Ship: 700 tons
Captain: Henry Shuttleworth
Surgeon Superintendent: Ralph Johnston
Sailed London August 13th 1840 - arrived Wellington December 12th 1840

When the ship London, 700 tons, Captain Henry Shuttleworth, arrived at Wellington, on December 12, 1840, she was the largest vessel that had up to that time entered the port, or probably that had visited New Zealand. She took 121 days over the voyage, having sailed from Gravesend on August 13th, 1840. Among her passengers, who numbered 228, were Mr F A Carrington, chief surveyor of the Plymouth Company; Mr J T Wicksteed, who afterwards became a leading resident at Wanganui; and Mr A de Bathe Brandon, who was so well known in Wellington for many years. Although the Plymouth Company was a separate company, with its own officers, it was really an offshoot of the New Zealand Company, and, as a matter of fact, acquired land from the latter, or rather acquired such title as the Company possessed. Eventually the two companies amalgamated. This fine frigate-built ship had been turned out from the dockyards for the conveyance of passengers to and from Calcutta.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age Occupation Comments
Cabin Passengers
Aubrey Harcourt Richard 22
Baines Mr
Brandon Alfred de Bathe 31
Constance Mary Anne 24
Carrington Frederick Alonzo 33
Churton Henry
Connell Mr
Hulke William King 21
King Miss
King Miss
King Mr
Ludlam Alfred
Mayers Mr H
Niblett Mr C S
Nixon John 23
Eliza Julia
Wicksteed John Tylston 38
Emma 31
John Tylston 5
Arthur 3
Wicksteed Miss
Intermediate Passengers
Barraud Mr Going ashore with the Pilot
Burleigh Mr
Burliegh Mr
Dorset William 28
Keith Mr
Rogan Mr J
Smith Mr
Spencer Mr J
Spencer Mr S
Steerage Passengers
Attenburrow Martha 29 Servant
Baird James 17 Wright
Barben Thomas 42 Timber Merchant
Susannah 41
Sarah Hannah 13
Elizabeth 9
Mary 7
Berry Frederick Thomas 22 Carpenter
Elizabeth Jane 20
Birrell John 18 Dyer
Blyth James 28 Agricultural Labourer
Isabella 25
Brown Frances 25 Servant
Burt Henry Wellington 25 Carpenter
Ann 24
Daughter 3
Son 18 mths
Daughter 6 weeks
Chitham William 29 Labourer
Sarah 25
Collett Henry 22 Carpenter
Elizabeth 21
Cummerfield John 40 Labourer
Mary 37
Ellen 14 Sempstress
Edward 12
Mary 10
Henry 7
John 5
Curtis George 34 Engineer & Millwright
Priscilla 36
Priscilla Ann 9
Henry 7
Ellen 4
George 2
Alfred 3 mths
Dean William 20 Butler & Farmer
Dolan Margaret 27
Downing Ellen 22
Duffy John 20
Emery William 30
Martha 26
Daughter 1
Son Infant Born at sea 01/11/1840
Fell William 33 Baker
Elizabeth 31
Son 11
Daughter 9
Son 4
Daughter 18 mths Died at sea 29/09/1840
Fox Matthew 22
Giddings Richard 38 Baker
Jane 37
Richard 15 Labourer
Daughter 11
Son 4
Son Born at sea 22/10/1840
Gilberd William Foale 40 Carpenter & Baker
Jemima 41
William Foale Jnr 16 Carpenter & Baker
George Bowse 15 Carpenter & Baker
James 13
Son 8
Son 2
Gough Marjory 22
Gough Timothy 36
Mary 30
Son 7
Daughter 2
Son 6 mths
Gretton Thomas Vawdrey 29 Engineer
Elizabeth 25
Daughter 4
Son 14 days
Hales John 28 Cabinet Maker
Hammond Susannah 21 Stay Maker
Hay William 30 Cabinet Maker
Elizabeth 24
Son 8 mths Died at sea 24/09/1840
Henderson Thomas Maxwell 29 Blacksmith
Catherine 32 Maiden name McFarlane
Son 15 mths Died at sea 20/09/1840
Henton Margaret 24
Daughter 10 mths
Howe Mary Anne 24 Died at sea 01/11/1840
At Portsmouth
Son 18 mths
Howell Simeon 23 Smith
Elizabeth 23
Jane Letitia Born at sea 28/10/1840
Jarvis Henry 20 Compositor
Kelt James 28 Cabinet maker
Elizabeth 25
King John 31 Labourer
Katherine 24
Son 13 mths
Leight John Henry 32 Butcher
Mary 30
Daughter 14 mths
Levet Gardener 22 Blacksmith
Lowrie Joseph 15 Servant
McFarlane Mary 29 Sempstress
McFarlane Henry 21 Machine Maker
McIntosh Alexander 40 Agricultural Labourer
Margaret 39 Maiden name McFarlane
John 10
Henry 8
Lavinia 8
Catherine 8
Margaret 5
Mary Ann 3
John Alexander 9 mths
McIntosh John 24 Farm Labourer
McIntosh Mary 20 Farm Servant
Marks Catherine 30 Servant
Miller Charles 31 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 31
Minihan Mary Ann 17 Sempstress
Minihan Jeremy 15 Labourer
Morris Cornelius 50 Gardener
Mary 36
Morris Ellen 16 Sempstress
Anne 14 Sempstress
Son 12
Daughter 10
Daughter 4
Son 9 mths
Nairne Charles James 18 Gardener
Neil William 38 Engineer
Bridget 39
Edward 16 Sent on shore     R..J.
Ellen 14
Daughter 10
Daughter 7
Nunn Ann 40
Overend Henry 25 Joiner
Elizabeth 23
James Henry 2
Mary Born at sea 28/11/1840
Parker William 32 Brickmaker
Harriett 32
Son 7
Son Born at sea 19/11/1840
Parks Ann 25 Servant
Perrin Rhonda 26 Servant
Pilkington Michael 33 Skinner
Anne 29
Son 9
Daughter 7
Son 5
Pringle Alexander 17 Dyer
Ryan Michael 24 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Ann 33
Daughter 7
Daughter 5
Scott William 24 Miller & Agricultural Labourer
Margaret 22
Sendeles Stephen 17 Gardener
Seymour John 28 Engineer & Millwright
Seymour James 48 Parents sent a-shore
Frances Mary 48
Master 13 Surgeons letter (above) has 2 sons & 1 daughter - the passenger list shows only 2 sons. 
Master 11
Signall William 40 Labourer
Deborah 39
Ann 16 Sempstress
Ruth 14 Sempstress
Robert 12
Richard 8
James 4
Signall Samuel 24 Labourer
Elizabeth 25
Eliza 3
Henry 8 months
Symons John 32 Mason
Mary 30
Daughter 11
Son 9
Son 8
Son 9 mths
Tomlinson Richard 18 Servant
Turner Mary 30 Nurse               No birth wanted. Sleeps in Cabin
Wakefield Eliza 43 Sempstress To be Matron
Wakefield Susan 22 Sempstress
Wakefield Isabella 15 Sempstress
Ward James 27
Welch Elizabeth Delahey 46 Sempstress Widow
Welch Edward 18 Butcher & Labourer
Welch Frances 15 Shoebinder
Daughter 12
Son 10
Daughter 8
Welch Henry 26 Butcher
Mary 21
Son Born at sea 02/10/1840
Williams Susannah 18 Servant or Sempstress
Youlton Charlotte 27 Servant
Youlton James 14 Servant

