New Era
Ship: 820 tons
Captain: John Rhind
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 20th March 1855 - arriving Wellington 27th June 1855

                                                                     Lyttelton 30th July 1855

Arrival of the New Era

Name Age County Occupation
First and Second Cabin Passengers
Allan Mr Bound for Canterbury
5 children
Allport Mr Bound for Canterbury
5 children
Birch G Talbot Bound for Wellington
Brebner Charlotte Bound for Canterbury
Mary Bound for Canterbury
Deighton Mr Bound for Wellington
Deighton Joseph Bound for Canterbury
Ellen Maria
Dever Elizabeth Bound for Canterbury
Doyley Robert Bound for Canterbury
Fleming W Bound for Canterbury
Fox Mr J R Bound for Wellington
Gordon Captain Bound for Wellington
Haylock Charles L Bound for Canterbury
Houghton T Bound for Canterbury
Lormier Mr Bound for Canterbury
3 children
Morgan Captain Bound for Wellington
Pritchard Mr E Bound for Wellington
Wyatt Benjamin Bound for Wellington
Steerage Passengers - All bound for Wellington
Acton Edward
Armes Edward
Banstead John
Bell Peter 21 Labourer
Boon William 56 Labourer
George 18 Labourer
James 14 Labourer
Bowles Jesse 42 Labourer
Margaret 33
George 12
John 10
Fredeerick 8
Ann 6
Mary 4
Eliza 2
William Infant
Brown George 32
Jane 30
Agnes 10
James 4
Bull Charles 28 Book Binder
Ann 27
Charles 4
Alice 2
James Infant
Burley J
Cathro Alexander 27
Isabella 25
John 3
James Infant
Danderson Catherine 53
John 18
Deadman Maria
Elliott Ann 26 Domestic Servant
England Charles 32 Wheelwright
Mary A. 28
George 9
Emily 6
Charlotte 5
Sydney 3
Farrilton William
Freeman Walter 26 Baker
Annie 30
Teresa 6
Freeman William 20 Baker
Eliza 25
Goldstone Thomas
Greathead Martin 26 Domestic Servant
Maria 30 Shoemaker
Green Mr
6 children
Groves John 47 Labourer
Mary 47
Charles 23
Catherine 19
Albert 17
Emily 15
Fanny 13
John 10
Ellen 8
Louisa 6
Groves James
Harris George 24 Labourer
Jane 22
Heberley Frederick 38 Labourer
Jane 38
Maria 6
Jacob 2
Hills W
Irons James 34 Labourer
Martha 33
Ernest 4
Jackson Eliza 40 Domestic Servant
Boy 4
Jackson Solomon 20 Labourer
Kendrew Louisa
Kirkwood George
Lewis Reginald
Lister William
Livingstone Malcolm
Lunn William 40 Watch Maker
Mary 38
Anne 15
Mann Edward 50 Farm Labourer
Louisa 47
Mansall William 38 Gardener
Louisa 34
Louisa 9
William 6
Alice 3
Mary Infant
Marchand G. 26 Labourer
Marehams George
McGreal W
McMillan Elizabeth
McVicar Janet
Middleditch Thomas 31 Labourer
Milne Wilson 30 Farm Labourer
Margaret 31
John 3
Alexander Infant
McGreal William 18 Labourer
Natro Mr
Oliver (Olson) Frederick 40 Farm Labourer
Edward 13
Henry 12
Patton J
Phillpot William 26 Farm Labourer
Ridge Eliza 25 Domestic Servant
Smith Sarah 23 Domestic Servant
Smith George 34 Artist
Ellen 28
William 2
John Infant
Snellgrove Henry 13
Sulliavan Edward 22 Labourer
Ann 30
Thirkwell Richard 25 Labourer
Toms John 44 Labourer
Mary A. 44
Charles 21
Elizabeth 21
Joshua 17
Mary Ann 16
John 10
Toole Edward 30 Labourer
Margaret 40
Eleanor 10
Henry 6
Tuckwell Thomas
Venus Ellen
Wickett Teresa
FREEMAN, William
William Freeman, Baker and Confectioner, Molesworth Street, Wellington. Amongst the noteworthy places in this locality, the establishment of Mr. Freeman deserves particular attention. The business was established in 1843, and has been conducted by the present proprietor since 1855. The surroundings of this particular part of Thorndon have undergone a great change during the rapid progress of the City of Wellington. At the time when Mr. Freeman started in business, the land immediately fronting his premises was used as a cricket-ground. Since then buildings have gone up in all directions. It is not surprising that such an old established business should be very considerable. Mr. Freeman claims to have the most extensive trade in his line of business in Thorndon. He has long supplied the residents of his district, and enjoys their confidence and support. The baking business is carried on under the personal management of Mr. Freeman. The quality of the goods may therefore be depended on. Mr. Freeman also keeps a large stock of choice confectionery from the factories of the most prominent firms of England, Scotland, and France. The subject of this notice arrived in New Zealand in 1855, in the ship “New Era,” from Gravesend, London, and took over the present business from Mr. Sutherland, who had previously occupied the premises during a period of twelve years. Anticipating a proportionate growth of the Empire City, Mr. Freeman expects that he will be able to extend his already considerable connection, and carry on business on a larger scale in the future. In building up his business, Mr. Freeman has not been aided by any patron, but his present success is mainly due to his own diligence and steady perseverance. Source: "Cyclopedia of New Zealand" [Wellington Provincial District]
Peter BELL
Peter Bell,
who has been a prominent citizen in Wanganui for nearly forty years, is an ex-councillor of the borough. He is a Scotchman—a native of Edinburgh—and landed in Wellington per ship “New Era” in 1855. Mr. Bell settled in Wanganui soon after landing in the Colony, and was a participator in the vicissitudes of the early sixties. Two years after locating in the district, in conjunction with his brother, Mr. D. Bell, he founded the drapery house of D. and P. Bell. In 1872 the establishment was taken over by Mr. P. Bell, who conducted a considerable business till 1893, when he sold out. The premises known as Victoria House, in Victoria Avenue, were erected under Mr. Bell's direction, being in his occupation for many years after completion. Before the institution of the Wanganui Corporation, the local governing body was a town board, of which Mr. Bell was a member. He has since sat on the Borough Council, having been elected a councillor on more than one occasion, retiring from office in 1896. Mr. Bell has always taken a great interest in educational matters, and was for a long time a member of the Wanganui School Committee. Source: "Cyclopedia of New Zealand" [Wellington Provincial District]

CATHRO family:
Alexander (1827-1862) married Isabella NICOL (1829-1898) on 12 Nov 1851 in Fife, Scotland. They had four children, John Brown (1852-1923), James (1854-?) and Walter Nicol (1857-1940), when in New Zealand, they had Alexander (1859-1939). Alexander was a cabinet maker on the 1858 electoral roll in Wanganui and later joined Wanganui Volunteer Corps (No 1 Company). His name appears in the 2 July 1860 roll book. After Alexander died, Isabella went on to marry William McNIVEN (abt1832-1916) on 3 Dec 1863 in Wanganui and had 5 further children: William James (1862-1940), Agnes Sarah (1869-1949), Robert Gray (1867-1929), Geroge Henry (1866-1933) and Martin (1870-1933). William was a store keeper in Wanganui, they are both buried in Wanganui cemetery. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Bruce McNiven.


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