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Quarantine Regulations
Published in each Provincial Gazette during 1864

1. There shall for every port be a Health Officer, who shall from time to time be appointed and be removable by the Superintendent.

2. There shall for every Port be a Board of Health, which shall consist of the Resident Magistrate of the Port, one or more Justices of the Peace to be appointed by the superintendent, the principal Officer of the customs at the Port, the Health Officer at the Port. And if the Health Officer be not a medical practitioner, one or more legally qualified medical practitioners to be appointed by the Superintendent. The Resident Magistrate shall be Chairman of the Board.

3. It shall be lawful for the Superintendent upon the recommendation of the Board of Health to appoint any station or place within the port or harbour for the performance of Quarantine, where all vessels liable to Quarantine and the crews, passengers and other persons on board thereof shall perform the same, and also if necessary to appoint lazarets and other places where the crews, passengers and other persons and the goods, wares and merchandise which shall or may be on board the said vessels shall and may be detained, landed and kept for the performance of quarantine. Provided that any Quarantine Ground or lazaret heretofore legally appointed by the Governor or by and Superintendent shall be deemed to have been appointed under these regulations.

4. The master of any vessel arriving from any port in the Australian /colonies or New Zealand which may at any time, by a notice in the New Zealand Gazette, be duly declared an infected port, and the master of every vessel arriving from any port whatsoever not within the Australian Colonies or New Zealand, shall on approaching any port in New Zealand cause the Health Officer's flag (No 8 of Marryat's code) to be hoisted at the mast or mainmast head of the said vessel, and shall keep the same flying until she has been communicated with by the Harbour Master, Pilot, or other officer of the port, after which, if the vessel be considered clean, the said flag may be hauled down. If any such vessel shall call at more than one New Zealand port, the flag herein prescribed shall be hoisted on arrival at each port.

5. Should it be considered necessary by the Harbour Master, Pilot or other officer as aforesaid that such vessel shall be visited by the Health Officer, the master shall on being directed to do so, cause the vessel to be anchored in the quarantine ground appointed for the harbour, and shall hoist the quarantine (or yellow) flag as hereinafter appointed.

6. The master of every vessel so anchored is to deliver to the Harbour Master, Pilot, or other person duly authorised by the Superintendent to receive the same, his bill of health, manifest, log book, and journal, and he is to fill up a report in the form and manner pointed out in the schedule annexed.

7. No person shall go on board any vessel whilst the yellow quarantine is flying, and before she has been visited  by the Health officer, and if any person shall offend against this regulation he shall, in addition to other penalties which he may thereby incur, be liable to be compelled to remain on Board or in the lazaret until the vessel or their passengers and crew be duly admitted to pratique, should they be thereafter placed in quarantine; and no person shall assist any one on board to leave such vessel or in any way assist to remove any goods, packages, or baggage soever, before such vessel has been duly visited by the Health Officer.

8. The Health Officer shall immediately visit any vessel which has hoisted the yellow flag, and has been brought up in the quarantine ground, and if he shall find that any sickness of an infectious or contagious nature exists or shall then recently have existed on board of her, he shall declare the vessel to be in quarantine and shall submit full information in regard thereto to the Board of Health. But should he be satisfied that the sickness is not of a contagious nature he may authorise the hauling down of the yellow flag, and the removal of the vessel to the ordinary mooring ground.

9. The Master of every vessel on quarantine is to hoist at the main a yellow flag of not less than six breadths of bunting by day, and a white light by night in an ordinary globe lantern, not less than eight inches in diameter, and to keep the same respectively hoist until released from quarantine. The said lantern at the main to be in addition to the usual anchor light provided for in the Harbour regulations.

10. The master of every vessel in quarantine shall not either himself quit, or permit any seaman, passenger, or other person to quit the same until duly admitted to pratuque, expect by special authority from the Board of Health.

11. No seaman, passenger, or other person shall quit any vessel in quarantine or any lazaret to which he may have been removed from a vessel in quarantine until admitted to pratique.

12. No master of any vessel in quarantine shall suffer any goods , wares, or merchandise, packets, packages, books, letters, or other articles to be unshipped or landed from such vessel.

13. No person shall remove or aid and assist in removing from any vessel in quarantine or from any lazaret, in which any persons are performing quarantine, any goods, wares, merchandise, packets, packages, baggage, books, letters, or other articles or any of them.

14. No person shall knowingly receive any goods, wares, or merchandise, packets, package, books, or letters, or any other article whatever from any vessel in quarantine or from any lazarat in which persons are performing quarantine.

15. No person, without the authority of the board of Health, shall go within the limits of the quarantine station when any vessel shall be then at anchor performing quarantine, or within the limits of any lazaret while the same is occupied by persons performing quarantine and any person offending against this regulation shall in addition to any other penalties to which he may be liable, be liable to be detained and kept in quarantine as if he were himself subject to quarantine.

16. If any officer, or person entrusted with orders respecting quarantine, shall in any way neglect his dury he shall be deemed guilty of an offence against these reulations.

17. If any person shall, contary to the provisions of these regulations, quit any vessel in quarantine, or any lazaret in which he may be performing quarantine, or go with in the limits of any quarantine station or lazaret while the same is occupied by persons performing quarantine, and thereafter quit the same, it shall be lawful for any Peace Officer or constable to apprehend him and carry him before a Justice of the Peace, who may, if he shall think fit, grant his warrant for conveying such person back to the vessel, quarantine station, or lazaret which he shall have left, there to remain in quarantine until admitted to practique.

18. The Board of Health, or a majority of the members thereof, shall have authority to detain any such vessel as aforesaid in quarantine, or the crew or passengers thereof in lazaret until every symptom of an infectious or contagious disease, as aforesaid, shall have dissapeared, and sufficient time to prevent the spread of such disease shall in the opinion of the Board have elapsed since the last case disappered, and therupon to release such vessel, passengers, or crew from quarantine, ans admit the same to pratique.

19. The Board of Health shall have power to prescribe all measures mecessary for cleansing , purifying, and didinfecting any vessel in quarantine, and the passengers and crew thereof, and the goods, wares, and merchandise therin and if necessary to order the destruction af any clothing or materials which cannot be cleansed purified or disinfected.

20. During the detention of the crew or passengers of any vessel in quarantine, whether on board or on shore, the master of such vessel shall provide and supply provisions for the said crew and passengers on the same scale as during the voyage.

21 During the period any vessel may be in quarantine the Health Officer and one or more other Members of the Board of Health shall visit her alongside from time to time, and institute such regulations as the nature of the case may demand, and the master or commander shall carry such regulatons into effect.

NOTE: Any person offending against the provisions of any of these regulations, for the breach of which no penalty is specifically provided, is subject to "The Marine Act 1867" to a penalty not exceeding �50.0.0.