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Captain: C Claussen
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Franz Bernhard Braun
Sailed Hamburg 21st April 1844 - arrived Nelson 1st September 1844

SKIOLD, from Hamburg, arrived 1st September, with 140 German immigrants. The "Examiner", announcing her arrival, said:"It is a gratifying circumstance connected with the expedition that all the labourers will be employed by the canin passengers, and in order to provide for the first year, the latter wisely put on board provisions for consumption after arrival."
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

A very interesting and well written story German emigration in the St Pauli and Skiold and specifically that of the Bennier family on board the Skiold. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Marc Bennier for this.


Notations written on original Passenger List

Witnesses to the accuracy of the above list containing 135 passengers in the Steerage and six in the Cabin. On board the "Skiold" this 21 April 1844

I hereby certify from the best means I have of ascertaining, that the individuals named in the above list of emigrants, amounting to 141 souls embarked on board the Danish ship "Skiold" Captain Claussen bound from the port of Altvra to Nelson New Zealand, are fit persons to ? to New Zealand in the capacity of pioneers to the larger number of German Settlers subsequent to follow.
                                                                                                                                             Hamburgh 23rd April 1844

Our thanks go to Pauline Sigglekow for providing this passenger list. Thanks Pauline.

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Benoit Johann Ferdinand 39 Hamburg Merchant
Braun Franz Bernhard 26 Kitzingen Surgeon Superintendent
Kelling Charles 26 Klutz Yeoman
Kelling Fedor 24 Klutz Yeoman
Johanna 23
Robert 3 months
Steerage Passengers
Balk Johann Frederick Joachim 41 Barnekow Joiner
Christiana Wilhelmine 36
Anna Maria Auguste 9
Carl Frederick Joachim 7
Elisabeth Catherine Wilhelmina 5
Sophia Maria Frederika 3
Bannier Johann Joachim Carl 34 Krilrow Agricultural Labourer
Dorothea Hanna Maria 27
Johann Frederick Joachim 8
Joachim Christian Martin 6
Anna Maria Christian 4
Dorothea Sophia Maria 2
Carl Joachim Anton 9 months
Braasch Johann Deitrick Wilhelm 43 Hasenwinkel Sawyer
Magdalena Maria Johanna 51
Bruning Johann Matthias August Heinrich (Matthias) 29 Glashagen Shoemaker
Magdalena Catherine (Lena) 22
Christian 1
Busch Hans Heinrich 43 Reppenhagen Mason
Dorothea 37
Christiana Maria Sophia 13
Hans Friederich Johann 8
Johann Joachim Heinrick 6
Hans Joachim Christian 2
Hartwig Christine Louisa 1
Dube Johann Joachim Heinrich Hans 33 Reppenhagen Agricultural Labourer
Johanna Maria Christiana 20
Fanselow Heinrich Ernst Joachim 47 Farnwilz Sawyer & Roofer
Catharina Maria 38
Sophia Maria Dorothea 12
Anna Louise Sophia 11
Dorothea Sophia Catharine 5
Maria Dorothea Margarette 1
Hans Heinrich Christian 16
Hans Joachim Heinrich 14
Gebert Johann Adolph Bernhardt 32 Crassow Agricultural Labourer
Maria Catherine Elisabeth 26
Ernst Frederick Paul Johann 6
Carl Frederick Ludwig 3
Gerhardt Frederick Johann Christian 25 Holfersdorf Smith
Hammerich Carl Johann Heinrich 33 Dassow Joiner
Catharine 20
Heinius Heinrich Frederick 31 Klutz Brickmaker
Heinrich Fritz Johann 3
Fritz Adolph Johann 3 months
Herbst Johann Heinrich Ludwig Frederick 38 Pierstorf Cooper
Anna Charlotte Christiana 19
Kiel Minna Elisabeth 26 Klutz
Langbein Joachim Gottfreid Heinrich 33 Brockhausen Agricultural labourer
Anna 26
Hein: Elisabeth Dorothea Johanna 2
Lange Johann Christian 43 Wellxin Agricultural Labourer
Catherine Maria 42
Johann Frederich 18 Smith
Johann Christian Frederich 16 Agricultural Labourer
Marie Magdalina Sophia 10
Heinrich Johann Joachim 7
Johann Joachim Gottleib 4
Lankow Johann Joachim Daniel 44 Clanenhorst Agricultural Labourer
Christine Sophie Margaret 40
Johann Gottleib Hartwig 18 Agricultural Labourer
Hans Joachim Heinrich 14 Agricultural Labourer
Christine Elsie Marie 9
Elisabeth Christine Magdelena 7
Anna Maria Louise 6
Joachim ? Carl 3
Dorothea Elisabeth Magdelena 3 months
Meyer Frederick 22 Lunkow Agricultural Labourer
Paap Heinrich Christian 32 Warnow Sawyer
Catharina Margaretta 34
Heinrich Christian 11
Ann Maria Elisabeth 8
Johann Christian Wilhelm 6
Johann Joachim Christian 1
Parbs Johann Joachim 28 Reppenhagen Agricultural Labourer
Maria Frederica Sophia 31
Maria Sophia Dorothea 6
Johann Joachim Christian 3
Qualmann Frederick Ludwig 35 ? Agricultural Labourer
Sophia Margareta Elisabeth 38
Maria Sophia Louisa 9
Christine Dorothea Elisabeth 7
Rausch Nicolaus Joachim 27 Oberweisenthal Agricultural Labourer & Carpenter
Schrap Heinrich Ernst 33 Rankendorff Agricultural Labourer
Sophia 27
Elise 6
Sophie 1
Schroder Johann Anton 47 Crassow Agricultural Labourer & Sawyer
Sophia Catharina 43
Maria Frederica Sophia 10
Maria Federica Dorothea Georgine 8
Johann Christian Frederick Ludwig 4
Joachim Daniel Heinrich 21
Sophia Maria Dorothea 1
Johann Heinrich Carl Gottleib 16
Johann Heinrich Carl 14


