenter Bound for Otago
Falconer John 31 Miller Bound for Otago
Isabella 18
Robert 9
Isabella 5
Jane 3
Fraiser Andrew 24 Labourer Bound for Otago
Funnel Walter 22 Brickmaker Bound for Nelson
Mrs 22
Grainger Thomas 29 Farmer Bound for Otago
Margaret 23
Grey William 64 Farmer From Northumberland
Bound for Otago
Elizabeth 45
William 24 General Clerk
George 22 Miner
Edward H 18 Draper
Charles 16
James 14
Elizabeth Patience 11
Mary 8
Hardy Isaac 31 Carpenter Bound for Nelson
Mrs 34
Sarah 3
Ann 1
Howie Thomas 24 Farm Servant Bound for Otago
Hutchison David 23 Gardener Bound for Otago
Ann 26
Livick Jonathan 25 Miller Bound for Nelson
McDonald James 25 Lawyer Bound for Nelson
Mrs 24
McDonald James 21 Joiner Bound for Otago
Mrs 28
McMaster Donald 40 Shepherd Bound for Otago
Agnes 34
Jessie 25 Servant
Jean 12
Mary 10
Ann 8
Isabella 6
Ewen 4
Jessie Margaret 5 months
Miller Walter 24 Bound for Otago
Mary 27
Mary Lillie 11 months
Newton Thomas H 52 Bound for Otago
JK 20
Nicholson John 22 Chemist Bound for Otago
Mary Ann 23
John william 10 months
Outridge Richard 23 Cooper Bound for Nelson
Mrs 22
Richard 10 months
Partridge Thomas 50 Malster Bound for Wellington
Eliza 40
Eliza 13
Myra 11
Edwin 7
Joshua 5
Hellen 3
Fanny 10 months
Ramage Margaret 22 Servant Bound for Otago
Robertson Charles 48 Draper Bound for Otago
Helen 45
James 17 Draper
Jessie 15
Margaret 13
William 6
Sadd James B 20 Land Surveyor Bound for Nelson
Sim James 21 Labourer Bound for Otago
Smith William 35 Labourer Bound for Otago
Peter 24 Labourer Bound for Otago
Agnes 28 Servant Bound for Otago
Stevenson Charles 37 Smith Bound for Otago
John 8
James 24 Contractor Bound for Otago
Taylor Mary 28 Housekeeper Bound for Otago
Taylor David 24 Upholsterer Bound for Otago
Topham James M 19
Wright Daniel 25 Farm Labourer Bound for Nelson
Mrs 23
Daughter Born at sea
York Thomas 23 Cabinet Maker Bound for Nelson

BAIN family:
James and Marion with children John, Catherine and James. James and Marion are my 3 x Great Grandparents. Catherine Leeds BAIN, married John Patterson MUIR at Dunedin on April 24th 1867. Their daughter Agnes Patterson MUIR married James WOOLHOUSE at Reefton Buller on February 13th 1890. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Peter J Smith.


GREY family:
William GREY, farmer, and Elizabeth ARCHBOLD married on 19 July 1821 in Cornhill, Northumberland. With their seven children they sailed from London on the LARKINS arriving in Port Chalmers on 11 September 1849 and settled at Waihola, Otago. Most of the children married and stayed in the area. Their daughter Eliza Patience GREY married Thomas DAVIDSON on 12 October 1870 in Waihola. The couple settled in Tuturau, Tokomairiro (Milton), naming their farm "Bamburgh" after a landmark castle in Northumberland. Management of the farm was taken over in the late 1890’s by their daughter Mary Patience DAVIDSON and her husband Archibald GREGORY (my great-grandparents). If you are interested in this family please contact Jenny Stewart.


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