Barque: 500 Tons
Captain: John Whyte
Surgeon Superintendent: Isaac Earl Featherston
Sailed London 9th December 1840 - arrived Port Nicholson 20th April 1841

Name Age Occupation Comments
Cabin Passengers
Burrows T D 20
Doughty Charles George 25
Featherston Dr Isaac Earl 27   Surgeon Superintendent
Bethia Campbell 27
Gowan F 22
Gowan H 23
Jones W 25
Mason Thomas 22
Jane 22
Phillips William Morgan
Piper 25
Roberts D 21
White 30
Steerage Passengers
Barker James 33 Farm Labourer
Mary 29
Mary Ann 10
Elizabeth 3
Sarah 1
Son Infant Born at sea 2/4/1841
Lat 44.00S Long 132.26E
Barns James 21 Agricultural Labourer
Birmingham John 25 Labourer
Bluett Adam snr 40 Locksmith
Catherine 38
Bluett Thomas 21 Smith and Bell Hanger Cook for the voyage
Mary 25
Thomas 3
Mary Ann 11 months
Bryson Thomas 26 Gardener
Catherine 21
Burton James 51 Smith
Elizabeth Elizabeth was James 2nd wife and married George Smith in 1860
Amy 27 Sempstress
Elizabeth 26 Sempstress
Emily 17 Sempstress           Married John Morden Brook/es, Interpreter to Capt Arthur Wakefield - Killed at the Wairau. Later married Samuel Stafford STYLES
James 16 Labourer
Burton William 24 Smith Eldest son to James Burton Snr
Mary 30
Eliza 5 months Grandaughter to James Burton Snr - Married Henry Howard
Connacher Donald 30 Boot & Shoemaker
Margaret 25
Corley Isaac 23 Agricultural Labourer
Couttie David 26 Labourer
Janet 25
George 12
Alexander 9
James 2
Daughter Infant Born at sea 23/3/1841
Lat 40.10S Long 100.01E
Fox Edward Thomas 35 Plumber
Harriet 27
Giles John 27 Agricultural Labourer
Graham Agnes 36 Sempstress
Thomas 16 Labourer
James 13
Nancy 9
Margaret 7
Mary 4
Betty 18 months
Hall 26
Heggie Thomas 24 Millwright
Ann Mary 20
Thomas Infant Born at sea 26/1/1841
Lat 20.58S Long 31.00W
Honeyman Thomas 25 Agricultural Labourer Assistant to Surgeon
mary 28
Kilgour John 36 Slater & Plasterer
Margaret 38
William 4
Langley Peter 23 Labourer
Leslie Mary 17 Servant
Lyal Robert 36 Millwright & Sawyer
Agnes 36
McKain Douglas Mary 49   Widow
John Ward 24 Tailor
Robina Agnes 18 Sempstress
James Buchanan 16 Tailor
Frederick Dunmore 14 Labourer
Isaac Septimus 11
McNaughton Mary 29 Dressmaker Widow
Laurance 7
Mabey Charles 38 Agricultural Labourer & Flax Dresser
Harriet 35
Sophia 10 Comment on passenger list "Sophia 10 years left behind. W.A."
Charles 3
Mary 21 months
Joseph Croom Infant Born at sea 12/3/1841
Lat 40.35S Long 65.36E
Mabey Job 28 Agricultural Labourer
Rachael 28
Mary Jane 4
Sarah 3 Died at sea 9/2/1841 "Croup"
Lat 31.16S Long 17.07W
Miller William 26 Joiner & Turner
Neale William 37 Lime Burner
Sarah 38
William jnr 16 Lime Burner
Pollock Janet 30 Housemaid
Pollock Robert 29 Smith
Pope Henry 27 Brickmaker
Eliza 28
Jane 5 Died at sea 23/12/1840 "Malignant Scarlet Fever"
Lat 28.47N Long 19.27W
William 3
Henry 6 months Died at sea 21/12/1840 "Apparently an overdose of laudanum given by his parents" Lat 32.40N Long 18.40W
Saxby Benjamin 19 Agricultural Labourer
Saxby William 43 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 32
Mary 9
James 4
Son Infant
Scott Thomas 26 Ploughman
Mary 20
John 13 months Died at sea 7/1/1841 "Intestinal Worms"
Long 6.00N Lat 21.33W
Shepherd William 35 Slater
Margaret 23
James 3
Jane 16 months
Sime James 26 Wright
Janet 27
Mary 5
James 3
David 3
Janet 4 months
Tolhurst Samuel 34 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 27
Sarah 8
Amy 5
Mary 3
Elizabeth 2
Underdown William 20 Agricultural Labourer
Vennell Samuel 27 Painter & Glazier
Pamela 28
Wilkie George 36 Gardener
Ann 36
Elizabeth 14
Catherine 12
George 10
John 7
Peter 3
Son Infant Born at sea 4/4/1841
Lat 43.24S Long 138.44E
Wilkinson David 28
Elizabeth 23
Christina 14 months
Williamson Charles 16 Labourer
Williamson Thomas 35 Labourer
Eliza 34
Eliza 7
Wood Betsy 16 Sempstress
Wood James 35 Gardener
Hannah 32
Martha 11
Cimino Salvatore 33 Crew member


