Ocean Mail
Captain: Thomas Cawse
Surgeon Superintendent: Thomas Makepiece Harding
Sailed London 14th August 1875 - arrived Auckland 23rd November 1875

The Ocean Mail was well known in New Zealand waters, having made four passages to the Colony. On the passage the Ocean mail made to Auckland in 1875 she had an exciting experience in the English Channel. When she was about 15 miles below Portland, in a dense fog, she collided with and Italian barque called the Partitoe. The Ocean Mail lost her jibboom and starboard anchor, but sustained no other damage. The Italian lost his mizzen mast and sustained some other damage. In 1876 the Ocean Mail took part in a race back Home with the Avalanche and Crusader. The Ocean Mail, however, ran aground on the Chatham Islands early in the race and was wrecked.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Baker Henry 28 Devon Navvy
Harriet 28
Mary Ellen 5
Henry E. 8 months
Bysh William 30 Sussex Navvy
Caroline 21
Fell Louisa 16 M'sex Trans to s/w Travelling with Bysh
George 14 M' sex Trans to s/m Travelling with Bysh
Bolitho James 31 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary Jane 26
Chilton George 37 Staffordshire Labourer
Eliza 40
Samuel 15 Trans to s/m
Albert 8
Forster George 27 Yorkshire Shoemaker
Jane 22
Clifford Clara 9 Travelling with Forster's
Fowler Charles 34 Yorkshire Miller
Elizabeth 28
Gaeds Charles 32 Middlesex Railway Porter
Eliza 24
Guest John 25 Staffordshire Shoemaker
Emma 22
Guilliard Henry 22 Jersey Carpenter
Eliza 23
Egbert 1
Male child Born on board 10/11/1876
Jamieson Alexander 23 Trans to s/m Travelling with Guilliard's
Hamilton John 40 Tyrone Farmer
Rachael 39
Mary 18 Trans to s/w Special Settler
John 9
Margaret 6
Jane 2
Male child Born on board 11/09/1876
Hoare Richard 26 Cork Carpenter
Margaret 24
Hoare Margaret 57 Trans to s/w
Irwin John 22 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Eliza Jane 20
James 2 months
March Robert 24 Norfolk Harness Maker
Elizabeth 26
Morse Robert 24 Somersetshire Millwright
Ann 24
Robert Henry 2
Parker Frank 28 Derbyshire Carpenter
Ellen 36
Frank 2
Fred 2 months
Rogers Henry 34 Bedfordshire Harness Maker
Clara 20
Smith Henry 21 Bedfordshire Labourer
Mary Lydia 20
Male child Born on board 01/11/1876
Sullivan Daniel 30 Kerry Labourer
Margaret 29
Wallace William 23 Ayrshire Farm Labourer
Jane 21
Wells Harry 21 Norfolk Printer
Caroline 20
Henry Arthur 2 months Died on board 02/10/1876
Marasmus & Diarrhoea
Wilson John 33 Kildare Bootmaker
Elizabeth 22
Bessy 2
Thomas H. 10 months
Colonial Nominated Families and Children
Capper Edward Henry 33 Middlesex Labourer
Emma S. 28
Susannah 10
Charles Edward 9
Julia Eve 7
David L. 5
Ann E. 4
William Henry 1
Thomas Born on board 28/08/1876
Died on board 15/11/1876
Infantile atrophy
Connor Daniel 58 Kerry Farm Labourer
Mary 40
Daniel 20 Trans to s/m
John 18 Trans to s/m
Bridget 12 Trans to s/w
O'Sullivan Morto 38 Kerry Mason
Catherine 32
Jeremiah 15 Trans to s/m
Mary 13 Trans to s/w
James 9
Daniel 4
Catherine 2
Elizabeth 3 months
Single Men
Ahlfeld Adolf 24 Germany Farm Labourer
Andrew John 35 Middlesex Farmer
Brill Moses 26 Yorkshire Navvy
Brown George 22 Hants Navvy
Bryett George 21 Devon Tailor
Buckley Daniel 23 Monmouth Millwright
Burge John R. 21 Glostershire Cardener
Carter James 18 Hants Bricklayer
Chilton Samuel 15 Staffordshire
Coffey Patrick 24 Tipperary Labourer
John 20 Tipperary Labourer
Coleman James 24 Glostershire Labourer
