Oliver Lang
Ship: 1224 tons
Captain: Joseph Mundle
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Liverpool September 24th 1856 - arrived Wellington December 19th 1856
                                                  also to Nelson and Lyttelton

The Oliver Lang was built at Quebec, and on her maiden voyage to Liverpool was wrecked at Bantry Bay (southern Ireland), but was got off and repaired. She made her first appearance in Wellington in 1856, arriving there on December 19th of that year after a smart passage of 85 days from Liverpool. After arriving at Wellington in 1859 she was beached at "Kaiwarra". One story says that she had had a mid-ocean collision with the barque Shan which damaged her hull while the second story says that she arrived in Wellington safely and was blown ashore by a squall. Either way she was condemned and remained there until she broke up.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

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Name Age County Occupation
Arnold Oliver 24 Butcher
Attwood William 25 Boot and Shoemaker
Mary 25
William 2
Amphlett Henry 36 Carpenter
Ambler Charles 40 Excavator
Ash Henry 33 Blacksmith
Priscilla 35
Martha 11
Alley Charles 26 Brickmaker
Andrews William 27 General Labourer
Bassett Thomas 27 Farm Labourer
Harriet 26
Juliana 5
Theresa 4
Batterby John 39 General Labourer
Bedford Thomas 31 Blacksmith
Emily 29
Bennett Thomas 18 General Labourer
Bennett Matthew 27 Sawyer
Jane 28
John 6
Thomas 5
Sarah Infant
Bennett Octavius 30 Carpenter
Jane 25
Mary Ann 2
Bentley James 23 Agricultural Labourer
Best George 29 Shepherd
Sarah 34
George 9
Harriet 6
Alfred 4
Biddle George 30 General Labourer
Sarah 25
Bishop William 30 Blacksmith
Emma 31
Ann 8
James 6
George 3
Thomas 1
Braggins Thomas 34 Carpenter
Sarah 38
Edward 13
Elizabeth 7
Eliza 7
Jane 3
Breeze John 24 Millwright
Brown William 20 Farm Labourer
Burton George 29 Excavator
Elizabeth 26
Sarah 2
Bush Ann 21 Domestic Servant
Butterfield John 32 Excavator
Calvert John 24 Agricultural Labourer
Cave Matthew Beck 38 Excavator
Mary 37
Frederick 13
Matthew 2
Carter Joseph 19 Agricultural Labourer
Carter Edward 21 General Labourer
Carpenter William 23 General Labourer
Chappell Henry 40 Carpenter
Mary 34
Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant
Louisa 17
James 9
Henry 3
Choice Charles 25 Shepherd
Mary 26
Claridge Josiah 28 General Labourer
Mary 25
Claridge Charles 22 General Labourer
Cooper Joseph 22 Gardener
Crawshaw John 21 Blacksmith
Curtis Thomas 40 Bricklayer
Dale George 23 Carpenter
Davenport Thomas 35 Blacksmith
Mary 35
John 11
George 9
Mary Ann 7
James 5
Jane 2
Dent James 29 Miner
Dempsey John 25 Saddler
Draper Benjamin 27 Excavator
Ellen 23
Emmett Watson 21 General Labourer
Evans John 23 Agricultural Labourer
Evans Thomas 31 Sawyer
Farmer W 25 Excavator
Ferguson William 25 General Labourer
Rebecca 24
Fletcher Henry 19 Domestic Servant
Flyn Edward 26 General Labourer
Forest Henry 23 Saddler
Maria 27
Fothergill Edward 37 Smith
Harriet 35
Fox James William 21 Bricklayer
Gibbs Edward 37 Sawyer
Larisa 28
Priscilla 3
Harriet Infant
Gidney Samuel 21 Sawyer
Gill Thomas 27 Agricultural Labourer
Gooden Henry 26 Sawyer
John 23
Eliza 4
Marcy 2
Gordon Richard 40 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 39
Gray John 26 Sawyer
Eliza 25
Mary Ann 6
Thomas 4
Maria 2
Greaves John 34 Painter
Harriet 36
Harriet 5
Sarah 3
Griffiths John 26 Shepherd
Grubb Richard 32 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Ann 27
Sarah 2
Haddon George 28 Taylor
Hall William 28 Agricultural Labourer
Ellen 31
Hamlet Nathaniel 27 Excavator
Hastings Sarah 25 Domestic Servant
Hearnshaw D 24 Excavator
Herd Alfed 32 General Labourer
Mary 26
Hewlings G F 30 Occupation illegible
Heneretta 34
Ellen 6
Hibbert James 24 Excavator
Mary 22
Hitchen Joseph 27 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 26
John 4
Sarah 3
Hodgson Henry 46 Shoesmith
Emma 55
Henry 19
Elizabeth 16 Domestic Servant
Homar Thomas 32 Excavator
Eliza 32
Horton Richard 34 Agricultural Labourer
Lucy 36
Humber Richard 20 Agricultural Labourer
Robert 19 Agricultural Labourer
Ingram William 21 General Labourer
Amelia 20
Jackson Thomas 24 Agricultural Labourer
Johnson John 22 Smith
Johnson Charles 24 Sadler
Johnson Joseph 28 General Labourer
Elizabeth 25
Johnston W 27 Brickmaker
Jones Charles 29 Agricultural Labourer
Martha 24
Jones Edmund 37 Blacksmith
Jane 26
Kempster Michael 16 Blacksmith
Key Thomas 40 General Labourer
Jane 41
Elizabeth 19 Domestic Servant
Mary A 15 Domestic Servant
Louisa 13
Thomas 11
Eliza 7
George 6
Maria 4
Kilsby George 24 Smith
