Barque: 382 tons
Captain: J L Skinner
Surgeon Superintendent: George C Forbes

Sailed Plymouth November 2nd 1841 3:00pm - arrived New Plymouth February 24th 1842

Stoutest and best-found of all the vessels sent out to New Plymouth was the barque Timandra, 382 tons, Captain Skinner, which made the passage direct in 113 days. She left Plymouth on November 2, 1841, and arrived on February 23, 1842, bringing 212 passengers, the largest number sent out in any of the six vessels. Her cargo included two sets of moorings for the roadsted. One set was laid down about two miles from shore. It was intended to land the other set, but one of the anchors was lost when being sent ashore on a raft, and the other one of the pair was taken to Sydney, where it lay so long on Moore's wharf that the wharfage came to more than its value, and it was eventually sold by auction. This fine ship had a pleasant voyage out. On the way out a call was made at Capetown, where a fortnight was spent, including Christmas Day. In marked distinction to many of the emigrant ships of the 'fifties and the 'sixties, the Timandra was a happy craft, and everyone had a good word to say for her. Among the passengers was Mr W Devenish, who brought out with him a small flock of Southland down sheep, the first seen in New Zealand. The Timandra seems to have been in luck all the way through, for she landed her passengers and cargo without a hitch in perfect weather, during her ten days stay off New Plymouth. The Rev. Horation Gruber, son of Admiral Grouber, arrived by this ship and for a considerable time conducted religious services in raupo whares.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Voyage of the Timandra

