Jane Gifford Oct 15th 1842

Jane Gifford Oct 15th 1842

                         I beg to announce to you that the barque "Jane Gifford" from Greenock arrived in the bay of Auckland on the 9th inst and that the following is a statement of the number of emigrants embarked in Greenock, the births and deaths that occurred during the voyage and the number now landed in Auckland.


Sailed from Greenock

Adults 163 - - - - - - 163
Children   92 Equal to   33 1/6
255 196 1/6
Births     8
Deaths - 17 Equal to     3 4/6
246 192 3/6

Landed in Auckland

                         The emigrants have conducted themselves during the voyage remarkably well, both as regards the cleanliness of the ship and their observance of the several regulations. They appear to be a very peaceable and discerning clay of people. Four Constables were Archibald Sharp, William Forsyth, Joseph Craig and James Harris and a Schoolmaster James McNair have discharged their  respective duties to my entire satisfaction the whole of the passage and are I think entitled to the gratuities promised them - I must also recommend a lad / Benjamin Culpan / as deserving of at least two thirds of the gratuity for an Hospital Assistant

                          I have invariably met with every assistance required from the Captain and Mates during the voyage. Everything they could do for the health and comfort of the emigrants has been done - the following are the names of those entitled to the gratuities - Robert Paul (Master), Edward Atkinson (Chief Mate), William Bond (2nd Mate) and James McBeath (3rd Mate) - nothing particular occurred during the passage which was short and as agreeable as it could be.

I have the honor to be
   your obedient servant
         Dr P Shipton
    Surgeon Superintendent
                      "Jane Gifford"