Emma 27
King Charles 22 Baker
Kirk Stephen 27 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 27
Lammas John 20 Blacksmith
Lawson Joseph 43 Miner
Margaret 45
Joseph 17 General Labourer
Hannah 14 Domestic Servant
Letitia 12
Leach George 44 General Labourer
Mary 46
George 21 General Labourer
William 19 General Labourer
Alfred 17 General Labourer
Emma 13
Henry 10
Lewer Allen 35 Sawyer
Sophia 33
Allan 13
Sophia 11
Hart 9
Rebecca 4
Alice 3
Lewis John 24 Excavator
Henry 22 Excavator
Lloyd George 25 Gardener
Ellen 26
George 5
Lloyd William 27 Gardener
Lockley Henry 24 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 22
Alice Infant
Lyon Lyon 22 Blacksmith
Maynard William 26 General Labourer
McKay John 17 General Labourer
Mesnard John 21 General Labourer
Miller Joseph 38 Watch Maker
Elizabeth 25
Monk William 25 Farm Labourer
Osborne William 28 Miner
Sarah 25
Sophia 5
Alice 3
Owen William 23 Rope Maker
Elizabeth 20
Parks John 25 Brickmaker
Parsonage Joseph 38 Blacksmith
Caroline 37
Louisa 11
George 9
Howard 6
Henry 4
Douglas 2
Perry George 31 Farm Labourer
Francis 35
Picthall Henry 28 General Labourer
Plummer Frederick 21 General Labourer
Potto Henry 31 Saddler
Sarah 31
George 9
Alfred 6
Clara 3
Prestage John 23 Excavator
Prestney Samuel 22 Baker
Elizabeth 19
Price William 35 Sawyer
Hannah 35
William 5
Daniel 2
Prier William 21 Farm Labourer
Susannah 23
Pryke Charles 30 Bricklayer
Eliza 25
Putney James 23 Brickmaker
Raven William 38 Saddler
William 13
Susan 11
George 10
Rees Benjamin 31 Blacksmith
Rickman George 20 General Labourer
Roberts Thomas 31 Shepherd
Ann 30
Roberts Thomas 31
Mary 30
Susan 9
Roberts Hugh 23 Farm Labourer
Robinson William 36 Farm Labourer
Mary Ann 34
George 16
Thomas 12
Mary E 10
Mary Ann 7
William 5
Richard 2
Robinson J 34 Farm Labourer
Mary 34
Mary 13
William 9
Edward 6
Charles 4
Sarah J 2
Robinson J 27 Farm Labourer
Ruscoe John 25 Agricultural Labourer
Harriet 25
Ruston James 21 Blacksmith
Salers Charles 25 Farmer
Mary A 25
Salmons Henry 28 Excavator
Rebecca 28
Ellen 4
Scott Emma 18 Tailoress
Skinner Thomas 19 Brickmaker
Smith Charles 29 Brickmaker
Mary Ann 30
Smith John 43 Gardener
Evelina 43
Smith Robert 23 Mason
Spring William 44 General Labourer
Sophia 44
John 15
Spring Charles 22 General Labourer
Stonnells Thomas 41 General Labourer
Caroline 17 Domestic Servant
Eliza 11
Caroline 5
Swain James 39 General Labourer
Lucy 34
Amy 16 Domestic Servant
Swain Henry 20 General Labourer
Swain Frederick 25 Butcher
Tattersall Daniel 26 Farm Labourer
Taylor Edward 42 Shepherd
Sarah 29
Sarah 5
William 3
Taylor Frances 29 Cabinet Maker
Sophia 27
George 8
William 6
Frederick 4
Taylor Edward 26 Carpenter
Taylor S W 25 Farm Labourer
Thomas Jesse 22 General Labourer
Thornton William 21 General Labourer
Tricklebank C 26 Brickmaker
Eliza 23
Ann 1
Turville Thomas 30 Sawyer
Ann 29
Betsy 13
Mary A 2
Florence Infant
Waldin Thomas 26
Sarah 24
Robert 2
Ward Benjamin 33 Carpenter
Maria 31
Francis 9
Julia 4
Benjamin Infant
Watson Joseph 27 General Labourer
White Frederick 23 General Labourer
Whitehouse Joseph 30 Bricklayer
Wilkes George 28 General Labourer
Mary 23
John 2
George Infant
Wilkes Elizabeth 25 Domestic Servant
Ann 21 Domestic Servant
Wilkins John 26 Sawyer
Sarah 22
Wilkins Henry 24 Tobacco Pipe Maker
Mary 24
Mary 3
Williscroft F 27 Shepherd
Mary 24
Sarah 2
Catherine Infant
Wilson Joseph 31 Carpenter
Woodridge Thomas 22 General Labourer
Woodward Edwin 32 Excavator
Ann 20
Yorke Charles 24 General Labourer
SALMONS family:
Henry Salmons and his wife Rebecca (nee Cave, sister to Mathew) and their two children, Ellen 4 and an infant boy, left Chatteris Cambridge  to start a new life in New Zealand. On the trip over on the Oliver Lange ship 1956 sadly Rebecca died and Henry was left to look after his two children. He farmed at Ohariu Valley and in the following year married Sarah Anne Field (nee Bourne). Ellen went and lived with another family and went onto marry a whaler named Francis Paul and the infant boy lived a single life. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Vanessa Tigue.
KEY family:
Thomas and Jane Key and their six children arrived in New Zealand on board the Oliver Lang in 1856. Their daughter, Louisa, married James Richard Bills whose parents had emigrated to New Zealand on board the Clifton in 1842. The Wellington electoral rolls show that her family also lived in Tinakori Rd Wellington, where they presumably met. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact  J Featherston the 3rd Great Granddaughter of Frederick and Mary Ann Bills and of Thomas and Jane Key.


