Ship: 1092 Tons
Captain: Stevens
Surgeon Superintendent: E. H. Marshall
Sailed London 13th November 1868 - arrived Lyttelton 8th Feb 1869

Considering the number of voyages that were made round the stormy Horn in the old sailing days the New Zealand trade was singularly free from disasters. Saddest of all epitaphs for a gallant ship is that of "missing". There is something so ominous and mysterious about it, and ones natural grief at the loss of relation or friend seems trebled when a disaster of that kind occurs. One of the few ships from New Zealand that have been posted "missing" was the Matoaka, which was a well known Willis, Gan and Co trader of the very early days. She was later purchased by the Shaw, Savill Co. She and her skipper, Captain Stevens were very well known in the Colony, and particularly in Canterbury, five out of the eight voyages the ship made to New Zealand being to Lyttelton. Captain Stevens was a very popular man in Christchurch and Auckland. The Matoake traded to New Zealand from 1859 to 1869. On May 13 of the later year she left Lyttelton for London, but was never heard of again. It was conjectured that the ship struck an iceberg during the night, and foundered with all hands.
White Wings:  Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of Matoaka

Commissioners Report of Matoaka

Name Age County Occupation
Families and children
Carpenter James 22 Stafford Labourer
Mary J 24
Deniston James 30 Tyrone Ploughman
Margaret 27
John 8
William 6
Andrew 3
Mary Jane 10 mths
Downing George 31 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Susan 32
Elizabeth 11
Alfred 8
Eli 6
William 4
Leonard 2
Lines Samuel 41 Bedfordshire Farm labourer
Emma 42
Sarah 11
Thomas 7
Noah 4
Lines Reuben 19 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Charlotte 23
Pepper Enoch 23 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Mary A 22
Jane 4
Rachel 2
Ronan Michael 26 Carlow Farm Labourer
Ann 25
James 4
Thomas 3
Ann 1
Stemson Samuel 29 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Mary 25
Eliza 3
Emily 1
Wadsworth George 37 Northants Shoemaker
Mary A 32
Harriet 11
Anne 2
Thomas 10 wks
Weston Francis 19 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Lucy 18
Ellen 1 mth
Weston William 23 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Emma 21
Emily 1
Weston Edward 21 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Emma 21
Single Men
Ballagh Hugh 21 Down Ploughman
Blackburn Henry 22 Donegal Ploughman
Carland John 24 Donegal Ploughman
Collison Edward 20 Norfolk Ploughman
Cotterill Albert 13 Staffordshire
Crozier John 22 Fermanagh Farm Labourer
Gallagher Samuel J 25 Donegal Farm Labourer
John Thomas 23 Donagal Farm Labourer
Alexander 21 Donegal Farm Labourer
Gibson Alexander 24 Down Farm Labourer
Gilbrow James 19 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Gillespie Alexander 44 Londonderry Farm Labourer
James 22 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Alexander 4 Londonderry
Gilmore Hans 23 Down Farm Labourer
Hamilton John 27 Antrim Farm Labourer
Jolly Henry 23 Cornwall Ploughman
Keig Robert 18 Isle of Man Ploughman
Lines William 13 Bedfordshire
Matthews John 20 Tyrone Ploughman
Henry 18 Tyrone Ploughman
McCann John 23 Down Ploughman
McConnell William 23 Donegal Farm Labourer
McKie William 28 Kirkudbright Farm Labourer
Niven William 24 Kirkudbright Farm Labourer
Robinson Charles 23 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Robinson William 22 Kings Farm Labourer
Squire George 26 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Todd Robert 18 Antrim Farm Labourer
Trezise Thomas 22 Cornwall Ploughman
Virgin John 23 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Wilson Michael 17 Down Farm Labourer
Single Women
Asher Emily 20 Middlesex General Servant
Brady Sarah 26 Down General Servant
Bonner Margaret 23 Donegal General Servant
Burt Lucy Ellen 18 Devonshire General Servant
Cassidy Harriet 58 Norfolk Shop Keeper
Coleman Matilda 21 Middlesex General Servant
Cotterill Sophia 38 Stafford Dressmaker
Selina 19 General Sevant
Walker 11
Darragh Jane 21 Antrim Housemaid
Dilton Florence 18 Middlesex Housemaid
Dudley Ann 17 Bedfordshire General Servant
Dunn Ellen 21 Wicklow Dairymaid
Faulkner Mary 22 Waterford Dairymaid
Bridget 20 Waterford General Servant
Flint Rosa 23 Sussex Cook
Findley Mary 22 Dublin Cook
Gallagher Isabella 54 Donegal
Mary 19 Donegal General Servant
Gillespie Jane 20 Londonderry General Servant
Eliza 18 Londonderry General Servant
Hamilton Mary 18 Antrim General Servant
Herric Sarah 23 Middlesex Housemaid
Higgins Maggy 20 Londonderry General Servant
Hill Mary C 23 Down Housemaid
Hillier Mary A 40 Cornwall Matron to Ship
Hunter Jane 26 Middlesex Housemaid
Ives Emily 20 Middlesex Housemaid
Jolly Mary 30 Cornwall Dairymaid
Kating Anna 24 Kings General Servant
Kerson Jane 23 Norfolk General Servant
Lines Betsy 16 Beds General Servant
Lowry Grace 18 Down Dairy Maid
Magill Eliza 21 Antrim General Servant
Maquire Catherine 24 Fermanagh General Servant
Mark Margaret 20 Antrim Dairy Maid
McCloy Martha 18 Antrim Dairy Maid
McConnell Margaret 19 Donegal Dairy Maid
McCormick Sarah 23 Down General Servant
McDermott Harriett 22 Devonshire Nurse
Monaghan Ann 21 Tyrone General Servant
Mullowney Ellen 19 Galway General Servant
Bridget 18 Galway General Servant
Porter Mary A 35 Middlesex General Servant
Raffell Harriet 24 Berkshire Housemaid
Redmond Bridget 25 Carlow General Servant
Reid Sarah 20 Londonderry Dairy Maid
Sullivan Kate 23 Devonshire Housemaid
Taplin Mary 16 Oxfordshire General Servant
Taylor Susan 21 Fermanagh General Servant
Weir Margaret 24 Fifeshire General Servant
Wills Eliza 24 Cornwall Cook
Wilson Annie 23 Antrim General Servant


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National Archives Reference IMCH 4/83

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