Ship: 1257 tons
Captain: Ramsey
Surgeon Superintendent: E Charlton-Fox
Sailed London October 15th 1878 - arrived Auckland January 17th 1879

Flying the N Z Shipping Co's flag, the ship Maraval, 1257 tons, Captain Ramsey, arrived at Auckland on January 16, 1879, after a passage of 94 days from Plymouth, bringing 328 immigrants. She was then a new vessel, having been built at Dumbarton by McMillan in 1877. The Maraval was in Auckland again the following year, arriving on January 23rd, 1880 [this information is incorrect as she arrived in Wellington on this date]. She had sailed on October 31, 1879, her time on the passage being 84 days.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Married Couples & Children
Cathram Thomas 40 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Sarah J 38
Emily J 14
Thomas J 13
Albert Henry 8
Elizabeth 3
Colwill John P 24
Mary E 22
William A 3
Edward John 1 Died on board - 11/12/1878
Davies Robert William 22 Staffordshire
Amy J 20
Henry John 1
Eddy James Henry 26 Cornwall
Rebecca 18
Fletcher Samuel 22 Gloucestershire
Louisa 22
Frank 1
Gidley James 37 Devonshire Gardener
Susan 35
George 13
William 10
Gilbert Richard 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Alice 21
Graham John 64 Monaghan Farm Labourer
Catherine 58
Catherine 25 Farm Servant
Maggie 19 Farm Servant
Sarah E 18 Farm Servant
Hamlyn Thomas 29 Devonshire Farm Labourer
Susan A 29
Hay William 28 Dumfries Wheelwright
Mary Jane 26
William 4
John 2
Maraval Female infant Born on board - 03/11/1878
Died on board - 13/11/1878

