Ship: 1306 tons
Captain: Stuart

Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Glasgow 24th October 1877 - arrived Bluff 13th January 1878
                                                                                             Port Chalmers 18th January 1878

The Oamaru was a handsome, fairly fast, and most comfortable iron ship. She made no less than 24 complete voyages to New Zealand and Home again, landing hundreds of immigrants at all the principle ports. On the voyage to Bluff in 1878 the Oamaru encountered very severe gales the day after her departure, and they continued for eight days, during which the ship made but little progress. The Oamaru in 1905 was sold and renamed the Fox, and rigged as a barque. She was eventually abandoned at sea, timber-laden, off Pensacola, USA.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Passengers bound for Bluff
Families and Children
Angus Alexander 33 Perth Farm labourer
Margaret 24
Angus David 21 Perth Good Guard
Jane 24
Connolly Thomas 32 Staffordshire Bricklayers Labourer
Bridget 30
Thomas 4
Ready Mary 9 Travelled with Connolly
Crawley Thomas 20 Wigtownshire Labourer
Margaret 23
Currie Dougal Argyl Farm Labourer
Davis William 26 Perth Carpenter
Mary 25
Edwards Thomas 31 Montgomeryshire Joiner
Annie 28
John G 2
Georgeson Haldon 31 Lerwick Labourer
Williamina 32
J W 2
Grace 2 months
Kelcher Batt 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Dora 24
Mulligan Patrick 44 Tyrone Farmer
Margaret 40
Kate 20 TF to s/w
Anne 18 TF to s/w
Patrick 16 TF to s/m
Mary 13 TF to s/w
Bridget 8
Salter William 63 Middlesex Labourer
Francis 57
Scully Michael 20 Galway Farm Labourer
Bridget 24
Thomas 10 months
Thomas William H 25 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Sarah 31
William H 2
John Charles 2 months
Phillip 21 TF to s/m
Single Men
Fotheringham John 21 Stirlingshire Farm Labourer
Jennings Richard 23 Cork Farm Labourer
Edward 21 Cork Farm Labourer
McAleer James 22 Monaghan Labourer
McCarthy Denis 25 Cork Farm Labourer
Mulligan Patrick 16 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Nicoll John 20 Perth Joiner
Raferty William 23 Galway Farm Labourer
Ravenscroft Henry 23 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Ross Alexander 15 Sutherland Farm Labourer
Archibald 20 Sutherland Farm Labourer
Rowlands Thomas 24 Monmouth Farm Labourer
Smith George 22 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Thomas Phillip 21 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Thomas Alexander 31 Argyl Labourer
White George 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Wrea John M 21 Argyl Farm Labourer
Single Women
Currie Margaret 22 Argyl Domestic Servant
Alexander 8 Argyl Domestic Servant
Down Rebecca 27 Lancashire Domestic Servant
Ford Mary 30 Galway Domestic Servant
Sabrina 18 Galway Domestic Servant
Irvine Margaret 27 Shetland Domestic Servant
Mulligan Kate 20 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Anne 18 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Mary 13 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Nicoll Elizabeth 16 Perth Domestic Servant
Walsh Kate 22 Galway Domestic Servant
Sangster Mary 65 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Elizabeth 31 Aberdeen MATRON to single women
Passengers bound for Port Chalmers
Families and Children
Connors Peter 23 Limerick Farm Labourer
Bridget 24
Crawford Eccles 41 Galway Farm Labourer
Margaret 40
Elizabeth 18 TF to s/w
Minnie 16 TF to s/w
James 14 TF to s/m
George 12 TF to s/m
Susan 10
Eccles 8
Dawson Robert 40 Durham Bricklayer
Mary 36
Annie 15 TF to s/w
Edward 9
Robert E 3
Dwyer William 26 Cork Farm Labourer
Mary 26
James 3
William 8 months
Gatinby Samuel 28 Renfrewshire Farm Servant
Margaret 27
William 8
Anne 4
Horn Thomas 30 Midlothian Labourer
Margaret 29
McKeag Richard 22 Antrim Labourer
Agnes 20
Jane 9 months
Mealy Michael 26 Limerick Farm Labourer
Mary 21
Miller Peter 32 Lanark Bricklayer
Isabella 20
Matthew 10
Alexander 9
Margaret 8
O'Brien Michael 40 Limerick Farm Labourer
Bridget 39
Margaret 16 TF to s/w
Ellen 14 TF to s/w
Ann 13 TF to s/w
Hanna 11
Bridget 9
Alice 5
Elizabeth 3
Riely Patrick 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Johanna 22
Thompson Neil 25 Wigtonshire
Mary R 25
Wilson Robert 26 Renfrew Bricklayer
Yorston David 21 Orkney Carpenter
Ann R 18
Single Men
Addison William 30 Haddington Gardener
Allison William 36 Ayr Farm Labourer
Allison William 35 Forfar Carpenter
Barrett James 18 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Brown John S 38 Fife Ploughman
Cairns Patrick 23 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Carty Patrick 19 Kerry Farm Labourer
Charters Thomas 27 Lanark Gardener
Connaghan Patrick 24 Donegal Farm Labourer
Connors Timothy 31 Limerick Farm Labourer
Corkery John 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Coulter John 18 Donegal Farm Labourer
Coutts George 21 Lanark Farm Labourer
Cranwell Thomas 20 Wexford Groom
Crawford James 14 Galway
George 12 Galway
Crowe William 23 Limerick Farm Labourer
Cunningham James 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Cuthbert William 26 Midlothian Mason
Davidson Frances 24 Peebles Farm Labourer
Denahy William 23 Cork Farm Labourer
Doherty George 21 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Donohue John 20 Galway Farm Labourer