CAVE family:
Born in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, England, Matthew Beck Cave, aged 38, his wife, Mary Anne, aged 37, and    their two children, Fred, aged 13, and Matthew, aged 2, sailed to New Zealand on the vessel Oliver Lang. Behind them in England, they left the graves of five of their seven children. Two more were born in New Zealand. For a time Matthew and Mary Anne settled at Johnsonville and their son, Everett, was born there in 1858.  Matthew and his eldest son, Fred, worked in the Ngahauranga Gorge building the bridges. Matthew and Mary Anne were offered a ten acre block of land for one pound an acre in the Wairarapa and the family shifted to Featherston where they settled at No 1 line (next to "Ardogowan" gate), building a two storey house. A daughter, Mary Jane, was born in 1863.  Years later, after the death of Mary Anne, Matthew shifted to Carterton  where he lived in a two roomed cottage behind the boarding house owned by his son, Fred, and his wife Sarah. He suffered from very bad asthma and died there in 1900.  He was buried with his wife at the Featherston cemetry. If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Glenys Nelson. (Glenys would like us to acknowledge that much of the material for this "thumbnail" came from a booklet produced by H.E. Cave for a family reunion held in July 1990).


FOX James William
James was born in Vauxhall in London to Priscilla (nee PERCY) and James (a bricklayer) and christened on the 29th May 1836 at Holt Trinity Church in Clapham. He enlisted on the 11th August 1855 at the age of 19 in the Land Transport Corps of the Imperial army to fight in the Crimean War and was discharged at Browdon, on the 9th August 1856, after having served for 363 days.  He emigrated to N.Z. soon afterwards on the ship the Oliver Lang . James was married in Taita on the 11th March 1859 to Helen Burns TANNAHILL  At this time James was living in the Stokes Valley working as a bricklayer James is listed in the Electoral Roll for the Hutt Valley for 1865. James died on the 30th August 1884 aged 49 and is buried in the Anglican churchyard at "Christ Church" Taita along with Helen who died on the 7th November 1914 aged 73. Anyone interested in this family please contact Tony Christiansen

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