Name Age Occupation Comments
Cabin Passengers
Flight Josias 41 Gentleman
Ann 46
Ann 2
Devenish William 23 Gentleman
Sarah 21
Groube Reverend Horatio 30 Independent Minister
Taylor Theophilus 20 Gentleman
Forbes George C 26 Surgeon on board
Gillingham Stephen 25 Yeoman
Joanna 22
Steerage Passengers
Harrison William 24 Gardener
Harriet 27
William 3
Harriet 1
Parsons John 28 Agricultural Labourer
Grace 29
Jane 3 Died on board 12/12/1841
Thomas 9 months
Hawke Joseph 32 Shoemaker
Mary 32
Elizabeth 10
Joseph 8
Mary 5
Jane 2
Betsy Ann 2 months Agricultural Labourer
Wills James 36
Betsy 36
Albert 17
Thelma 16
Maria 14
Thomas 9
James 7
Betsy 4
Bryant Henry 25 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 24
Allan John 40 Shepherd
Sarah 38
Janette 19
James 16
John 14
Charles 12
Peter 7
Samuel 3
Andrew 1 Died on board 18/12/1841
Pilcher Thomas 39 Baker
Naomi 36
Elizabeth 14
Thomas 7
Joll Samuel 35 Blacksmith
Elizabeth 32
Ann 12
Samuel 10
Sarah 7
John 3
Eliza 10 months
Andrews Samuel 25 Baker
Maria 27
Moggridge William 30 Agricultural Labourer No certificate
Neill Allan 30 Surveyor
Hart Joseph 32 Limeburner
Mary 30
Robert 10
Susannah 8
John 6
Mary 5
Elizabeth 9 months
Vercoe Bryant 31 Mason
Elizabeth 33
James 2 Died on board 06/12/1841
Vercoe Philip 37 Mason
Catherine 33
Mary Jane 16
Catherine 15
Samuel 13
Philip 11
Elizabeth 9
Martha 8
John 7
Arthur 3
William 9 months
Clare Charles 20 Carpenter
Hannah 23
Spurdle William 36 Carpenter
Sarah 28
Oliver Cook 8
Maria 7
Mary Ann 5
William 2
Prout John 33 Flax Dresser
Mary Ann 33
Crann Samuel 40 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 37
William 16
George 14
Henry 7
Elizabeth 6
Matilda 2
Loveridge John 43 Agricultural Labourer
Jane 37
John 16
Jane 14
Robert 12
Mary 9
William 7
Ellen 6
Samuel 11 months
Gollop Robert 43 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 41
Henry 18
William 17
Benjamin 13
Ellen 10
Good Sarah 24 Domestic Servant
Bishop Daniel 36 Carpenter
Louisa 31
William 14
Ann 11
Walter 9
Mary 8
Hannah 4
Martha 1
Steer John 31 Agricultural Labourer
Jane 27
Robert 9
Henry 8
John 6
Ellen 4
William 2 months
Ward James 31 Cooper
Jane 30
Joseph 7
Ellen 10 months
Marsh James 30 Shoemaker
Maria 31
Alfred 10
John 7
Esau 3
Matilda Infant Born on board 29/01/1842
Andrews Simon 27 Gardener
Jane 29
Sarah 1
Norman Peter 22 Tailor
Mary Ann 17 Died on board 15/12/1841
Pope Richard 34 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Ann 31
Elizabeth 13
George 8
Robert 5
John 3
Roger 9 months
Sampson Charles 22 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 22
Marina 9 months
Brooking John 25 Carpenter
Elizabeth 21
Ann 4
Kate 2
William 6 months
Brooking Alice 16 Domestic Servant
Brooking William 21 Blacksmith
Sarah 22
Mary Ann 2
Smith John 37 Flax Dresser
Prudence 34
Sarah 15
Mary Martha 4
Alexander 6 months
Wells Henry 23 Bailiff No certificate
Candish Thomas 28 Carpenter No certificate
Pellew Israel 30 Carpenter
Julia 21
Barraball Henry 33 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 30
William 3
Richard 2 months
Northcott James 34 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 30
Susannah 7
John 5
Mary 4
Ann 1 Died on board 18/12/1841
Way Walter 23 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Ann 23
Treweek John 26 Agricultural Labourer
Honor 26
John 5
Samuel 3
Richard 11 months
Hooker John 35 Blacksmith
Jane 38
Nathaniel 11
John 9
Henry 7
Mary 3
Charles 3 months
Varcoe Martha 28 Sempstress
Jordan George 35 Tanner & Sawyer
Tabatha 38
Mary Ann 15
John 11
George 11
Elizabeth 9
Bertha 7
David 4
William 2
Groves Philip 40 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 40
Eliza 18
George 8
Joanna 7
Henry 4
James 1 Died on board 10/12/1841
Kerslake Betsy 33 Farm Servant
John Loveridge was born in 1799 in Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England.  He married Jane Gilliam on the 20th of July, 1823 in Somersetshire, England.  He died 2 June, 1857 in New Plymouth, New Zealand.   Jane's ancestry goes back through her father John Williams (no mother listed) who was born in Rockfish Creek, Duplin Co, North Carolina, USA in 1774 and died in Jackson, Florida, USA in 1839.  Jane died 7 November, 1894 in New Plymouth, New Zealand. They had seven children, all of which came to New Zealand.  John, Jane, Robert, Mary, William, Ellen, and Samuel. Their son John, who was 16 years old when he crossed the ocean, married Elizabeth Putt on the 27th of February, 1851 in New Plymouth.  John was born in Netherly, Dorset, England in 1825.  Elizabeth Putt was born on the 20th of March, 1831 in Aveton Gifford, England.  She and her family came to New Zealand on the ship William Bryan. John and Elizabeth had 11 children.  Frederick, William, Helen, Harvey, Alice, John, Walter, Elizabeth, Ernest, Blanche, and Anabella. William Loveridge (born 27th of January, 1853) married Emma Busby (born 1864) and had 8 children.  Leslie, Edgar, Norman, Leonard. Olive, Kay, Inez, and Melvin. Leslie Loveridge married Hilda Eichstaedt, whose parents came out separately on the Frits Reuter and the Reichstag, and they had 3 sons: Errol, Lloyd, and Raoul. Errol Loveridge married Maisie Schneller and they had 3 daughters: Carol, Lorraine, and Gloria. Carole Loveridge married Robert Graeme Smart and they had 2 children, Tracey and Shane. Tracey Had one son in 1999, Sasha Eichstaedt Smart. John and Jane Loveridge have over 1241 descendents. Please feel free to contact me (Tracey Smart) if you think you may be related. 
PELLEW family:
|Israel Pellew, a carpenter, arrived with his wife, Julia, in New Plymouth on the “Timandra”. Christened in Gulval, Cornwall, on 9 Oct 1811, Israel was one of six children of Thomas Pellew (b 1796 Uny Lelant, Cornwall) and Elizabeth Murrish (b 1776 Gulval, Cornwall), who married in Gulval on 31 Dec 1796. Their six children were: Mary Murrish b 1798, William b 1801, Thomas b 1805,
Elizabeth b 1807, Israel b 1811 and Emma b 1813. Israel married Julia Anna Tucker on 7 Aug 1841 in Gulval and left their respective families forever, less than two months later, when the “Timandra” departed from Plymouth on 2 Nov 1841. Over the next 21 years in New Zealand, Israel and Julia had 10 children (Emma b 1842, Edwin Thomas b 1844, Elizabeth b 1846, John Henry b 1848, Mary Anne b 1850, Emily b 1852, Fleetwood b 1855, Harriet b 1857, Maurice b 1859 and William b 1863). Israel died in 1892 aged 81 and Julia died in 1898 aged 78. The family continued to expand and spread throughout New Zealand. My partner’s grandmother was Jean Isabel Pellew (this is where my interest in the Pellews has come from), whose father was William Henry Pellew (b 1877), a son of Israel’s son, John Henry Pellew, mentioned above. If you have a connection with this family or wish to know more please contact Peter Stanes.

