Barque: 500 Tons
Captain: John Whyte
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr. Henry Manning
Sailed London June 16th 1842 - arrived Nelson October 28th 1842

Name Age Occupation Comments
Cabin Passengers
Manning Henry Surgeon
Rowe Anthony 21
Thorp Charles 21
Weightman William Alexander 23
Wells William 32
Antony Alfred 22 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 20
Bagnall William 35 Carpenter & Joiner
Lydia 34
Mary 11
Ann 9
Bartlett John 37 Labourer
Maria 34
Joseph 12
Thomas 10
Ann 7
Mary 3
Robert Infant
Batt John 26 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 20
Bomforth Henry 22 Woodturner
Caroline 21
Martha 9 months
Bomforth John 37 Carpenter
Harriet 38
Harriet Maria 14 Sempstress
Sarah Jane 11
Eliza 7
Mary 5
George 3
James Infant
Chant William 25 General labourer
Eliza 21
Ellen Infant
Childs Charles 21 Baker
Clark Ishmael 35 Carpenter
Betsy 34
George 11
Thomas 7
Rhoda 2
Elizabeth Infant
Clark Joseph 25 Farm Servant
Amelia 27
Edwards John 32 Carpenter &  Joiner
Mary 33
Jane 8
John 7
William 3
Robert 3 months
Hall Edward 25 Tailor
Elizabeth 26
John 2
Sarah Infant
Harvey William 38 Sawyer
Hannah 38
William Jnr 20 Sawyer
Abraham 18 Sawyer
Hannah 16 Sempstress
Nathan 14 Labourer
Harriett 12
Catherine 4
Hewitson Joseph 37 Agricultural Labourer
Jane 21
Child by a former wife 10
Hough William 34 Millwright & Sawyer
Ann 24
Ellen Susannah 5
Mary Ann 1
Sarah 1 month
Johnson George 23 Smith
Martha 21
Jones William 34 Carpenter & Joiner
Margaret 33
William Henry 9
Cecilia 6
Knapp James 21 Mason's Labourer
Ellen 17
Knight Mary 16  Domestic Servant Sister of Mrs Batt
Laney Edward 34 Baker
Mary 31
William Infant
Lucas Charles 22 Shoemaker
Elizabeth 23
Lucy Jane 1
Matthews Charles 37 Agricultural Labourer
Eliza 37
Thomas 11
Sarah Ann 9
Richard 7
Mary 5
Naomi 1
Moulder William 25 Gardener
Mary Ann 28
William 3
Eliza 1
Palmer William 36 Agricultural Labourer, Mason & Builder
Elizabeth 33
Ann 10
Hannah 8
Job 5
William 2
Phillips William 22 Carpenter
Price Thomas 35 Gardener
Dinah 33
Caroline 11
John 9
Sarah 7
Joseph 5
Thomas 3
Ann 1
Prior John 22 Carpenter & Wheelwright
Alice 20
Tilley Jonathon 29 Shoemaker
Mary 34
William 5
Mary 2
Trask Joseph 27 Farm Labourer
Jane 28
Alfred George 1
Warner Richard 23 Quarryman & Blacksmith
Eliza 23
Richard Jnr 1
Wenmoth William 36 Carpenter & Joiner
Nancy 38
Ann 14 Servant
Eliza 7
Joseph 4
White Henry 10 }Children of Mrs Laney
Ann 8   }by a former marriage
White Charles 34 Bricklayer & Agricultural Labourer
Hannah 34
Mary Ann 13
William 9
Sarah Jane 5
Woodward Margaret 27 Dressmaker
Woodward Mary 25 Dressmaker
Woodward Eleanor 18 Dressmaker
Woodward Robert 23 Blacksmith
Margaret 22
CHANT family:
William and Eliza CHANT (nee Trihorn) and their infant daughter Ellen arrived on this sailing of the Olympus. William was born 1816, Sherborne, Dorset. Eliza was born 1820 in Salisbury,Wiltshire. They married in Southampton, 31 Jan 1841. They settled in Nelson before moving to Motueka, where in 1869, William Chant is listed as a brewer. They had 10 children. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Sarah Johnston.
BARTLETT family:
This family was assisted in their passage to New Zealand by the Vestry of the Church of St Mary the Virgin, East Chinnock and by help given to the family by Lord Portman. Although listed as a Labourer (ag lab) John had been working in a local factory making canvas. They first lived in a nikau whare in the Maitai Valley before moving to Marlborough where work was found on the Adams' estate. They built a cob house which still stands. More information about this family from Grev Bartlett

LANEY family:
Edward and his family came from Andover, Hampshire. He soon established a bakery in Nelson and then set up a Public House, The Baker's Arms. He ran a successful bakery business helped by his step daughter Ann (White). Hard times came and he served a few days in the debtors' prison. Ann married Joseph Bartlett and after he drowned his brother Thomas. More information about this family from Grev Bartlett


WARNER family:
Eliza was born at Hailsham, Sussex, England.  Her parents and family moved to Ore, Sussex circa 1830.  Richard WARNER  & Eliza WRIGHT married at Ore in 1841. The y had one child in England, Richard Warner Jnr, and then emigrated to the new Nelson settlement. They had 12 issue and many of the WARNER descendants in NZ also had big families. Richard was lucky to escape during the Wairau incident. He squatted on land in The Wood, Nelson and eventually bought land there, in Cambria Street.  Both Eliza & Richard died relatively young and their two youngest surviving children, Abraham and Martha, were adopted/raised by friends.  It is likely that Joseph & Elizabeth WARNER who both died in 1851at Ore were the parents of Richard - Richard's father was definitely called Joseph.  At Hailsham, James WRIGHT was a labourer come pedlar. If you have a link with this family or would like to learn more please contact Peter Dillon.


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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/2 p 367