Queen of the Mersey
Ship: 1227 Tons
Captain: Atkins
Surgeon Superintendent:
Departed London July 3rd 1862 - arrived Lyttelton October 19th 1862

The Queen of the Mersey was American built in 1860 for Mr H. Melvain, of Newcastle. In 1862 she was chartered for two voyages to New Zealand. On July 3rd she sailed from London for Lyttlelon with 349 immigrants making the passage in 108 days. Ten deaths occured, mostly children from measles. During the passage a serious mutiny took place among a portion of the crew. On arrival five of the men were brought up at the Police Court and sentenced to a term of imprisionment.       
Source White Wings Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of Queen of the Mersey
Possible picture of Queen of The Mersey
This picture has been kindly sent to us by Glenn Newton and was drawn by his Grandfather William Charles Brown. Thanks Glenn. Your kindness is much appreciated

Many thanks to Lorraine Duncan for transcribing and providing us with this passenger list.

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Bull Henry 48 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Sarah 45
Walter 11
Albert 10
A?ley 7
Biel Frederick 31 Germany Farm Labourer
Maria 21
Balthusa Infant
Bisset Christopher 28 Stirlingshire Shepherd
Ann 27
Bonnyman James 31 Banffshire Labourer
Helen 25
Brooker Johnathan 33 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary 34
William 11
John 6
Johnathan 4
Baby Infant
Brooks Thomas 53 Cornwall Labourer
Margaret 43
Bryne Edward 29 Carlow Bricklayer
Ellen 25
Burnett Thomas 36 Roxburgh Labourer
Catherine 36
Alexander 10
Jane 8
William 6
Isabella 4
Costley John 48 Antrim Farm Labourer
Mary 34
Jane 11
William 7
Mary Sarah 5
John 3
Matilda 7 mths
Currie William 48 Renfrewshire Labourer
Agnes 11
Dawson George 26 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Sarah Elizabeth 25
Duffty Thomas 31 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer
Louise 28
Elizabeth 2
Funston Frederick 23 Surrey Gardener
Margaret 22
Emily 2
Frederick Infant
Guiney James 38 Down Farm Labourer
Ann 36
Eliza 9
Samuel 7
Prudence 5
Margaret 3
William James Infant
Guy Matthew 47 Armagh Farm Labourer
Sarah 47
Sarah Jane 11
Emma 9
William 6
Thomas 3
Harrison William 31 Kent Carpenter
Charlotte 30
Charlotte 3
Hewson Henry 37 Banffshire Shepherd
Caroline 37
Alexander 11
William 9
Hughes James 49 Monaghan Labourer
Jane 39
Joseph William 11
James 10
Jane 6
Thomas 2
Kinnear George 39 Forfarshire Ploughman
Jessie 23
Lawry Walter 44 Cornwall Farmer
Gertrude 45
Walter 11
Ellen 9
Samuel 7
Annie 6
William R. 4
Joseph H. 2
Le Vavasseur Jean 36 Jersey Farm Labourer
Valerie 28
Marie Infant
Low Alexander 36 Forfarshire Labourer
Christina 30
John 7
Alexander 5
Elizabeth 3
Mannel Newrick 29 Yorkshire Labourer
Diana 30
Robert 9
Mary Elizabeth Infant
Martin Charles 40 Middlesex Carpenter
Eliza 42
Matthews John 23 Armagh Farm Labourer
Hannah 30
John 5 mths
McDougald George 26 Forfarshire Joiner
Agnes 23
Ann Infant
McGregor John 35 Lanarkshire Ploughman
Christina 30
Isabella 3
John Infant
McKinnie Joseph 20 Kirkcudbright Labourer
Elizabeth 19
McLeod John 33 Ayrshire Farm Labourer
Christina 27
Kenneth 10
John 8
James 5
Robert Infant
McQuilland George 39 Armagh Farm Labourer
Martha 39
Alexander 10
Mary 6
Mitchell William 23 Forfarshire Labourer
Isabella 23
James 1
Moore Robert 29 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Sarah Jane 29
Charlotte 6
William 4
Margaret 2
Morris William 35 Lanarkshire Ploughman
Jane 28
James 7 mths
Morse Thomas 31 Gloustershire Farm Labourer
Pricilla 28
Mary 5
Martha 3
Orley John 22 Middlesex Bricklayer
Ann 23
Pain James T. 35 Hants Farmer
Matilda 37
Ophelia 11
James 10
George 8
Mary Ann 5
Jane 4
Parlane John 32 Lanarkshire Ploughman
Agnes 32
James 6
John 4
David 2
Parker William 40 Yorkshire Framer
Jane 38
Mary Jane 11
Samuel 8
Sarah 6
Henry 4
Amanda 2
Harvey Infant
Peebles Peter 48 Perthshire Ploughman
Rebecca 43
James 11
Peter 9
Margaret 3
Petrie Daniel 28 Forfarshire Carpenter
Janet 24
Janet 2
Charles Infant
Quin John 21 Antrim Farm Labourer
Ann 23
Mary Ann Infant
Robinson Robert 30 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary 26
Robert Infant
Scille Julle France Farm Labourer
Augustine 27
Eulalio 2
Shaw David 24 Stirlingshire Ploughman
Margaret 20
Shepherd John 35 Forfarshire Farm Labourer
Margaret 23