Hoskin William 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Emma 23
Lindsay Alex 20 Armagh Farm Labourer
Mary 20
Wilson K 3 months
McKinsey James 25 Antrim Farm Labourer
Christina 21
Helen 1
Female child Born on board - 07/01/1879
Moon William 43 Cornwall Labourer
Ann 38
Margaret J 20 General Servant
William John 17 General Servant
Maleaska 15 General Servant
Robert Henry 13
Charley 10
Mary E 2
Penaluna Peter 35 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Catherine J 34
Peter 12
Kate 10
Annie J 7
Reddy Thomas F 27 Dublin Farm Labourer
Honora 31
Maria 1
Honora 2 months Died on board - 09/11/1878
Cholera Infantum
Rippon Edward Holman 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Elizabeth Jane (Bessie) 23
Sedgman John 32 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary A 27
Shaw William 32 Galway Farm Labourer
Isabella 20
Robert 34 Galway Farm Labourer
Smeaton Thomas 21 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Elizabeth M 30
Susan 6 months
Buchanan Helen 8 Travelled with Smeaton
Agnes 4 Travelled with Smeaton
Tippins William 19 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer
Sarah 21
Benjamin 3 months
Veal Frank 32 Cornwall Mason
Gratitude 26
Minnie 6
Walsh Francis 24 Armagh Farm Labourer
Mary 19
M Margaret 1
Woolcock John 34 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Eliza J 30
William Henry 9
Sarah 8
Margaretta 7
Colonial Nominated Married Couples & Children
Armstrong Benjamin 44
Matilda 36
Anna 17
Margaret 15
Benjamin 13
Mary A 9
John 5
William 11 months
Dillon James 39 Dublin Farm Labourer
Mary A 22
Mary A 1 Died on board - 11/11/1878
Dryland Henry 29 Warwick General Smith
Elizabeth 30
Elizabeth 7
Mildred 5
Charles 4
Florence 2
Jessie E 3 months
Findlay James 30 Fife Slater
Ann 28
Archibald 10
John 8
Thomas 1
Hedley Alex 30 Ayr Blacksmith
Mary 33
James 10
Margaret 7
Neill William M 43 Down Farm Labourer
Sarah 40
Martha 18 General  Servant
Alfred 16
Walter 14
Edwin 13
Julia 10
William A 5
Ada 3
Nicholson John 37 Inverness Lighterman
Flora 34
John 13
Donald 7
James 5
Flora A 5 months
Ryan James 35 Limerick Butcher
Mary 36
Mary 15
Thomas 14
Honora 12
Daniel 10
Jane 4
Johanna 1
Smyth Andrew 25 Antrim Baker
Sarah A 22
Samuel John 2
Vandy John 42 Middlesex Compositor
Elizabeth 38
Helen J 17 Dressmaker
Philip A 15
Victor U 11
Francis O 8
Walsh Lawrence 43 Galway Farm Labourer
Mary 35
Maria 15 General Servant
Patt 14
Peter 12
Anne 8
Bridget 6
Lawrence 2
Margaret 2 months
Mary 60
White Leonard 23 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Kate R 24
Arthur 3
Kate 2
Male child Born on board - 03/12/1878
Worral William 61 Warwick Button Pearl Maker
Mary A 60
Jesse 21 Baker
Selina 19 Housemaid
Rosanna 17 Housemaid
Single Men
Allen Thomas 29 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ambler James 23 Yorkshire Plasterer
Barker Samuel S 34 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Bate Jonathan 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Bennetts Robert 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Boyle Daniel 21 Leitrim Farm Labourer
Brien Denis 32 Clare Farm Labourer
Chigwin Edwin 18 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Christopher Andrew 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Clapson Alfred 21 Kent Gardener
Clarke Hugh 25 Meath Farm Labourer
Cleave Robert S 20 Cornwall Farm Labourer
William 16 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Colvin Joseph 22 Armagh Farm Labourer
Cook Charles 23 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Courtier Richard 21 Corn Mason
Crotty Pat 21 Clare Farm Labourer
Egan Martin 23 Clare Farm Labourer
Eise Frederick George 25 Middlesex Bricklayer
Falvey John 19 Kerry Farm Labourer
Fawkes Edwin 19 Worcestershire Bricklayer
Foster Henry 26 Cumberland Farm Labourer
Ferns Walter 28 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Gervan James 32 Armagh Farm Labourer
Geary Denis 25 Cork Farm Labourer
Michael 23 Cork Farm Labourer
Gibson John 25 Cornwall Mason
Hartley Richard John 25 Hamptonshire Farm Labourer
Henry Edward 19 Derry Farm Labourer
Hicks Joshua William J 17 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Horton Thomas 21 Staffordshire Farm Labourer
Jarrett John 18 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Jones James 30 Gloucestershire Mason
Keefe Denis 22 Clare Farm Labourer
Kelly John 30 Galloway Farm Labourer
Rose 25 T/F to single women General Servant
King James 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Laycock William 22 Yorkshire Plasterer
Madden Thomas 29 Clare Farm Labourer
Mary 30 T/F to single women General Servant
Meider Newman 17 Warwickshire Sail Maker
Mercer James 18 Staffordshire Farm Labourer
Mills Thomas 24 Cork Farm Labourer
Morgan John M 18 Clare Farm Labourer
Murphy Jeremiah 23 Cork Farm Labourer
McCalmont William 21 Antrim Farm Labourer
McCann Alex 18 Armagh Farm Labourer
McCulloch Pat 19 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Pat 18 Tyrone Farm Labourer
McNamill Michael 25 Tyrone Farm Labourer
McManis John 19 Roscommon Farm Labourer
Nicholls Cypani 35 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Noy James 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Orr Daniel 20 Antrim Farm Labourer
Orr James 21 Derry Farm Labourer
Parker James 24 Warwickshire Gardener
Parsons Arthur A 21 Berkshire Farm Labourer
Pender James W 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Penrose Charles 20 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Piger Emmanuel 19 Warwickshire Sail Maker
Reavey James 27 Down Farm Labourer
Rhodes Francis 27 Worcestershire Bricklayer
Skews William Henry 20 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Sullivan Martin 18 Clare Farm Labourer
Tobin James 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Wall Henry 22 Warwickshire Mason
Walsh John 19 Clare Farm Labourer
Watson John 32 Galway Farm Labourer
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Brien John 26 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Catherine 24 T/F to single women General
Burke Mary 17 T/F to single women General Servant
Travelled with Patrick Quinn
Lennon Edward 24 Down Carpenter
Margaret 21 T/F to single women General Servant
Mollard Frederick 17 Devonshire
Monaghan Honora 16 T/F to single women General Servant
Travelled with Patrick Quinn
Quinn Patrick 25 Galway Labourer
Willis William 22 Leitrim Farm Labourer
Charles 20 Leitrim General Servant
Single Women
Ardran Charlotte S 27 Lancashire Nurse
Bailey Emma P 13 Warwickshire
Beasley Mary J 17 Oxfordshire House Maid
Bird Eliga 25 Staffordshire General Servant
Jemmima 19 Staffordshire General Servant
Blainey Mary 51 Cornwall Cook
Breen Catherine 18 Monaghan General Servant
Colvin Eliza 22 Armagh General Servant
Cornish Sophia J 28 Devonshire Cook
Cunnliffe Mary A 18 Cheshire General Servant
Dale Jane 30 Sussex General Servant
Daly Catherine 29 Tyrone General Servant
Davies Jane 19 Staffordshire Cook
Eddy Celia 21 Cornwall General Servant
Eliga 23 Cornwall General Servant
Grey Mary A 35 Durham General Servant
Guerin Margaret 24 Middlesex Nursemaid
Heathe Catherine 18 Limerick General Servant
Heath Mary 22 Limerick General Servant
Ellen 20 Limerick General Servant
Bridget 16 Limerick General Servant
Kearns Mary 19 Fermanagh General Servant
Kendall Esther M 26 Middlesex Cook
Killup Mary A 23 Sommersetshire Nurse
Little Sarah 32 Antrim Housekeeper
Litten Emma 45 Middlesex Dressmaker
McDowell Bella 18 Tyrone General Servant
McQuinn Bridget 21 Monaghan General Servant
McNally Ellen B 19 Monaghan General Servant
Melville Christina 17 Tyrone Housemaid
Mills Mary J 21 Galway General Servant
Murphy Ann 26 Dublin General Servant
Quirke Julia 22 Clare General Servant
Reddy Mary 28 Dublin General Servant
Shelvin Rose 19 Monaghan General Servant
Sherry S Ann 20 Monaghan General Servant
Strong Mary 21 Monaghan General Servant
Taylor Clara 22 Staffordshire General Servant
Selina 26 Staffordshire General Servant
Theaker Sarah 23 Staffordshire Housemaid
Tuoy Ellen 20 Clare General Servant
Kate 17 Clare General Servant
Woodhouse Margaret 23 Clare General Servant
Guthrie Sarah 23 Leitrim General Servant
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Colman Jane 34 Cornwall
John A 9
Curran Kate 19 Dublin General Servant
Dunn Catherine 34 Cornwall Dressmaker
Kate J 16 Cornwall General Servant
Foley Ellen 17 Kerry
Gillespie Mary 17 Dublin General Servant
Healy Ellen 17 Kerry General Servant
Hill Emma 15 Cork Nursemaid
Kennedy Rose 34 Cavan Dairymaid
Thomas 17 T/F to single men Farm Labourer
Ellen 16 Cavan General Servant
Kingham Mary 25 Antrim Housekeeper
James 3
McPeak Catherine 43 Tyrone Housekeeper
Mary 20 Tyrone Flax Spinner
Sarah 18 Tyrone Flax Spinner
Catherine 13
Molland Emmeline 32 Devonshire
Henrietta 11
Ernest 9
Lilly Jane 3
Bessie A 8 months
Murphy Mary 18 Kerry General Servant
Parker Emma W 22 Kent
Ruge Catarina 22 Guernsey General Servant
Simkin Margaret 34 Lancashire
Joseph 6
William W 3
Peter H 1
Sullivan Kate 18 Kerry General Servant
Sullivan Nano 17 Kerry General Servant
Taylor Mary 33 Aberdeen Machinist
Mary 3
Thunder Emma 40 Sussex General Servant
Vaughan Ellen 15 Gloucestershire
Webb Eliza A 25 Devonshire
Florence B 5
Frederick S 3
Francis G 1
Williams Mary 27 Kilkenny General Servant
Stack John 12 Travelled with Mary Williams
John Nicolson, (37), a Lighterman from Invernes, arrived in Auckland with his wife, Flora (34), and children, John (13), Donald (7), James (5), and baby Flora Ann (5mths). Rather old for an immigrant, he found work for the Auckland Gas Co. John and James both attended Beresford Street School, and there is record of Flora Ann starting her schooling there, then going on to Napier Street, then finishing her education at Ponsonby School, obviously reflecting the familys' changes of address around the city. She was in the Auckland Hospital in 1893, suffering from Phospherus poisoning, and 13 months later at 16, she was there again, having a daughter. She was then aged 16, and her application for relief, shows her liable relative as being John Nicolson of Prospect Street, widower. No record can be found for Donald, so one wonders what became of him. In the years 1893 - 1904, John (and I'm not sure if this is John senior or junior), & James are shown as living in Prospect Street, Ponsonby, but by 1906 James was married, working as a Groom, and living in Harbour Street. They all dis- appeared from the Auckland electoral rolls after this date, probably leaving for another area/s. In the case of Flora, she was known to be living with an O'Brian in Portland in 1914. If you have connections with this family, or wish to know more please contact Stan Jones

