Ship: 600 tons
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 10th February 1874 - arrived Hawkes Bay 26th May 1874

The Schichallion, a smart little iron barque of 600 tons, was built in 1869 for the Shaw Savill Company. She had a rather short, career as she was wrecked in the English Channel on a voyage from Auckland in 1879. She visited all the principle ports of New Zealand, and on one occasion ran out to Wellington in 84 days port to port. Schichallion made two trips to Auckland, three to Wellington and one each to Lyttelton, Dunedin and Napier. On all of these voyages she was under the command of Captain Levack.

Name Age County Occupation
Steerage Passengers
Alspit John P 28 Jersey Carpenter
Ann 23
Archer William 26 Middlesex Labourer
Elizabeth 24
William G 1 Died on board (04/04/1874)
Convulsions following measles Buried at sea at Deal.
Female child Infant Born on board (22/03/1874)
Baker Alfred 32 Surrey Labourer
Elizabeth 28
Cohen Abraham 26 Poland Bootmaker
Charlotte 24
Lewis 3 months
Cooper Albert 27 Norfolk Bricklayer
Emily 25
Emily 2 Died on board (04/04/1874)
Infantile fever. Lingered on for 6 weeks following measles Buried at sea.
Davies Richard 33 Montgomery Joiner
Sarah J 32
John R 6
Emmett Charles 27 Surrey Sawyer
Eliza 24
Charles 6 months
Ford James 31 Oxfordshire Labourer
Elizabeth 26
Harry 7
Elizabeth 26 T/F to single women Cook
Hall William 26 Derbyshire Joiner
Fanny E 21
Hollins Frederick William 28 Hertfordshire Railway Servant
Mary A 31
George F 4
Robert H 1
Jennings William 21 Oxfordshire Labourer
Martha 23
Agnes 6 months
Jones Golding 37 Middlesex Bricklayer
Anna 30
Kemp Frederick 28 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Harriet 27
Elijah 6
Willie 4
Harriet 2
Daniel 24 T/F to single men
Elizabeth 19 T/F to single women
Edward 16 T/F to single men
Elijah 11
Female child Infant Born on board (17/03/1874)
Loveday James 33 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Lydia 31
George 11
Florence 10
William 7
Eliza 5
Sarah 4
James 2
Daniel 9 months Died on board (09/03/1874)
Bronchitis after 4 days illness - Buried at sea.
Macrow Isaac 25 Middlesex Labourer
Elizabeth 24
McAllister Archibald 19 Essex Labourer
Mary Ann 19
Nelson Charles 38 Dublin Baker
Charlotte 30
Rickard Richard 32 Wales Farm Labourer
Susan 32
Elizabeth A 4
Slipper William E 26 Norfolk Labourer
Eliza 26
Smith Henry 36 Staffordshire Labourer
Mary 33
Emma 15 T/F to single women
Frank 14 T/F to single men
Harry 11
Mary 9
Martha 7
George 5
William 2
Robert 3 months
Tuckwell William 34 Oxfordshire Shoemaker
Mary Ann 31
Prudence 12 T/F to single women
William 10
Jane 8
Joseph 2
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
Branoch F. W. 51 Prussia Tailor
Wilhelmina S 35
Carl G 13 T/F to single men
Ida H 12 T/F to single women
Carl F 9
Jeffryes Henry 25 Middlesex Turner & Carpenter
Ellen 23
Single Men
Abrahams George 22 Middlesex Painter
Archer John 23 Middlesex Gardener
Barre Joseph 18 Jersey Labourer
Bennett William 31 Sussex Tailor
Brown George 26 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Burrell Henry 22 Surrey Carpenter
Chickley Thomas 24 Dorsetshire Carpenter
Clowes Leonard 20 Staffordshire Carpenter
Cox Thomas 39 Norfolk Ropemaker
Curtin Henry Charles 20 Middlesex Carpenter
Dawson Robert 18 Jersey Grocer
Dorrell John 20 Middlesex Carpenter
Dowling Edward 27 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Durant Robert 25 Sussex Farm Labourer
Finch Erman E 30 Middlesex Carpenter
George Charles 19 Cornwall Labourer
Goodson Joseph 19 Middlesex Blacksmith
Gradwell Frederick 20 Surrey Carpenter
Hart John 23 Middlesex Labourer
Hall Benjamin 20 Middlesex Labourer
Hancock Arthur W 22 Middlesex Carpenter
Harvey Edmund 28 Hampshire Labourer
Hegerhy Timothy 27 Cork Shoemaker
Higgins John 34 Queens County Labourer