Born in England 1813 and graduated as a physician in Edniburgh 1836. Sailed to New Zealand as a surgeon on the Olympus 1840. Member of Parliament 1853-70 and four times elected Superintendent of Wellington. Appointed Agent General for New Zealand in London in 1870 where he died on 21st June 1876. Featherston in the Wairarapa was named after him in 1854.
Source: New Zealand Gazette No60 28th October 1875.
MCKAIN family:
Douglas Mary Dunsmore McKain was born in Glasgow, Scotland c 1792 but moved to London as her stepfather was stationed at the Tower of London. It was here that she met her future husband, William McKain a tailor from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Douglas Mary and William travelled to Guernsey to marry but soon after returned to London and the tower where their eldest daughter was born & christened, and after this they moved to Cheadle in Staffordshire. Between 1809 and 1831 they were to have 13 children, 10 of who survived to adulthood. In 1837, William McKain died and three years later a brave and corageous Douglas Mary decided to emigrate to New Zealand along with four sons and the youngest of her daughters, Robina Agnes. Douglas Mary was a well educated woman loving to write and read poetry and on the voyage out she wrote letters to her family home in England. In New Zealand Douglas Mary stayed for a time in Wellington where she was a mid-wife, nurse and governess and where one of her sons John Ward McKain was to settle. The rest of the family, however, had moved up to Napier and it was here that Douglas Mary would spend the rest of her days. She died on April 3rd 1873 at the age of 84 after a truly remarkable and adventurous life. A note in a book written about the family says of her final resting place. The higher terrace of the Eskdale Cemetery looks over the fertile Esk Valley, with its lush vineyards stretching afar. On a prominent elevation is a granit obelisk erected to the memory of Douglas Mary. If you are interested in learning more about Douglas Mary Dunsmore McKain or wish to share information please contact Pam Thomson in Canada or visit Pams New Zealand McKain website.


Thomas Williamson his wife Eliza and children Charles and Eliza came from somewhere in Somerset, England and took up farming in the Wellington area and were still there up to 1865/66. Young Eliza married Henry Shirley (arrived on the "Arab" in 1841) in Wellington on 07 Jan1849 and they had 4 children in Wellington before joining the move with most of the Shirley family to Napier. After the death of her husband in 1879 Eliza moved to the New Plymouth area to be closer to her son's family and died in 1921.
This family's origins and what happened to them remain largely a mystery and any information on them would be much appreciated. Please contact Roger Shirley.


BURTON family:
James BURTON was a blacksmith in London. He married twice:- 1) Mary LEE of Lee Green, London 2) Elizabeth WILKINS. In December 1840 James with his second wife Elizabeth (nee Wilkins), his children and grandchild Eliza aged 5 months dau of William and Mary (who later married Peter Crow), and sister Elizabeth aged 29 who later married Peter Crow* sailed as immigrants to New Zealand on board the Olympus. If you have a link to this family or wish to learn more please contact Jane Markotsis.


MABEY family:
Charles and Job MABEY were brothers and it is possible they both originally came from Dorset, but were both married in Devonshire in the 1830s.  Charles married Harriet (nee CROOM) and Job married Rachael (nee MOCKERIDGE). Both families emigrated to New Zealand on board this sailing to the Olympus. During the voyage a son was born to Charles and Harriet named Joseph Croom MABEY. They settled at Taita, Lower Hutt where Mabey Road was later named after them.  Charlie moved his family to Upper Hutt approx 1860, and Job and his sons continued to farm and market garden at Mabey Road.  Charlie and Harriett are buried at St John's Churchyard, Trentham, Upper Hutt. If you have a connection with this family or wish to know more please contact Janet Doyle.


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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/1 p 311