Requisition to the Surgeon Superintendent from the passengers of the ship Adamant

The following is a correct copy of the requistion, as given to the Doctor viz:-

We the undersigned emigrants on board the ship "Adamant", do earnestly request that the Captain give up the authority he now holds on board the above-mentioned ship, to the 1st Mate, before proceeding any further on our journey, as we consider our lives in peril, through the ship being run aground about 10 o'clock P.M. Sept. 16th 1875. And likewise through the intemperate habits of the Captain, Thomas Burch. And if the Captain refuses to act in accordance with this requisition, we desire to be put in at the nearest port.
Ship "Adamant"
Sept 17th 1875.

Signed:- Daniel Smith, F. Fox, C.F. Hill, Thomas Mason, John Chittleburgh, F. Gavey, Duncan MacDonald, Thomas Lockerbie, Benjamin Ward, John Hart, G.Conland, Edward S. Phillips, Benjamin Phelps, George Beazley, Thomas McIntosh, James Spratt, John Williams, Frederick Sparke, John Lightfoot, Thomas Kelly, Alfred Hart, John O'dwyre, Samual C. Lloyd, B. Murphy, Alfred Cowing, M. O'Neill, W. Butler, George Ford, William Bell, Alfred Johnson, William Hart, James Stackpool, Thomas Brown, Robert Robertson, Henry Ker, Alfred Gilbert, Stephen Goldsworthy, Jos. E. Perry, J. Thorn, John Beer, J.W.R. McCandley, Stephen Henry Richard, Hugh McShane, R.B. Morris, William Chantler, E. Johnson, Daniel McCoey, John Roderick, J. Moseley, Hugh Walker, John Disney, D.J. Service, John Jackson, John Ford, J. Wakeling, William Shand, John Irwin, G. Culf,  P. Walsh, Charles Rodan, B. Stackpool, T. Nille, Bern. McGinn, Denis O'Neill, Pat O'Connel, M. Connelly,  Nathn. Ayling, M. Cran, Dennis Hession, Foster Wilkinson, J. Clifford, Thomas Joyce, Stephen Burgess, M. O'Kelly, James Feely, M. Keenan, Teress. Fitzsimon [?], James Small, Jonathan Barke, James Deliny, E. Keenan, William Batt, T. O'Sullivan, P. Keenan, Alfred Cochrane, Kyren Clarke, C.H. Simmons, George Geoffrey, John Bergin, John Logan, Robert McDougall, Richard Plaw, Henry Jones, Dugald Livingstone, William Durie, Alex McLennan, Thomas McIntosh, James Maher, Alex McDonald, D. Donovan, Andrew Lowry, P. Stackpool. 

To George Stewart
Surgeon Superintendent.

(There are 102 signatures above. Allowing for variant spellings, all except 3 (Messrs Batt, Cochrane, Nille) appear on the ship's passenger list. Thirteen on that list did not sign the requisition.)