Dwyer Thomas 30 Cork Farm Labourer
Finn John 25 Cork Farm Labourer
Michael 24 Cork Farm Labourer
Finlay Patrick 19 Down Farm Labourer
Fitzgerald Edmond 27 Cork Farm Labourer
Fitzpatrick John 20 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Fitzpatrick Patrick 20 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Thomas 20 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Flood Thomas 21 Longford Farm Labourer
Gilfillan Duncan 21 Lanark Carpenter
Goorlick Edward 19 Longford Farm Labourer
Hannon Edmond 20 Cork Farm Labourer
Hogan Michael 20 Limerick Farm Labourer
Hurley Matthew 22 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Johnson James 38 Shetland Farm Labourer
Johnstone George 24 Cavan Farm Labourer
Joyce Thomas 21 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Keane John 25 Cork Farm Labourer
Keating Maurice 21 Derry Farm Labourer
Kennshaw William 22 Antrim Farm Labourer
Kiely Philip 21 Cork Farm Labourer
James 18 Cork Farm Labourer
King Thomas 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Lawrence William 21 Derry Farm Labourer
Leonard Michael 26 Limerick Farm Labourer
Lewis Richard 28 Montgomery Farm Labourer
Lyre David 25 Kerry Farm Labourer
Mackay Peter 23 Lanark Shepherd
Maghran Philip 18 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Magner Edmund 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Thomas 19 Cork Farm Labourer
Mannix Daniel 12 Kerry
McCarthy Michael 22 Cork Carpenter
McCarthy Timothy 24 Limerick Farm Labourer
McCarthy Timothy 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
McCready Thomas 19 Kerry Farm Labourer
McGrath Francis 20 Londonderry Farm Labourer
McIldowney Hugh 28 Kerry Farm Labourer
McKinney W J 17 Londonderry Farm Labourer
McLean Duncan 22 Lanark Farm Labourer
McLellan Archibald 21 Lanark Farm Labourer
McLennon Angus 20 Lanark Shepherd
McMullan William J 19 Down Farm Labourer
McPherson David 21 Tyrone Farm Labourer
John 22 Tyrone Farm Labourer
McStrancer C J 19 Londonderry Farm Labourer
McTaggart Daniel 23 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Musterd Robert 24 Midlothian Joiner
Nevin John 24 Londonderry Farm Labourer
O'Brien Terence 21 Cork Farm Labourer
O'Keefe John 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Ortowski Joseph 25 Middlesex Farm Labourer
O'Shea Patrick 19 Antrim Farm Labourer
Power Patrick 20 Limerick Farm Labourer
Edmund 30 Limerick Farm Labourer
John 15 Limerick Farm Labourer
Rea John 24 Antrim Farm Labourer
Renwicke George 23 Selkirk Farm Labourer
Small Michael 27 Limerick Farm Labourer
Smith George H 26 Lancashire Grocer
Splaine Patrick 28 Cork Farm Labourer
Sullivan Denis 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Sullivan Daniel 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Thompson John 19 Londonderry Farm Labourer
Turley Michael 20 Antrim Farm Labourer
Single Women
Allison Catherine 24 Ayr Dairymaid
Bagshaw Susan 25 Forfar Domestic Servant
Eliza 14 Forfar
Leslie David 7 Forfar Travelled with Bagshaw
Bourke Mary 22 Limerick Dairymaid
Boyle Margaret 21 Londonderry Domestic Servant
Buckley Bridget 20 Donegal Domestic Servant
Carty Isabella 22 Donegal Domestic Servant
Clarke Rebecca 20 Londonderry Domestic Servant
Connaghan Sarah 22 Donegal Domestic Servant
Corbin Ann 21 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Cordwick Mary 22 Fermanagh Domestic Servant
Corkery Honora 18 Cork Dairymaid
Crawford Eliza 18 Galway Domestic Servant
Minnie 16 Galway Domestic Servant
Dawson Annie 15 Durham Domestic Servant
Dillon Bridget 19 Donegal Domestic Servant
Donaghy Mary A 24 Donegal Domestic Servant
Donoghue Ellen 17 Galway Farm Servant
Fitzpatrick Eliza J 17 Donegal Domestic Servant
Gillespie Ann 19 Donegal Domestic Servant
Elizabeth 26 Donegal Domestic Servant
Gordon Jane 22 Caithness Domestic Servant
Henderson Elizabeth 23 Ayr Domestic Servant
Lee Sarah 20 Galway Domestic Servant
Mannix Margaret 33 Kerry General Servant
David 12 TF to s/m
Nano 10 Kerry
Jeremiah 8 Kerry
Julian 6 Kerry
John 2 Kerry
McConnell Annie 20 Londonderry Domestic Servant
McCormack Ann 21 Donegal Domestic Servant
McCowley Margaret 22 Donegal Domestic Servant
McHugh Bridget 19 Galway Domestic Servant
McKennon Ann 28 Lanark Cook
McLary Margaret 21 Cork Domestic Servant
McMillan Margaret 15 Antrim Domestic Servant
Lizzie Ann 13 Antrim Domestic Servant
Moorhead Rose Ann 17 Monaghan Nurse
O'Brien Margaret 16 Limerick Dairymaid
Ellen 14 Limerick
Ann 13 Limerick
O'Hara Sarah 18 Tyrone Domestic Servant
O'Regan Jane 19 Londonderry General Servant
O'Shea Margaret 25 Limerick Farm Servant
Reid Isabella 20 Down Farm Servant
Maggie 19 Down Farm Servant
Robinson Ann Jane 19 Fermanagh Domestic Servant
Robinson Margaret 17 Donegal Domestic Servant
Ronan Catherine 15 Galway Domestic Servant
Shearer Margaret 18 Lanark Domestic Servant
Simmons Margaret 34 Lancashire Domestic Servant
Hugh 10 Lancashire
Thomas 9 Lancashire
Annie 3 Lancashire
Spence Robina 32 Midlothian Domestic Servant
Spratt Mary J 18 Donegal Domestic Servant
Rebecca 16 Donegal Domestic Servant
Tagney Catherine 19 Kerry Domestic Servant
Vahey Sarah 18 Galway Domestic Servant
Walsh Bridget 18 Galway Domestic Servant
Welsh Mary 24 Donegal Domestic Servant
White Annie 32 Lanark Domestic Servant