RIPPON family:
Edward Holman Rippon was born in Perranporth, Cornwall on May 18th 1852, the son of John Rippon (1821-1874) and his wife Elizabeth nee Eslick. Edward was one of 9 children:- Matthew (sailor), John, Selina, Samuel, Billie, Frederick (emigrated to Australia), George the father of Samuel John (my husbands maternal grandfather), and Eleni mother of Mary Evelyn (my husbands maternal grandmother ). Edward emigrated to New Zealand on the Maraval together with his wife Elizabeth Jane (Bessie) nee Tregonning. I believe they may have had a shop in Ponsonby and Edward may have done some mining whilst Bessie kept the shop ,but this is not confirmed. We have a letter dated 8/4/1947 Ankles Bay, North Auckland from Charley Rippon in which he talks about his children and grand children and his first wife whose maiden name was Rowe. From this we have drawn up a possible descendant tree for Edward. We would love to make contact with interested members of this branch of the family. The Perranpoth part of the family continues and they have a bakers shop there,,,,. Edwards brother Samuel had a cart with which he used to collect flotsam from the beach. When interest in Cornwall as a holiday area began he bought a bathing machine- much to the horror of the locals and some of them hid it in the sand dunes. Edwards father was a Master Seiner and he won a life saving medal in 1870 for rescuing a young lad. I have a tree dating back to 1796, not a confirmed, and I am trying to put flesh on the bones at the moment. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Jenny Taylor