John 3 mths
Swann James Butler 29 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Margaret 28
Arthur 5
William 3
Mary 2
Thomas Samuel 38 Down Farm Labourer
Eliza Jane 37
Margaret 10
Samuel 8
Caroline 6
James 4
Joseph 10 mths
Thomas John 28 Gloustershire Farm Labourer
Ann 24
Vincent Robert 36 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Fanny 36
Emma 11
John 10
Mary 8
Emily 6
Thomas Infant
Wallace Joseph 29 Lanarkshire Ploughman
Jane 32
John 2
David Infant
Wilkins Michael 23 Renfrewshire Farm Labourer
Ellen 20
Wills John 31 Rosshire Ploughman
Helen 25
James 6
John 4
Catherine Infant
Wilson Samuel 28 Down Ploughman
Mary E. 21
Eliza 2
Woods Henry 22 Antrim Farm Labourer
Margaret 19
George Infant
Young Thomas 27 Berwickshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 21
Single Men
Amy Francis 18 Jersey Farm Labourer
Baynes Mathias B. 18 Middlesex Labourer
Alfred Thomas 14 Middlesex Labourer
Bell Richard 26 Leicestershire Farm Labourer
Brennan Christopher 33 Carlow Shepherd
Brent George 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Brockie William 27 Kincardshire Ploughman
Brooks John 23 Cornwall Labourer
Thomas 19 Cornwall Labourer
Richard 15 Cornwall Labourer
Bull Henry 19 Middlesex Blacksmith
George 17 Middlesex Blacksmith
Frederick 14 Middlesex Blacksmith
Cairns Andrew 27 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer
Cairns James Forfarshire Farm Labourer
Chisnall George 20 Suffolk Farm Labourer
Clark James 23 Kirkcudbrightshire Farm Labourer
Collthart Robert 22 Wigtonshire Shepherd
Currie Samuel 28 Renfrewshire Labourer
John 23 Renfrewshire Joiner
Joseph 21 Renfrewshire Cartwright
Thomas 19 Renfrewshire Labourer
William 14 Renfrewshire
Doyle John 26 Kirkcudbrightshire Ploughman
Edgar Adam 23 Berwickshire Farm Labourer
Edward Robert 23 Aberdeenshire Farm Labourer
Fay Anthony 25 Cavan Farm Labourer
Fergus John 27 Cavan Farm Labourer
Gallagher John 22 Armagh Shoemaker
Harding Henry 19 Bucks Farm Labourer
Hewson Charles 19 Banffshire Labourer
George Henry 13 Banffshire Labourer
Hobbs Thomas 22 Middlesex Painter
Johnston William 22 Berwickshire Farm Labourer
James 23 Berwickshire Farm Labourer
King John 21 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
Lawry John 13 Cornwall
Manchester Henry Leicestershire Farm Labourer
Mansen Arthur 15 Zetland Farm Labourer
Martin Charles 21 Middlesex Farm Labourer
McArthur William 21 Fifeshire Shepherd
McDougall William 22 Perthshire Ploughman
John 23 Perthshire Ploughman
McFadyen John 30 Argyle Farm Labourer
McKinnie William 22 Kirkcudbrightshire Ploughman
McLean John 28 Rosshire Shepherd
McLean Hugh 21 Rosshire Ploughman
McQuilland Robert 14 Armagh
Middleton J 44 Yorkshire Labourer
Moles James B. 27 Down farm Labourer
Morse Richard 25 Gloustershire Labourer
Munro John 24 Rosshire Ploughman
Pain John 25 Hants Carpenter
Parker J 17 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
W Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Charles 13 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Peebles Andrew 21 Forfarshire Ploughman
Rae David 25 Kirkcudbrightshire Shepherd
Reid Alexander 23 Rosshire Ploughman
Ross Gibbs L. 17 Somersetshire Clerk
Selby George 24 Berwickshire Farm Labourer
Small John 23 Cumberland Farm Labourer
Smith John 19 Down Farm labourer
Adam 16 Down Farm Labourer
Stewart William 22 Banffshire Baker
Tait Samuel 16 Zetland Farm Labourer
Taplin James 17 Oxford Shepherd
Tate John 25 Down Farm Labourer
Thomas Henry 18 Down Labourer
Thomson James 23 Wigtonshire Shepherd
Wright George 36 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Single Women
Baynes Frances 40 Middlesex Housekeeper
Frances L. 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Charles 11
Benjamin 10
Brooker Elizabeth 16 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Brooks Emma 21 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Elizabeth 17 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Brown Emma 20 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Cairns Margaret 21 Forfarshire Domestic Servant
Cranston Margaret 19 Dumfries Domestic Servant
Currie Jane 25 Renfrewshire Domestic Servant
Ellen 17 Renfrewshire Domestic Servant
Edwards Mary 28 Aberdeenshire Cook
Barbara 19 Aberdeenshire
Ferguson Margaret 22 Lanarkshire Domestic Servant
Grady Catherine 21 Domestic Servant