Schwass Christian Frederick Johann 36 Brockhagen Agricultural Labourer
Sophie Elisabeth Catherine 31
Ernst Heinrich 11
Johann Frederick Heinrich 10
Adalbert Frederick David 10
Sophie Dorothea Johanna Amelie 7�
Johann Joachim Heinrich 5
Franz August Freiderick 3
Fredrike Sophia Maria 2
Maria Sophia Heinrika 1
August Frederick Gustav Christian 6 months
Siggelkow August Henirich Carl 42 Brockhagen Agricultural Labourer
Dorothea  Dowe 39
Johann Ludwig Christian 19
Frederike Christian Lauire 17
Christian Frederike Johann 15
Sophia Christian Maria 12
Ernest Heinrich Christian 10
Marie Amelia Antonie 6
Heinrich Johann Christian 4
Heinrich Theo: Wilhelm Frederike 1
Tietjen Frederich Heinrich 34 Wismar Agricultural Labourer
Wendleborn Ludwig David Freiderick 40 Crassow Agricultural Labourer
Sophia Dorothea Caroline 37
Frederike Louise Henriette 20
Johann Christopher Hermann 11
Heinrich Julius Freidrich 9
Ludwig Johann Christian 6
Frederick Wilhelm Carl Harting 14 Crassow
Westphal Caspar Heinrich Christian 42 Hasewinkel Wheelwright
Dorothea Elisabeth 40
Maria Sophia Christiana 19
Carol Catherine Sophia 16
Anna Sophia Elisabeth 12
Louise Johanna Henrietta 8
Carl Christian Johann 5
Sophia Maria Anne 3
Heinrich Daniel Caspar 9 months

Johann Matthias August Heinrich Bruning was born  in Jarenstorf, Germany he was known as Matthias. He married  Magdalena Catherina [ Lena] Lange. Matthias, Lena and little son Christian left from Glashagen village to Hamburg, where they sailed on the ship “Skiold“ for Nelson. Son Henry was born at the immigration barracks in Nelson shortly after the arrival. Matthias obtained 4 acres of land in the German Village of Schonbach,after arriving in Nelson. The tree Brunings were nauralised April 1845.They  moved to Upper Moutere and lived in a modest cob cottage with a clay floor.They went on to have eight more children  one daughter Anna Sophie being the wife of my ggrandfather George Emauel Inwood.
If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Helen Jennings.


SCHRAP family:
Heinrich Ernst Schrepp (alternatively Schrepp, Schrep or Schrap) and his wife Sophia Pason, with their two daughters, Sophie and Elise (who married Benjamin Rich) from Rankendorff, Mecklenburg, Germany, left Hamburg on the 2lst April, l844, under an agreement with Count Ranzeau to bring them and the other passengers on the "Skiold" to New Zealand. They arrived in Nelson, New Zealand lst Sept. l844.  Heinrich was subsequently naturalised but found the land  was not good for farming and shifted to South Australia. Following their arrival in South Australia, two more daughters were born, Augusta, who married William Thomas Bray Penno (my Great Grandparents to Joan Fry) and Emily who married John Garie, in  Adelaide. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Joan Fry or Janice Wilson.


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