TREWEEK family:
John Treweek, the son of Samuel Treweek & Margaret Andrews, was born on July 5th 1814 at Tregeny, Cornwall in England. At the age of 22 on July 26th 1836 John, a farmer, married Honor Jane CHAPMAN, the daughter of Richard Chapman and Honor Prynn, at St Breocks, Bodmin in Cornwall. Honor was born on February 8th 1815 at Blisland, Cornwall and baptised there on March 12th 1815. John and Honor had three children in England (John b 1836, Samuel b 1838 and Richard b 1840) before sailing from Plymouth in England to New Plymouth in New Zealand on the "Timandra" on  Nov 2nd 1841. This voyage was undertaken under the auspices of the Plymouth Land Company, an off-shoot of the New Zealand Company.  After arriving in New Plymouth on February 24th 1842 John and Honor were to have nine more children: (Thomas b 1843, William b 1845, James b 1847, Honor Jane b 1849, Joseph b 1851, Elizabeth Ann b 1853, George Andrew b 1856, Frederick b 1857 and Charles b 1859). Honor died on October 15th 1884 at Normanby, New Zealand and John died on August 23rd 1896 at Greatford, New Zealand. If you have a connection with this family or wish to know more please contact Robyn Harding.  


GOLLOP family:
Robert GOLLOP and his wife Elizabeth (nee HARFORD) arrived at New Plymouth on the 23 February 1842, on board "Timandra", from Plymouth, Devon, England. Robert was born c 1787 at Netherbury in Dorset and married Elizabeth in 1816 at Netherbury. Eight children were born to this couple, but only five survived to make the trip to New Zealand. Mary, the eldest, born in 1817, was on board with her own child and husband, 
Charles SAMPSON. The passenger list gives the following names as children of  Robert and Elizabeth; Henry
(probably incorrectly named - possibly should be John), William, Benjamin and Ellen. Robert was listed as an Agricultural Labourer on the passenger list. Robert and Elizabeth remained in New Plymouth for their lifetimes. Elizabeth died on December 30th 1864, and Robert married again in 1866 to Matilda DOBBIN, a young widow with a family. Robert died at his home in Eliot Street, New Plymouth on October 19th 1874 at the age of 87. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact the writer Bev Crabb.


SAMPSON family:
Charles SAMPSON and his wife Mary (nee GOLLOP) were also passengers on the "Timandra" voyage from Plymouth, Devon to New Plymouth. Charles was born November 1st 1818 at Netherbury in Dorset, the eldest son of Mark SAMPSON and Martha (nee GALE). Charles was employed from a young age at the weaving trade, for the Navy. On 4th March 1840, Charles married Mary GOLLOP, eldest child of Robert and Elizabeth, at Netherbury. Within the following year, Charles and Mary made plans to join the emigration flow to New Zealand, by which time their first child Marina had been born. Along with them Mary's parents and younger siblings made the trip to Plymouth Devon, to board the "Timandra" and sail on 2 November 1841. After their arrival at New Plymouth, Charles got work cutting lines to lay out the new town. He soon bought several pieces of land around the New Plymouth area, with his farm block being at Bell Block. When the Taranaki war broke out in 1860 Charles joined the Taranki Militia and later gained the N.Z. War Medal. During part of this time, Mary and the children went to Nelson for safety, along with many other women and children from the area. The family had grown to include 10 children by this time with the youngest, Julia being born in 1859. Charles was a member of several local bodies over the years, and obviously a community-minded man. Charles died 26th May 1895 aged 77 years, and Mary survived him for only another few months - her death occurred on 31st December 1895. They are both buried at Te Henui cemetery. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact the writer Bev Crabb.


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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/2 p241