Lord William Bentinck
Ship: 444 tons
Captain: James Crow
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr George Rees
Sailed London January 8th 1841 - arrived Wellington May 19th 1841

This barque made 4 voyages to New Zealand with passengers and cargo. Her first appearance was at Wellington in 1841, as described in the story of Wellington Province; and her second voyage was to Auckland in 1850 when under Captain Allan, she brought out a good number of passengers including 48 sappers and miners and 4 gunners of the Royal Artillery with women and children. The barque, a vessel of 444 tons sailed from the Downs on march 26th and reached Auckland on 26th August 1850 being then 153 days from the Downs. After landing her passengers and a portion of her cargo, the vessel sailed for Wellington. The following year she, under Captain Edward Canney made a second voyage to Auckland. She sailed from the docks on the 11th, and from Plymouth, where she took on board 40 passengers, on the 14th August, reaching Auckland on 12th December 1851. In 1852 the barque arrived at New Plymouth on 6th January.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Lord William Bentinck

Name Age Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Aitken Mrs
Rees Dr George 31 Surgeon on Board
Townsend Mr Chauncy H
Tyrrel Mr
Steerage Passengers
Anderson John 30 Carpenter
Mary 28
Bezeek George 35 Plasterer
Bould Robert 32 Boot & Shoemaker
Anne 27
Son 7
Daughter 3
George 7 months Died at sea 03/03/1841 Inflammation of mucous membrane of bowels
Brown Charles 23 Bricklayer
Brown Daniel 29 Labourer - Cook on board
Amelia 27
Daughter 8
Son 7
Daughter 4
Daughter 1
Butler Thomas 30 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 27
Son 6
Son 2
Caines William 27 Labourer & Gardener
Mary 26
Son 7
Son 3
Son 1
Clifton Richard 39 Agricultural Labourer
Margaret 32
Sarah Anne 14 Sempstress
Son 12
Son 8
Daughter 7
Daughter 5
Daughter 3
Son 1 Died at sea 18/02/1841 Inflammation of mucous membrane of bowels
Clout John 27 Farm Labourer
Mary 29
Son 8
Daughter 7
Martha Jane 6
Daughter 3
Cornford Joseph 42 Agricultural Labourer - Assistant to Cook
Mary 36
Caroline 19 Sempstress
Elizabeth 17 Sempstress - not going
Thomas 15 Agricultural Labourer
Son 12
Craighead William 29 Agricultural Labourer
Susan Miller 28
Crosbie Thomas 29 Shoemaker
Isabella 28 Died at sea - 08/02/1841 Phthisis
William 6
Janet 10 months Died at sea 14/03/1841
Dew William 34 Agricultural Labourer
Anne 38
Ann 15 Sempstress
Daughter 11
Son 10
Son 9
Daughter 7
Son 5
Daughter 2
Son 3 months
Dimond John 39 Agricultural Labourer & Flax Dresser
Judith 37
Son 12
Son 11
Son 8
Son 6
Daughter 3
Dimond Harriett 20 Servant
Dimond Ann 16 Sempstress
Dimond David 14 Labourer
Farmer Alexander 53 Agricultural Labourer
Euphemia 45
Elizabeth 18 Sempstress
George 15 Labourer
James 12
Robert 9
Farmer Alexander Jnr 22 Shoemaker
Elizabeth 23
Elizabeth 4 months
Farmer James 20 Tailor
Izabella 18
Farrow Samuel 27 Agricultural Labourer
Harriett 28
Son 5 months
Fisher James 39 Agricultural Labourer
Harriett 38
Son 12
Son 7
Daughter 5
Miriam 2 Died at sea 16/02/1841 Inflammation of mucous membrane of bowels
Daughter 6 weeks
Fisher Daniel 16 Agricultural Labourer
Fisher Stephen 15 Agricultural Labourer
Forrester William 27 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 24
Daughter 9
Daughter 8
Francis John 35 Agricultural Labourer
Frances 36 Second Wife
Stephen 21 Agriculturalist
Mary 15 Sempstress
William 12
Sarah Ann 11
John 9
Elizabeth 3
Thomas Joshua 9 months Died at sea 31/01/1841 Convulsions
Pearce Richard E. 6 Son of Mrs Francis
Franklin Edmund 28 Saddle, Harness and Collar Maker
Elizabeth 24
Sarah 2 Died at sea 25/02/1841 Inflammation of Lungs
Glengoe George 19 Agricultural Labourer
Greenacre William 39 Farmer
Sarah 28
Hopton Robert 32 Cabinet Maker
Charlotte 29
Daughter 9
Daughter 7
Daughter 5
Son 2
Daughter 2 months
Howell John 37 Labourer
Ann 29
Son 10
Son 9
Daughter 7
Daughter 4
Daughter 2
William Bentink Born at sea - 24/01/1841
Hubbard William 36 Agricultural Labourer
Malcolm Isabella 21 Dressmaker
Malcolm Jane 19 Straw Hat Maker
Membery William 35 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 35
William Jnr 16 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 14 Sempstress
Sarah 12
Ann 10
Emma 8
Susan 6
Elizabeth 5
George 18 months Died at sea 17/01/1842 Convulsions produced by water in the brain
Mexted George 34 Agricultural Labourer
Eliza 30
Daughter 11
Son 8
Son 5
Son 3
Daughter 6 months
Neighbour 21 Farm Labourer
Phillips William 24 Farm Labourer
Phillips John 36 Labourer
Catherine 38
Henry 14 Labourer
Fanny 10
Emma 8
Jacob 6
Son 2
Piper Thomas 27 Bricklayer
Mary Anne 24
Son 8 months
Potter John 25 Boot & Shoemaker
Roussell Edward 25 Labourer
Roussell John 26 Labourer
Retter Samuel 37 Labourer
Jane 27
Son 4
Son 2
Slarke John 27 Agricultural Labourer
Lucy 24
Daughter 6
Son 2
Smith William 22 Bricklayer
Souter Charles 44 Baker
Elizabeth 33
Son 10
Son 7
Daughter Infant
Souter Betsy 21 Dressmaker
Souter Ann 17 Dressmaker
Souter John 16 Turner
Speedy David 36 Agricultural Labourer
Hellen 35
Elizabeth 14 Sempstress
John 12
Mary 10
William 8
Graham 6
David 4
Margaret 2
Speedy William 29 Agricultural Labourer
Anne 28
Margaret 2
Son 14 months
Stent Charles 20 Farm Labourer
Swan James 18 Agricultural Labourer
Swan Stephen 21 Agricultural Labourer
Swann Frances 18 Sempstress
Tandy William 36 Farm Labourer
Mary 29
Charles 11
Charlotte 8
Telford William 24 Shoemaker
Van James 25 Labourer
Voce Samuel 28 Farm Labourer
Wall Anthony 34 Agricultural Labourer
Susanna 30
Sarah 13
George 12
John 10
Anthony 5
James 1
White Charles 28 Agricultural Labourer
Harriet 26
Son 5
Daughter 4
Son 2
Jane 15 weeks Died at Sea 17/05/1841
White Joseph 31 Shoemaker & Agricultural Labourer Assistant to Surgeon
Mary 32
Son 10
Daughter 5
Daughter 2
Whitehouse John 39 Agricultural Labourer & Shepherd
Charlotte 34
Joseph 9
Thomas 5
William 3
John Infant
Wilmshurst Harriett 15 Farm Labourer
John 17 Agricultural Labourer
Wright David 28 Gardener
Harriett 27
Son 7
Son 6
Daughter 4 months
Yems James 27 Carpenter and Bricklayer
Letitia 28