Thomas HORTON:

Striking Tribute At Graveside

From New Zealand Herald March 1931

"The death this week of Mr. Thomas Horton of Glenfield, at the age of 72 years, has removed a familiar figure from the Birkenhead district. He belonged to Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, England, and came out in the ship 'Marival' 51 years ago. He secured work at the late Mr. Richard Monks sawmill at Mercury Bay, where he met with an accident, slipping and falling across a circular saw. The result was that both legs were amputated below the knee, and for the past 48 years he had walked on wooden stumps. After recovery he went back to the bush and resumed his job at the circular saw. He then took up farming at Tuakau for a few years, but for the past 40 years had settled at Birkenhead. Mr. Horton ran the mail between Dairy Flats and Birkenhead for 16 years. He took a keen interest in local politics, and represented the Birkenhead Riding on the Waitemata Council for 12 years, retiring in 1911. He subsequently had a farm at Pokeno for 10 years, but retained his interest in the Birkenhead district up to the end. He was a man of indomitable courage, and was the object of admiration in the district for the remarkable energy and agility he displayed in the face of his disability. Mr.and Mrs. Horton celebrated their golden wedding a year ago. He is survived by Mrs, Horton, two sons and a daughter, and eight grandchildren. The sons are Mr. William J. Horton of Leigh, and Mr. Ernest T. Horton of Birkenhead. The Daughter is Mrs.Maria Louisa Hogan(nee Horton ) of Glenfield. There was a representative attendance at the funeral yesterday at the Birkenhead Anglican cemetery, many old identities attending, among whom was Mr. Peter Nelson, aged 84, an early pioneer of the Albany district. Mr. H. Day, member for Birkenhead Riding and Mr. C.A. Cawkwell, county clerk, representing the Waitamata County Council. Others present included Mr.A.E. Greenslade, Mayor of Northcote, and Mr. Thos Ingham, vice-president representing Albany Fruit Growers Association. The services were conducted by the Rev.W.W. Avery (Methodist) and the Rev. P.C. Davis (Anglican) Speaking at the graveside, the Rev. Mr. Davis said they had laid to rest one of the words heroes, he had been fighting adversity for 40 odd years, and had never once looked back. He was a hero that the world at large might not have known, but it was a privilege to have known him. He hoped that his example of grit and manliness would inspire others with courage to meet the trials of adversity". If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Stuart Horton


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