Peter & Bridget CONNORS:
Peter and Bridget (nee Rial or Railne) where married July 31st 1877 at Cappamore, Limerick, Ireland. A son of tha above and my Grandfather, William James (Jim) Connors, born Invercargill January 10th 1894, married Nellie Nora Hill, On July 19th 1922. Jim died in Invercargill on January 27th 1938,  from head injuries after being hit by a car! ( luck of the Irish!) He and Nellie had 7 children, Philip Patrick, Joan Margaret (D), Eileen (D), Maureen, Albert, and Ellen Nora ( my mother) plus one other who died at birth. William James served in the First World War with the Otago Mounted Riffles, embarking on October 16th 1814. Little is known about this side of my family as William James died when my Mother was very young (about 3) and my Grandmother never spoke much of him. Timothy Connors aged 31 of Limerick, and also on the Oamaru, could of been an elder brother of Peters? I am looking for any descendants of Peter and Bridget Connors. If you have a connection with this family please contact Gayle-Anne ( nee Bannerman).


Elizabeth SANGSTER:
Elizabeth Sangster was born in Peterhead, near Aberdeen and christened on October 16th 1842. Her father was Alexander Sangster. She married Andrew Fairbairn who came to New Zealand approx 1863. Andrew’s first wife had died in July 1877, leaving him with daughters Margaret Jane and Jane. Elizabeth & Andrew were married on   December 6th 1878. The children of Andrew and Elizabeth were John Cook (born 19/11/1879), Elizabeth (born 15/06/1881), Wilhelmina (born 1884) and twins Charlotte Ann & Elizabeth Maud (born 06/10/1886). Charlotte Ann was my grandmother and married Joseph Baldwin in Invercargill. They moved to Nelson and then to Wellington. Elizabeth and Andrew Fairbairn appear to have owned property in Gore and North Invercargill. We do not know anything about Mary Sangster. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Alan Baldwin


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