Connell Timothy 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Copes James 22 Down Railway Porter
Courtney Thomas 22 Armagh Painter
Creasey William 30 Lincoln Navvy
Cumming Cortland 22 Antrim Carpenter
Cunningham Adam Jack 23 Fife General Labourer
Dinery William 20 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Donovan Dan 24 Cork Farm Labourer
Donovan Florence 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Dowling William 21 Limerick Labourer
Edwards Jacob 30 Wiltshire Wheelwright
Evans Samuel 20 Glostershire Labourer
Fell George 14 Middlesex
Fitzsimmons Hugh 22 Down Farm Labourer
Gard Frederic 24 Somerset Farm Labourer
Garde Christoper 30 Cork Labourer
Gilmour George 26 Fife Miner
Guy Andrew 22 Down Farm Labourer
Healey John 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Henderson Patrick 23 Armagh Farm Labourer
Hicky William 20 Kerry Labourer
Howlett James 21 Wexford Farm Labourer
Jamieson Alexander 23 Jersey Carpenter
Johnson Thomas G. 25 Derbyshire Engineer
Johnston William 20 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Keyes Alexander 19 Donegal Farm Labourer
William 17 Donegal Farm Labourer
McGouighal Hugh 28 Derry Farm Labourer
McKay John 21 Peebles Labourer
McPherson Andrew 29 Inverness Labourer
Miller George 21 Gloucestershire Labourer
O'Connell Denis P 24 Kerry Labourer
O'Connor Micheal 22 Galway Farm Labourer
Omara Andrew 25 Limerick Labourer
Matthew 23 Limerick Labourer
O'Neill Charles 29 Lancaster Platelayer
Parker Frederick 27 Derby Farm Labourer
Perry William 21 Lancashire Railway Porter
Pook Frank 21 Devonshire Shepherd
Price Henry 21 Down Farm Labourer
Ritchie Thomas 26 Fife Farm Labourer
Ryan Patrick 22 Limerick Labourer
Shaw John 28 Renfrewshire Cardener
Shea Patrick 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Sullivan Cornelius 26 Kerry Farm Labourer
Travers Bernard 35 Donegal Ploughman
Underwood Emanuel 21 Lancashire Shoemaker
Virtue William 23 Donegal Farm Labourer
Webb Henry 20 Hants Ploughman
Alfred 22 Hants Labourer
Whelan William 19 Waterford Shoemaker
Wilson George 30 Antrim Farm Labourer
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Connor Daniel 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
John 18 Kerry Farm Labourer
Humphries Thomas 29 Middlesex Carpenter
Kelly James 27 Kildare Sawyer
O'Sullivan Jeremiah 15 Kerry Carpenter
Poland Matthew 16 Down Plasterer
Powell Joseph E. 17 Glostershire Labourer
Single Women
Atkins Emma 22 Kent Parlourmaid
Brien Ellen 18 Cork General Servant
Connor Beda 35 Cork Domestic Servant
Connor Bridget 13 Kerry
Cromb Isabella 29 Forfar General Servant
Cunningham Ellen 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Cunningham Janet 26 Fife Domestic Servant
Donovan Mary 21 Cork Farm Servant
Edwards Mary 23 Wexford Dairymaid
Ellen 18 Wexford Dairymaid
Fells Louisa 16 Middlesex Servant
Hamilton Mary 18 Tyrone Servant
Harper Isabella 23 Tyrone General Servant
Catherine 21 Tyrone General Servant
Hoare Margaret 57 Cork
Keys Ellen 46 Donegal General Servant
Lanson Elizabeth 22 Kent Servant
Lejnez Eugene 20 France General Servant
Augustine 19 France General Servant
Mallett Mary J. 22 Jersey Servant
McCoy Caroline 31 Cheshire
McKay Janet 36 Caithness Cook - for Thames
O'Sullivan Mary 13 Kerry
Perkins Isabella 21 Kent Dressmaker
Ronan Mary 20 Cork Housemaid
Stephens Jane 19 Middlesex General Servant


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