Extracts from the Log of the Oriental
Published in Early Wellington by Louis E. Ward

There were on the Register (New Zealand copy) 66 married couples, 29 single men, 3 single women, 17 children between nine and fourteen and 9 between one and nine. There were 8 births and 2 deaths on the voyage.

Some passengers were especially recommended by G. T. Palmer (Junr.) J. Phipson, Lord Petre. E. B. Hopper, H. Hughlings, Lord Sandys, Mr Wakefield, F. A. Molesworth, Sir R. Harland, James B. Gordon, R. Hughes, G. Greenwood and the Hon. H. Petre.

Some came out under engagement to Messrs R. Barton, H. Moreing, J. Palfrey, J. Jackson, Eaton, A. Hodges, D. Sinclair, Dr Evans, A. Hort, G. Duppa, Dr Swan, Lieutenant Smith and others.

Some extracts from the log book, recieved by the owners (Messrs Barry) and published in the "New Zealand Journal" p. 176 (1840)  are here given:-

Thurs. Jan. 30, 1840.
At one p.m. - light breeze - ship steering in towards an opening in the land that appeared to be Port Nicholson.

Friday Jan 31st
Con. wakefield visited the ship at 7th hour - Anchored in 7 fathoms water - From this time to 6 p.m. light variable winds - At 6h. 15m. anchored in 8 fathoms - The Arorora and Cuba saluted us with eleven guns each.

Tues 4th Feb
John Horst, Peter Crow, Edward Lawrence and Charles Hammond deserted from the boat.

Wed 5th Feb 
Horst returned about 8 a. m.

Frid 7th and Sat
Discharging the cargo and landing it at the settlement on the banks of the river distant from 4 to 5 miles from where the ship is anchored and set to work on the erection of tents and houses.

Mon. Feb. 10th.
Strong breeze from southward - no cargoe discharged - principal part of the emigrants confined on board from same cause - issued a day's allowance of pork.

Sat. 15 Feb.
Landing cargo and passengers baggage on the beach. The whole of the cabin passengers left the ship this morning.

Sat March 7
The Adelaide and Glenbervie anchored during the night. - Recieved Mr Barry's letter per Glenbervie, dated 5/10/39.