Green Helen 26 Aberdeenshire Cook
Guiney Jane 17 Down Domestic Servant
Mary Ann 15 Down Domestic Servant
Bella 13 Down Domestic Servant
Guy Elizabeth 24 Armagh Domestic Servant
Maria 21 Armagh Domestic Servant
Margaret 18 Armagh Domestic Servant
Mary Ann 13 Armagh Domestic Servant
Hedges Elizabeth 23 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Henderson Sarah 20 Lanarkshire Dairymaid
Hewson Caroline 16 Banffshire Domestic Servant
Hughes Sophia 20 Moraghan Domestic Servant
Margaret 15 Moraghan Domestic Servant
Kelly Margaret 22 Lanarkshire Domestic Servant
Lawry Mary 18 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Gertrude 16 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Jane 15 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Lingwall Mary 21 Forfarshire Dairymaid
Lippard Maria 24 Kent Domestic Servant
McGregor Isabella 55 Lanarkshire Housekeeper
McGregor Margaret 28 Lanarkshire Domestic Servant
McQuilland Elizabeth 16 Domestic Servant
Murphy Jane 20 Down Dairymaid
Niven Helen 27 Forfarshire Dairymaid
Pain Martha 18 Hants Domestic Servant
Matilda 18 Hants Domestic Servant
Park Joan 30 Peebleshire Domestic Servant
Peebles Ann 19 Forfarshire Dairymaid
Poore Kate 17 Somerset Dairymaid
Reid Mary 19 Lanarkshire Domestic Servant
Robb Jessie 21 Forfarshire Dairymaid
Robertson Jane 21 Lanarkshire Domestic Servant
Soutar Agnes 18 Forfarshire Domestic Servant
Stewart Susan 17 Londonderry Domestic Servant
Isabella 16 Londonderry Domestic Servant
Stallion Agnes S. 27 Middlesex Nurse
Thomas Mary 16 Down Domestic Servant
Elizabeth 14 Down Domestic Servant
Sarah 12 Down Domestic Servant
Vincent Selina 13 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Weller Ellen 20 Kent Domestic Servant
Wilson Isabella 35 Somerset Domestic Servant
Woods Mary Ann 26 Antrim Dairymaid
Wormack Sarah 38 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
MANNEL family:
These names have seen several variations, Mannell, Menil with the name in New Zealand staying as Meynell. Newrick Meynell was christened 23 June 1833 at Hutton Ambo, Yorkshire England. His death was 5 April 1892 with the cause of death as diabetes, and he is buried at Addington Cemetery, Christchurch. Diana was born c 1833 at Yorkshire, in the 1841 census she was recorded as living at a workhouse at Driffield, Yorkshire being 8 years of age. Her parents were Francis Shepherdson and Mary nee Bays. In 1841 Newrick lived at Huttons Ambo with his father Robert and his mother Elizabeth [Roberts 2nd wife] and Joseph his brother, 3 years older than Newrick. In 1851 he was residing at Wetwang Yorkshire and his occupation was general labourer. He married Diana Shepherdson in Great Driffield Yorkshire on the 6th May 1854. They boarded the ship Queen of the Mersey 3 July 1862 with son Robert and daughter Mary Elizabeth. They were to have 4 more children born in New Zealand, Ada Jane, Richard, Joseph and Newrick (jnr). Newrick’s son Robert was to marry Annie Harris from Islip Oxfordshire Eng in 1878 and they had 14 children. One of their sons Robert was to marry an Agnes nee Meager in 1903 Otago and they had 9 children, one being my Mother’s Mother, Ada Catherine nee Meynell who married a Francis Rush (1of  8 orphans as their Mother and premature twins died during a heavy snowfall while they lived in a calico hutt right in Gabriel’s gully. The husband died 2 weeks later).  I would love to make contact with any relative of this familyand share stories and possibly swap photo’s with. My email is [email protected] and my name is Christine.

Charles HEWSON:
Mr. CHARLES HEWSON, formerly of 'Greenfield," Geraldine, was born in Morayshire, Scotland, in 1843.  He is of English descent, and his father was head shepherd to the Duke of Richmond and Gordon at Castle Gordon; where he himself was brought up to shepherding.  In 1862 he left Scotland for New Zealand by the "Queen of the Mersey," and arrived in Lyttelton with a ten pound note in his pocket.  He went to Rangitata with his father, under engagement to the late Sir Cracroft Wilson, with whom he remained for a year.  He then went shearing for a year with a crack shearer named Burgess and afterwards..........
Reference: Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Canterbury Edition. page 883 (provided by Olwyn Whitehouse)


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