Surgeons Report
to the Colonial Secretary

Auckland 10th April 1843
Barque "Westminster"



                                                                 I have the honor to acquaint you for the information of His Excellency the Governor that the contract entered into between Stephen Walcott Esquire Secretary to Her Majestys Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners and Duncan Dunbar and Sons of Limehouse London owners of the barque "Westminster" for the conveyance and victualling of emigrants from London and Plymouth to Auckland in New Zealand has been duly fulfilled: the Captain and Officers of the ship rendered me every assistance during the voyage - my assistant most assidiously performed the duties of his office and the Teacher and Constables appointed by me discharged the duties of their respective stations to my entire satisfaction.

                                                                 The voyage altogether has been a favourable one. I had very little disease and none of an infectious nature: two young children one in the last stage of scrofulous disease when brought on board died as we were leaving Plymouth. The other died about seven weeks afterwards and one adult (William Peardon) who was organically diseased died suddenly. Seven births took place two of them twin cases: all the Mothers made a very good recovery.

                                                                  The parties whose names I have affixed to their respective stations on board in the accompanying "Abstract and Aquittances of Gratuities" I beg to recommend as being fully entitled to the amount allowed them in my book of instructions from Her Majestys Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners.

I have the honor to be Sir
your most obedient servant

C. Wm. Gordon Surgeon