Harriet and John WILMSHURST:
With his 15-year-old sister Harriet, John Thomas Wilmshurst sailed to New Zealand at age 17 aboard the 444-ton Lord William Bentinck, leaving London on 8 January 1841 and arriving Wellington, New Zealand on 19 May 1841. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Lynda Gear or visit her excellent website at Lyndas Genealogy


CAINES family:
Mary Blake was born 21 January 1815 in Yeovil, Somerset, England, the daughter of Charles Blake and Ann Brooke of Yeovil. Mary's first husband, William Caines was born 17 February 1815 in Yeovil, the son of Samuel and Sarah Caines. William was an Agricultural Labourer and Gardener. In 1841 William Caines (27yrs), his wife Mary Blake (26yrs) and their three young sons, Alfred (7yrs), Hubert (3yrs) and Robert (1yr) emigrated to New Zealand aboard the barque "Lord William Bentinck", which sailed from the Port of Gravesend on 8 January 1841 via the Downs, finally arriving in the Port of Wellington, New Zealand on 19 May 1841. For whatever reason the marriage did not survive long afterwards and Mary remarried Frederick Augustus Mason 1884 in Wellington. Frederick had earlier joined the King's Navy sailing aboard the "HMS Favourite" and then the "HMS Rattlesnake" which brought him from England to Sydney, Australia. He later arrived in the Bay of Islands on the "HMS Britomart" on 2 July 1840, only a few months after Govenor William Hobson had been sworn in as Lieut Governor for the new colony of New Zealand. He also later served in the force against Hone Heke's Pah in 1845. Mary and Frederick had two children in Wellington, Henry Frederick Mason and Elizabeth Jane Mason. By Dec 1850, just 2 days before the famous "First Four Ships" arrived, they had made the move to Lyttleton, Christchurch where they had their son Charles Blake Mason, where for 16 years Frederick was a Baker working out of a shop in Lyttleton. The family also later lived in the areas of Leithfield, Amberley and Waiau, except for eldest son Henry Frederick who married Mary McAlinden 1866 in Wanganui and raised a family there. It is believed that Mary Blake's former husband William Caines remarried also, to a Maori lady by the name of Poite Te Ngarue about 1852 in Pikopiko, Wanganui. If you are connected to or would like more information on the above family or their descendents or have information you can also share, then please contact Liz Larsen.


