Star of India
Ship: 1045 tons
Captain: Holloway
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 26th 1873 September - arrived Lyttelton 31st December 1873

The Star of India was built by Stephens of Dundee in 1861. She was owned by the Merchant Shipping Co., but was under charter to the Shaw Savill Co. when she visited New Zealand in 1874. She made two trips, one to Lyttelton and the second to Wellington.

Of the voyage out to Lyttelton Mr Davey writes: "We had about 300 passengers aboard. They were a mixed lot - English, Irish, Scots, Swedish, Danes and a few Russians and Poles. I well remember the rough weather we ran into in the Bay of Biscay and the dismay it spread among the passengers. There was a lot of seasickness, of course, and the immigrants were very downhearted. You would hear the woman blaming the husbands and the men blaming the wives for deciding to come on such a dangerous undertaking. The people from the Emerald Isle would be vigorously telling their beads, while the cockneys were liberally swearing at each other and everybody else for being such fools as to leave good old London. But this only lasted a short while, and then all hands settled down to shipboard life. The women would be sitting round sewing and singing, and the men's favourite pastime was to play pitch-penny on the deck.

"It was a lonely trip in some ways, as we did not see any land, with the exception of St. Paul's rocks, in the South Atlantic, until we sighted the Snares. At least the passengers did not sight any other land, but I was taken up to the royal-yard by one of the sailors, and from that lofty perch I saw Table Mountain when we were off the Cape of Good Hope. It was rather a desperate trip for a youngster, but the sailor put a rope round my waist and kept a good hold of me. The on;y other thing out of the way we sighted, with the exception on a ship on fire was an iceberg.

"I remember that when we were near St. Paul's rocks the mate caught a nautilus in a bucket, and carefully put it over the side again, as it would have been bad luck to do otherwise. We also caught a shark and cooked some of it. Several people tried it, and I was among the number.

