May Queen
Barque: 736 tons
: Leslie
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 24th August 1871 - arrived Otago November 15th 1871

The May Queen was a pretty little barque, and very popular with passengers. Although only 736 tons register she made excellent passages to the several ports. After making sixteen voyages to New Zealand she came to grief at Lyttelton in 1888. She ran to Dunedin from 1871 until 1876, under charter to the Shaw Saville Company, and also made three voyages to Auckland, two to Lyttelton, two to Nelson and one to Napier. The may Queen was wrecked at Lyttelton in 1888, while in the command of Captain Colville, who made six voyages in the ship.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Our sincere thanks to Dave Brown for his help with this list.

Name Address Occupation
Bastions (Bastran) John Porthallow, Falmouth Farm labourer
Cawston Helen 13 Herne Place, Dulwich Domestic Servant
Chadwick Charles
Charlton William
Common Thomas
Cottam Richard
Davison Frances
Hansford William J. Chiswell, Dorset
Hill Thomas Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Mrs Sarah Northill, Bedfordshire
Holmes James
Hore Silas
Hunt William H.
Jelley Mary Anne
Johns Mary South Terrace, Penzance Domestic Servant
Maddon Daniel
Martin William
Otto William
Poglaze Frances Breage, Helston Domestic Servant
Price Richard
Mary Jane
Roper Charles
Rushton Annie
Sansom Priscilla J. Chiswell, Dorset Domestic Servant
Smith John Gardener
Wicks Ellen Melrose, Clapham, S.W. Domestic Servant
Williams John Clarmont Crescent, Falmouth Farm Labourer
Yorke Sarah George Street, Wisbeach Dressmaker
Lydia Dressmaker
Zuesman Tobias

Thomas COMMON:
Thomas Common was born in Clears, St Stephens, Cornwall on Oct 13th 1847, to parents John Common and Jane Parkin. He was the 3rd of 5 children, the others being Mary Jane, born 1841, Susan, born 1843, died 1844, Susan, born 1850, and John, born 1852. After arriving in Dunedin, New Zealand, Thomas set out for the goldfields at Hamiltons in the Manitoto with his friend Silas Hore, and stayed there until 1874 when he left for Teaneraki (now Enfield) to set up a store with his friend Thomas Roseveare. In 1878 his brother John, sister Susan and his sweetheart Elizabeth Martyn arrived aboard the Waitangi on Oct 13th. Thomas married Elizabeth on Nov 28th 1878 and the heart of  the Common family was set up in New Zealand. They had 5 children: John born 1880, William born 1882, Thomas Jnr born 1883, Frances Emily born 1885 and Elizabeth Jane. William was my mother's father and so the link between myself  David Brown is established. My thanks go to my niece Delwyn Blondell for her research into the Common family of Roche, Cornwall, as we now know the Common family history back to George Common, born 1687 who married Maudline Hore, born 1680-1685 on 26th Aug 1707. If you have a contact with this family or would like to know more please contact David Brown.

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