Holdick Frederick 25 Surrey Painter
Hooper Charles 35 Middlesex Rough Carpenter
Horsfield William 23 Surrey Labourer
Jacowski William 33 Germany Baker
Kemp Daniel 24 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Edward 16 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Linsey George 32 Wiltshire Plasterer
Le Gallais John 27 Jersey Farm Labourer
Lovegrove Charles A 22 Berkshire Farm Labourer
Mansfield Henry 21 Hartfordshire Carpenter
Middleton William 23 Middlesex Candle Maker
Andrew 21 Middlesex Labourer
Mollison James 22 Middlesex Labourer
Moore Edmund 28 Devonshire Ropemaker
Neil Edward 30 Norfolk Labourer
Patterson Robert 25 Canada Railway Porter
Pegrum John 39 Essex Carpenter
Pierson James 19 Middlesex Painter & Labourer
Pledger John 24 Surrey Carpenter
Pool Richard George 20 Middlesex Bricklayers Labourer
Potton Richard William 21 Middlesex Painter
Reekie George 25 Fife Mason
Thomas 20 Fife Mason
Slade Thomas 22 Middlesex Carpenter
Smith Frank 14 Staffordshire
St Omer Francis C 25 France Painter
Steenson Robert 27 Tyrone Servant
Summerhayes Frederick 23 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Taite George I 19 Middlesex Bargeman
Tudhy Thomas 20 Clare Farm Labourer
Tyler George 22 Middlesex Labourer
Wood William 34 Middlesex Bricklayer
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Branoch Carl G 13 Germany
Cassidy John 18 Donegal Farm Labourer
Sarah 16 T/F to single women House Keeper
Ebbitt William 16 Cavan Farm Labourer
Jane 20 T/F to single women Cook
Higgins Francis 13 Queens County
Mary 17 T/F to single women
McNewen Charles 26 Clackmanonshire Labourer
Moroney William 23 Clare Labourer
Ann 19 T/F to single women Servant
Peddle Thomas P 12 Somersetshire
Frederick W 9
Scoble Thomas 20 Cornwall Carpenter
Smith James 23 Oxfordshire Labourer
Single Women
Budd Jane 21 Hampshire Domestic Servant
Cassidy Sarah 16 Donegal Housekeeper
Ebbitt Jane 20 Cavan Cook
Ford Elizabeth 26 Oxfordshire Cook
Goody Mary 31 Lancashire Servant
Hackett Mary 20 Tyrone Housemaid
Higgins Mary 17 Queens County Farm Servant
Kemp Mary 49 Norfolk Nurse
Elizabeth 19 Norfolk Farm Servant
Macrae Helen 22 Ross Housemaid
McGrath Anne 19 Clare Servant
McWilliams Eliza 16 Tyrone Servant
Moroney Anne 19 Clare Domestic Servant
Smith Emma 15 Staffordshire Servant
Sullivan Ellen 19 Clare Servant
Tuckwell Prudence 12 Oxfordshire
Tudhy Bridget 21 Clare Servant
Wray Emily 23 Lancashire Cook
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Bransch Ida H Germany MATRON
Peddle Caroline L P 25 Somersetshire Domestic Servant
Luck Jane 17
Thomas P 12 T/F to single men
Frederick W 9 T/F to single men
Scoble Mary E 29 Cornwall Dressmaker


George Satchwell was born in Butlers Marston, Warwickshire, His family had come from Deddington, North Oxfordshire. He married Fanny Linney, daughter of Edward Linney of Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, at St Michael Parish, Coventry. They have 2 children George & Louisa before emigrating to Napier New Zealand on board the Invererne in 1873, arriving Napier March 1874. Louisa dies at sea, recorded by the ship's surgeon on the 3rd Jan, she is buried in the Old Napier Cemetery Plot 639. George and Fanny live in the Barracks at Napier and it is presumed that he finds work on the railway or road making. Fanny gives birth to another son William in July 1874. In 1875 an epidemic of Typhoid breaks out and George dies of the fever and is buried in the Old Napier cemetery plot 826. Fanny is left with her two sons. She soon meets Frederick William HOLLINS and they marry in August 1876 in Napier. To follow this story refer to the "Schiehallion" - Frederick HOLLINS & family. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Lorraine James.


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