Frederick Thomas BERRY:
Frederick Thomas BERRY was born on 06 December 1818, in Shoreditch, Middlesex,UK, the son of Thomas BERRY (1796-1872) and his second wife Sarah BARRON.  He married Elizabeth Jane WARDEN at the Registry Office, Marylebone, Middlesex,UK on 06 April 1839, at which date he was living at 47 Cumberland Street, Shoreditch, and (like his father) working as a brush maker. They emigrated to New Zealand in 1840. The Nelson Provincial Museum holds a collection of Frederick's letters (ref B375), and the catalogue entry for these states that he had become a farmer in Happy Valley, north of Nelson, by 1845, and that in 1857 he moved to Collingwood, where he worked transporting miners' goods to the diggings.  On his death certificate, he is described simply as a "miner". He died of cystitis at Nelson Hospital on 12 July 1880. He was buried in Nelson Cemetery on 16 July 1880. If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact David Lamb.


Elizabeth Jane WARDEN:
Elizabeth Jane WARDEN (wife of Frederick Thomas BERRY) was born in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK, about 1820, the daughter of  Benjamin WARDEN, a saddler.  She married Frederick in 1839 at Marylebone, Middlesex,UK.   They had seven children (the "de" in some of their names comes from the fact that Frederick's father pretended that he was a direct descendant of the French Duc de Berri):  Helen Charlotte (1847-1880), Frederick Warden de BERRY (1852-1925), Mary Sarah (1854-1924), Benjamin (1856-1894), Margaret (1857-1934), Arthur Frederick (1859-1933) and Francis de BERRY (1860-1935). If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact David Lamb.


SIGNAL(L) family:
William Signal immigrated to New Zealand aboard the ship London, bringing with him his wife Deborah (née Allen) and family, consisting of Ann, Ruth, Robert, Richard and James. The London departed from Gravesend, Kent on 13 August 1840 with 228 passengers and arrived in Port Nicholson, New Zealand on 13 December 1840.
Ann was aged 16 at this time, a semptress; Ruth, 14, a semptress; Robert, 12; Richard, 8; and James, 4. William was shown on the emigration records as a 'labourer,' aged 40 years and Deborah, 39 years, at the time of their arrival. If you have a connection with this family or are interested in learning more please contact Leith Hutton via his website at  


SIGNAL(L) family:
Also aboard the London was another family of Signals: Samuel, 24, his wife Elizabeth (née Randall), 25 and two children, Eliza, 3 and Henry, 8 months. There has been much conjecture as to the relationship between William and Samuel, but it is believed that Samuel was the eldest son of
William and Deborah. It is likely that they lied about their ages and concealed their relationship to Samuel in order to gain assisted passages. The New Zealand Company had placed an age limit of 40 years on such immigrants. If you have a connection with this family or are interested in learning more please contact Leith Hutton via his website at  


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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/1 p174