Mr Davey says that when the Star of India got to Lyttelton, and the day arrived for landing, quite a number of the women shed tears as they took their last look at the good old ship which had been their home for so many weeks, and had brought them safely to the new land in which they hoped to better themselves.
Source White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Archer James 30 Wilts Farm Labourer
Matilda 31
Mary A. 6
Edith 4
Florence 2
Ernest A. H. 5 months
Arras Christian 45 Germany Farm Labourer
Jocobine 40
Eva 19 Trans to s/w
George 17 Trans to s/m
Christian 14 Trans to s/m
Christopher 12 Trans to s/m
Ludwig 9
Magdalene 7
Barbara 5
Ann 3
Bernard 9 months
Bahuka Carl 24 Germany General Labourer
Geshe 28
Barnes John 32 Middlesex Labourer
Ann 31
Susan 3
James 9 months
Batchelor Thomas 38 Kent Shoemaker
Elizabeth 36
Sylvia 14 Trans to s/w
Elizabeth E. 12 Trans to s/w
Minnie 10
Phoebe 7
Arthur 4
Alice 2
Cane Thomas 43 Sussex Surveyor
Emma 40
Emma H. 20 Trans to s/w
Margaret L. 18 Trans to s/w
Kate E. 16 Trans to s/w
Eleanor M. 15 Trans to s/w
Edward H. 11
Francis H. 9
Alice M. 7
Lawrence A. 4
Thomas W. 19 months
Carpenter Henry 29 Essex Labourer
Hannah 29
Frederick 3 months
Carter Alfred 33 Essex Shoemaker
Emma 33
Davey Beadon 40 Somersert Farm Labourer
Levinia 40
Elizabeth 20 Trans to s/w
Beadon 19 Trans to s/w
Mary J. 17 Trans to s/w
Harriet 15 Trans to s/w
James 10
Walter 7
Evans William 40 Glostershire Labourer
Mary 33
Mary M. 14 Trans to s/w
Victoria A. 9
William W. 3
Thomas B. 1
Fuller James 30 Middlesex Engineers Labourer
Eliza 23
Gay Joseph 44 Berks Carpenter
Elizabeth 40
Lucy S. 14 Trans to s/w
Arthur 8
Frank 8
Ernest 5
Grainger William 41 Essex General Labourer
Elizabeth 41
Elizabeth 16 Trans to s/w
Hauberg Anders 44 Denmark Farmer
Yensine C. 37
Knud A. 17 Trans to s/m
Marie C. 13 Trans to s/w
Svgebarg ? J. 11
Karen A. 8
Agatha P. 5
Louisa 2 months
Hewinson Eli W. 25 Glostershire Gardener
Sarah W. 26
Sarah J. 3
Mary W. 2
William W. 2 months
Holman / Holkmann Frederick 27 Germany Labourer
Catherine 27
Mary 7 months
Holloway William 25 Glostershire Clothworker
Louisa 22
Rose E.
Hotten George 25 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary J 25
Ellen 4
How Charles 26 Jersey Painter
Matilda 27
M. Charles 5
Louisa C. 2
Hyde George 29 Essex Sailor
Matilda 26
Martha 7
George 6
Jacques William 25 Northamptom Carpenter
Matilda 24
Matilda A. 16 months
Kitchener George 29 Hants Gardener
Ann 33
Lichtscheinde Jakob 35 Austria Blacksmith
Agnes 25
Agnes 3
Rosa 2
Henry 4 months
Lynch William 30 Kerry Gardener
Catherine 28
John 11
Mary 8
William 9 months
Macgregor John 44 Perthshire Painter Schoolmaster
Emma 30
Rob Roy 8
Oda E. 6
Sarah P. 5
Helen 3
Emma W. 1
McKenna Thomas 32 Limerick Sailor
Ann 30
Ellen 8
Patrick 6
Thomas 3
Miles Samuel 22 Devonshire Labourer
Mary 24
Edith O. 17 months
Morris Benjamin 40 Montgomershire Miller
Sarah 35
Sarah A. 17 Trans to s/w
Jane 15 Trans to s/w
Emily H. 12 Trans to s/w
Edith 10
Elizabeth 8
Alice M. 3
Laura 5 months
Neilson Sawritz 43 Denmark Farm Labourer
Melle M. 43
Ane K. 13 Trans to s/w
Neil 8
Karen 6
Maren 3
Soren 3
Peachy Sola 25 Glostershire Gardener
Fanny 24
William R. 2 months
Petley William 27 Kent Farm Labourer
Emily 23
Pincott William 28 Glostershire Gardener
Mary E. 27
Matilda B. 8
Rides Charles V. 25 Surrey Gardener
Elizabeth 25
Charles 2
Alfred 1
Roberts Richard 30 Cornwall Labourer
Mary E. 29
Mary E. 3
Roberts John 26 Cornwall Labourer
Mary J. 19
Seeler John 44 Kerry Labourer
Anne 35
David 5
Smith George 39 Glostershire Navvy
Elizabeth 34
Elizabeth 3
Samuel 1
Walls John 42 Middlesex Carpenter
Henrietta E. 43
John A. 19 Trans to s/m
Arthur 10
Joseph R. 6
Ward James 30 Sussex Farm Labourer
Mary A. 30
Mary A. 3
Emma 14 months
Ann 2 months
Worgen Christopher 31 Sussex Country Carpenter
Martha 32
Alice M. 8
Beatrice A. 7
Flora 6
Kate M. 2
Herbert L. 4
Albert E. 9 months
Colonial Nominated
Barrett Micheal 45 Kerry Labourer
Julia 42
Julia 15 Trans to s/w
Dan 12 Trans to s/m
Brosman Hugh 55 Kerry Farmer
Deborah 50
John 23 Trans to s/m
Cornelius 15 Trans to s/m
Skelton John G. 50 Jersey Shoemaker
Sophia 48
Sophia 15 Trans to s/w
William Edward 9
Edwin G. 2
Weir Thomas 40 Sligo Pensioner
Esther 40
Ellen 17 Trans to s/w
Wright Henry 35
Jane 38
Henry 14 Trans to s/m
Joseph 12 Trans to s/m
Mary 10
Elizabeth 8
William 5
Sarah 3
John 9 months
Single Men
Ainst William 24 Germany Labourer
Ainst Hermann 20 Germany Labourer
Arras George 17 Germany Wagon Maker
Christian 14 Germany
Christopher 12
Barrett Dan 12 Kerry
Beck Adam 25 Armagh Constable
Brosman John 23 Kerry Labourer
Cornelius 15 Kerry