FARMER family:
Alexander Farmer [53] and his family of Cupar, Fife, Scotland, left Gravesend on January 8 1841 on the Lord William Bentinck. His family comprised Euphemia, his wife [45], and five children - Alexander Jnr [22] with his wife Elizabeth Taylor, also of Cupar, Fife and their daughter, Elizabeth, aged 4 months; Elizabeth [18] a sempstress, George [15] a labourer, James aged [12] and Robert aged [9]. The Farmer family arrived in Wellington on May 24 1841. They took up land in Belmont in The Hutt, where Alexander farmed until he died in 1874 aged 87. The daughter of Alexander Jnr, baby Elizabeth, died in Wellington in 1845 aged 3 years. He and Elizabeth had four other children – Euphemia born 1843, Isabel born 1847, Alexander born 1849 and George born in 1851. Euphemia married William James in 1862 in Wellington. He arrived on the "Wild Duck" in 1839. Euphemia and William James had a large family of 13 children of whom six were still living in 1939. The elder of the James daughters, Elizabeth born 1863, later married W C Fitzgerald in 1882, while Euphemia, born 1865, married Charles Graham Houghton in 1890. Charles G Houghton was the eldest of 12 children of Charles Solly Houghton and Elizabeth Graham. Charles Solly Houghton had sailed from Gravesend on the "Midlothian" on October 10th 1858, arriving in Nelson 29 January 1859. He was awarded a Crown Grant of land in 1862. If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Susan Simmons.


BOULD family:
Robert Bould was born on the 29th Dec. 1807 and christened at the Bagnall Parish Church in Staffordshire, England on 19th June 1808. He married Ann Slater in Bowdon, Macclesfield, Cheshire on 18th November, 1833. They sailed on the Lord William Bentinck arriving on the 22nd May 1841. The New Zealand Company's "Register of Assisted Emigrants" shows Robert, 32 as a "Boot and Shoemaker", Ann 27, son (Thomas) between 7 and 14, daughter (Mary Ann) under 7 years and an infant (George) who died at sea aged 7 months on 3rd Feb. 1841.  However a Passenger List of the ship adds another son, aged 4 (in one version of the passenger list this has been crossed out by the Surgeon Superintendent and the comment 'only 2 boy' written). The Boulds, after living on the Tinakori Road for some years, purchased a farm which came to be known as Daisy Hill outside Johnsonville. Indeed the house which they bought or built towards the end of the 1850s survives to the present, one of the oldest in the Wellington area, and is now surrounded by a suburb of bungalows.  Bould's Trotting Course and the Shandon Golf Club began on this farm. Of Robert and Ann's 11 or 12 children, several names are prominent in Wellington County history. Thomas Bould was a member of the Porirua Rifle Volunteers and a Hotellier at the Junction and Clarenden Hotels.  Mary Ann Bould married William Thomas Clapham who ran the Ngauranga Hotel.  Harriet Bould married William Joseph Saunders who ran a large sheep farm in the Alfredton area and is mentioned in the Cyclopedia of N.Z. Also mentioned in the Cyclopedia is Alfred Tyer who married Hannah Bould and who ran the Tannery and Fellmongery at Ngauranga. Elizabeth Jane Bould married Henry Kenneth Walton an ex man'o'warsman and gold digger who ran the first general store in Waikanae. Robert Bould Jnr. continued to run the Daisy Hill Farm and was elected Chairman of the Hutt County Council in 1904.  He married Sarah-Jane Bryant and is pictured in "The Bryants of Ohariu" by Shirley Arabin. If you have a connection with this family or are interested in learning more please contact Lesley Wootton or Graham Bould  or visit Graham's website.


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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/1 p329