Barque: 500 tons
Captain: Thomas Shrubole Beale
Surgeon Superintendent: James Eyres Coward
Sailed London 24th February 1850 - arrived New Plymouth 30th June,
                                                              Nelson 11th July
                                                                                    Port Chalmers 6th September

The Poictiers, a barque of 500 tons, sailed from London on the 24th February, and arrived at New Plymouth on the 30th June, 1850, in command of Captain Beale. She experienced a stormy passage of 115 days. The cattle and sheep placed on board all died or were washed overboard before reaching the Line, and the passengers and crew suffered for want of food for some weeks before reaching their destination. Four deaths occurred during the voyage. Mr John James Weston, with his wife and family, arrived by this barque. Mr Weston was the father of Mr Henry Weston, the late proprietor of the "Taranaki Herald". Having some passengers and cargo for Nelson, the barque proceeded on to that port, arriving on July 11th. She then went on to Port Chalmers, arriving on the 6th September the same year.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Note from the Surgeon Superintendent

Name Age Occupation Destination
Chief Cabin
Adams Francis 24 New Plymouth
Barton Wife ? 22 Otago
Coward Lucy 23 Otago
Lucy 10�
Rosa 10�
Dampier Henry 21 New Plymouth
Gates Ann 23 New Plymouth
Greenwood Robert 50 Gentleman New Plymouth
Robert William 10
Arthur Edward 2
Harris Henry 27 Otago
McPherson George 20 Otago His name is Berney
Percival Augustua 19 Gentleman Canterbury
Pillans Albert 18 Otago
Pollard Richard 26 Gentleman Canterbury
Richardson Henry 50 New Plymouth
Stuart Alexander 32 Otago
Worsley Charles Bethell 19 New Plymouth
Fore Cabin
Archibald Alexander 21 Otago
Archibald Thomas 19 Farmer Otago
Bernay Lewis 19 Gentleman Otago
Bishop Benjamin 20 Gentleman Otago
Bowler Joseph 40 Wellington
Sarah 40
Joseph 67
John 7
Harriet Infant
Braybton Henry 25 Gentleman Canterbury
Cook Francis 42 Wellington
Godfrey John 27 Farmer Otago
Sarah 24
Johnston John 22 New Plymouth
Latham Robert 24 Wellington
Robinson Robert 20 Nelson
Trolove Robert 17 Nelson
Wallace James 19 Otago
George 18 Otago
Aitken Alexander 40 Otago
Sarah 34
Sarah 13
Robert 6
Barton Charles 19 Gardener / Labourer Nelson
Beaton William 27 Ag. Labourer Nelson
Brown William 17
Coates Giles 43 Labourer Nelson
Mary Ann 14 Servant
Eliza E. 10
Rose 7
Donald Alexander 26 Ag. Labourer Nelson
Etty Sarah 46 Widow Nelson
Rose 13
Victoria 11
Matilda 8
French William 32 Ag. Labourer New Plymouth
Nominated by Greenwood
Mary 32
Anne 4
Sarah 1
Henderson Mary 34 Wellington
Hepburn George 47 Farmer Otago
Rachael 45
William 15
James 13
Sarah 12
George 11
David 8
Jessie 6
Rachael 4
Andrew 2
Howarth Thomas 22 Labourer Otago
Kennedy Charles 17 Labourer Otago
Hoskins John 34 Labourer Nelson
Lydia 35
Edwin J. 13
Lydia H. 11
Clara 9
Esther 7
Alice 6
Prince John 4
Arthur James 1
Julia Emma Infant
Lambert George 19 Labourer Nelson
Belinda 17 Servant
Lane Anne 25 Domestic Servant Nelson
Lane Thomas 37 Wellington
�24 guaranteed in the colony see Mr Fox's despatch Wellington No 83/49. The child being in Ireland could not be got over in time for the "Poictiers"
Mary 30
Marshall Robert 28 Farmer Otago
Catherine 26
Meekam William 24 Farmer Otago
Pettit Charles 26 Bricklayer and Ag. Lab. Nelson
Mary Anne 32
Mary Maze 5
Carter 2
George 1
Smith Fitzroy 42 Farmer
Smith William 28 Farmer Otago
Stockbridge Elizabeth 22 Farm Servant Nelson
Taylor James 29 Farm Servant Nelson
Turner James Shoemaker Wellington


Journal of George Hepburn - This link is to "Electric Scotland" where information concerning George Hepburn and his voyage to New Zealand has been posted.

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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/3 p 175