Ship: 382 tons
Captain: Edward Mein Chaffers
Surgeon: Dr George F. Robinson
Sailed Plymouth 12 May 1839 - arrived Port Nicholson 20th Sept 1839

A fast, well built craft of 382 tons, she was armed with eight guns and small arms for the ship's company, and filled with ample stores and provisions, and goods for barter with the Maoris. She was manned with a picked crew, and in the forecastle there were, oddly enough, a Maori and a native of the Marquesas Islands. Captain E M Chaffers, R N, a skilful navigator, was in command, and the total number of people on board was thirty-five.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

This list is a compilation of information from several different sources including "White Wings", "Early New Zealand", "Early Wellington" and "Adventure in New Zealand". We are confident that it is accurate.

Name Age Position Held Comments
Wakefield Colonel William H. 36 Principal Agent
Dorset Dr John 32 Colonial Surgeon
Wakefield Edward Jerningham 18
Heaphy Charles 17 Draughtsman
Dieffenbach Dr Ernst 28 Naturalist Native of Berlin, Germany.
Nayati (Ngatai) New Zealand Maori Interpreter Lived in England with Edward Gibbon Wakefield and family for two years.
Hawkins George  21    Believed to have travelled out to New Zealand on this ship. He then went back to England and came out to New Zealand again with his wife on board the ship Harrington in 1841.
Chaffers Captain Edward Mein Ships Master Royal Navy.
Robinson Dr George F Ships Surgeon
Lowry Richard First Mate Lowry Bay was named after him.
Tankersley Thomas William Second Mate
? ? ? Third Mate Listed but not named.
Doddery Robert Storekeeper Had visited the coast of New Zealand before from Tasmania. Also assisted as Company Interpreter.
Elgar William Spratt Bosun
Steward Listed but not named.
Cabin Boy Listed but not named.
Plus nineteen other crew (Petty Officers and Foremast Crew) and the servant of Colonel William H. Wakefield.
Passengers brought over from Queen Charlotte Sound
Heberley James Pilot
Blackman William
Brooks John Assisted as an interpreter.
Dodery George
Barrett Richard (Dickie)
Smith Henry G. Employed to oversee the Companies Wellington interests in Wakefields absence.
Plus an assortment of Cook Strait Maori and their families.

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