Button Albert 21 Sussex Butcher
Cahill Jeremiah 30 Kerry Labourer
Cane William 52 Hants Plumber
Connor John 22 Kerry Labourer
Connor Patrick 21 Kerry Ploughman
Connor John 20 Kerry Labourer
Crawford Robert 19 Renfrewshire Labourer
Davey Beadon 19 Somerset Farm Labourer
Dowling Dan 20 Kerry Labourer
Eurss John 29 Germany Labourer
Gorin William 22 Glostershire Labourer
Hauberg Knud A. 17 Denmark Black Smith
Jordan William 19 Worcestershire Labourer
Mayo Thomas 34 Armagh Ag. Labourer
McCarthy Patrick 21 Kerry Ploughman
Meier Heinrich 21 Germany Labourer
Meirhoff Diedrick 19 Germany Farmer
Mere Robert 18 Middlesex Shepherd
Meyer Clares 23 Germany Farm Labourer
Moloney Jeremiah 24 Kerry Labourer
Mullowney Patrick 29 Mayo Gardener
Murphy Dennis 21 Kerry Labourer
Myles Richard 22 Kerry Ploughman
Northam James 26 Cornwall Black Smith
Petersen Niels 22 Denmark Farm Labourer
Pickering George 17
Poff Frand 19 Kerry Labourer
?ringwet James R. 21 Labourer
Sellars William 24 Aberdeen Gilder
Smith George 23 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Smith Frederic 24 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Stuart John 24 Antrim Ploughman
Tremewan Benjamin 24 Cornwall Ag Labourer
Walls John A. 19 Middlesex Cooper
Williams Thomas 16 Montgomery
Wright Henry 14 Cornwall
Joseph 12 Cornwall
Yensen Martin 31 Denmark Farm Labourer
Single Women
Ambridge Emily 21 Middlesex Cook
Arras Eva 19 Germany Seamstress
Bampton Eliza 21 Berks Servant
Barber Elizabeth 29 Staffordshire Cook
Barrett Julia 15 Kerry Dairymaid
Batchelor Sylvia 14 Kent
Elizabeth 12 Kent
Beck Annie 45 Armagh
Lucinda 20 Armagh Milliner
Brailey Sarah 25 Armagh Servant
Brosman Margaret 17 Kerry Dairymaid
Buck Helen 60 Cornwall
Butler Mary 17 Kerry Dairymaid
Ellen 19 Kerry Dairymaid
Cahill Fanny 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Cane Emma 20 Sussex Servant
Margaret 18 Sussex Servant
Kate E. 16 Sussex Servant
Eleanor M. 15 Sussex Servant
Clarke Mary A. 22 Middlesex Nurse
Connor Kate 19 Kerry Dairymaid
Davey Elizabeth 20 Somerset Servant
Mary 17 Somerset Servant
Harriet 15 Somerset Servant
Debnam Margaret 20 Lancashire Housemaid
Eaglesham Agnes 28 Ayrshire Cook
Helen 21 Ayrshire Housemaid
Egleton Bridget 20 Galway Cook
Elmsley Elizabeth 22 Aberdeen Housemaid
Evans Mary M. 14 Essex
Falloon Mary 19 Armagh Servant
Ferrier Marion 22 Roxburgh Schoolmistress
Fleming Caroline 28 Armagh
Fowler Clara 20 Jersey Servant
Gay Lucy S. 14 Glostershire
Goldsworthy Charlotte 33 Lancashire Cook
Granger Elizabeth 16 Essex
Griffin Kate 17 Kerry Dairymaid
Griffiths Mary 35 Middlesex Cook
Mary A. 12
Groves Maria 21 Kerry Sempstress
Hall Susan 34 Cambridge Servant
Hanson Catherine 22 Germany Servant
Hauberg Marie C. 13 Denmark
Herrigan Annie 28 Dublin Laundress
Horan Julia 21 Kerry Dairymaid
Hunt Elizabeth 18 Yorks Housemaid
Jordan Susannah 45 Kent
Jordan Mary 12 Glostershire
Joyce Mary A. 20 Kerry Housemaid
Knight Mary 26 Middlesex Housemaid
Louney Margaret 8
Mays Susannah 24 Armagh
McGahey Maria 18 Dublin
Mier Margaret 20 Germany Housemaid
Miller Margaret 22 Kerry Dairymaid
Morris Sarah A. 17 Salop
Jane 15
Emily H. 12
Nagle Agnes 32 Cork Cook
Neilson Ane K. 13 Denmark
O'Connor Mary 22 Kerry Dairymaid
Eliza 18 Kerry Dairymaid
Pickering Mary 47 Surrey
Emma 19 Surrey Servant
Poff Ann 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Quech Sarah 20 Berks Housemaid
Rourke Mary 18 Servant
Scanlon Hannah 21 Kerry Dairymaid
Shee Mary A. 30 Middlesex Cook
Shorsen G. Andrea? 34 Norway
Martin S. 6
Jomina 4
Anna 1
Skelton Sophia 15 Jersey Servant
Smart Ellen 21 Glostershire Housemaid
Sullivan Johana 19 Kerry Dairymaid
Sullivan Julia 14
Swigg Martha 33 Penbroke Cook
Travers Margaret 19 Wicklow Cook
Vorght Dorthea E. 43 Denmark Dairywoman
Waffon Ursula 23 Surrey Housemaid
Weir Ellen 14 Sligo
Weir Caroline 28 Glostershire Servant
William Eliza 25 Monmouth Housemaid
Wright Clara S. 17 Glostershire General Servant
Wright Mary 20 Cork Cook
Margaret Louney:
Margaret arrived in Lyttelton on 31 Dec 1873 on board the "Star of India" She was only 8 years old and was possibly under the care of a Fanny Cahill (to be confirmed), who was also on board, as Margaret's mother's maiden name was Cahill . She had been born in 1865 in Co Kerry, the daughter of Michael and Ellen Louney. Her father had migrated to NZ first in about 1870, then sent for his family to join him later. The family settled down at The Levels, Timaru. Margaret never married and died in June 1943. She was buried in Timaru cemetery with other members of her family. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Monica Foggin.


