Linden Cemetery
The following extracts are from the late Arthur H. Carman's book
Tawa Flat and the Old Porirua Road 1840 - 1982
An invaluable book for anyone doing reseach in the Tawa or Porirua area.

The gift of Edward Gibbon Wakefield of the Portion of section 52, Porirua Road, to the Church of England in December 1861, was followed by the erection of a church on the site in 1866. The first burial of which I have traces evidence is that of two-week old Eunice Fitzherbert of Grasslees Farm in April 1867, her mother dying two weeks later and being buried at the "Tawa Flat Cemetery" on Saturday 11 may 1867, W. Mitchell being the undertaker. All records of burials have been lost, but when I made a close inspection of decipherable tombstones on 20 February 1938, the following were all I could account for:

Name Date of Death or burial Age Comments
Allen Catherine Pricilla May 15th December 1883 Aged 11months
Bartlett Joseph 25th June 1877 Aged 34
Benson Mary 12 January 1892 Aged 67
Bowles Mary Ann 13th June 1894 Aged 73
Brown Andrew 8th September 1882
Brown Mary 4th Sept 1883
Brown James 23rd June 1888
Brown Janet Wife of James
Camm Mary 24th February 1883 Aged 71 Previously Woodman
Davis George 15th September 1890 Aged 48
Earp William 19th November 1888
Earp Elizabeth 1st February 1892 Aged 77
Hooper Henry Francis 26th July 1891 Aged 38
Hooper Elinor Susan 10th April 1938 Wife of above
Hyde Edwin 7th July 1898
Hyde Eliza 1878 or 1879
Marchant G. 8th March 1895
Morgan John 15th October 1886 Aged 53
Morgan Catherine 11th September 1917 His wife aged 74 This is the last burial in this cemetery
Morgan Annie 10th April 1890 Aged 18
Mungavin Ellen 8th July 1884 Aged 26
Newman Ernest w. 23rd May 1887 Aged 16
Newman Annie 10th April 1904 Aged 31
Newman Ellen 16th March 1907 Aged 64
Newman William 5th November 1916 Aged 68
Richards Elizabeth 15th May 1896 Sister of G. Marchant
Richards Daniel 7th September 1887 Aged 68
Richards Ann 13th February 1884 Wife of above aged 59
Roberts Amelia September 1883 Wife of Philip Roberts aged 46
Roberts Philip 15th January 1901 Aged 66
Spicer Richard 4th July 1874 Aged 21
Steele Thomas 24th September 1898
Steele Emily 30th November 1930
Stevens Charles 1st March 1871 Aged 59
Stevens Lydia 13 April 1874 Aged 69 wife of Charles
Stevens Elizabeth 18th July 1891 Aged 39
Stevens George William Edward 23 April 1892 Aged 11
Thomas Eliza 10th March 1874 Mother of Amelia Roberts aged 70
Vella Mary 22nd December 1889 Wife of Mariano Vella aged 21
Wall Henry Irvine 16th January 1894 Aged 14
Wells Harry Walker 3rd February 1890 Aged 33 Headmaster of Tawa Flat School