HOTTEN family:
George Paull HOTTEN was born in St Dennis, Cornwall, 3 Feb 1848, son of William HOTTEN and his wife Jane, nee PAULL, who were married in St Agnes 26 Sep 1837 and settled in St Newlyn East. He married Mary Jane WOON, 25 Jul 1868, in Roche. After arriving in New Zealand the spelling of the family name changed to HOATTEN. George and his family settled in the Ashburton area where they had two farming properties – Elgin and Wakari. George Paull HOATTEN disappeared from the NZ electoral rolls around 1900 and no further trace of him can be found in NZ records.
Mary Jane HOTTEN, nee WOON was born in St Austell, Cornwall, 22 Dec 1847, the daughter of Mary Ann WOON of Roche. Mary Ann married George LUCAS, of St Austell, 3 Apr 1848 and the family settled in Roche. After her arrival in NZ, Mary Jane HOATTEN gave birth to three further children in Ashburton: Hannah Jane (1880 – 1882), Frederick Albyn Victor (1886 – 1948), and William George Paull (1887 – 1946). Mary Jane HOATTEN died in 1931 and is buried with her daughter, Hannah, in Ashburton Old Cemetery.
Ellen Alma Violetta HOTTEN was born in St Allen, Cornwall, 12 May 1869. She married William Isaiah ASTON (from West Bromwich, Staffs) in Ashburton, NZ, 6 Nov 1889 and gave birth to nine children: Thomas George (1891 – 1957), Lillian Eva, m LONG (1892 – 1958), William Henry (1893 – 1926), Veina Pearl, m WOOD (1894 – 1991), Ethel Maude, m WILSON (1898 – 1987), Alfred Alban (b/d 1899), Ellen Annie, m HORSFALL (1903 – 1980), Albert James (1906 – 1964), Frederick Arthur H (1911 – 1979). The last two births were in Christchurch, where the family moved about 1905. A few years later they moved to the Hutt Valley in the Wellington region, where Ellen ASTON died in 1955. If you have a connection with the Hotten family, please contact Blanche Charles at [email protected]


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