Barque: 496 tons
Captain: Wiseman
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Bruen
Sailed Deal March 16th 1864 - arrived Nelson July 5th 1864

Our sincere thanks to Jenny Baldwin for providing the information from which this list has been transcribed.

Name Age Comments
Cabin Passengers
Bruen Dr Surgeon on Board
Cock Mr J
Holland Mr
Kelling Mr
Stevenson Miss
Wright Mr
Steerage Passengers
Barry Ellen
Bockman Mr
3 children
Bosselman Mr
9 children
Boundy Mr
Bullard Caroline
Beuke (Burke in newspaper) Margaret
5 children
Clements Miss
Elliott Miss
Ewers Mr
Glover Mr
Hanson Mr
Hughes Mr
Hunter Mrs
3 children
Hunter Mr J
Jellyman Mr
Lawson Mr
Lever Mr
Martin Mr
Miss R
Miss B
Murphy Miss
O'Connor Miss M
Penny Susannah
Phillips Mr
Price Thomas
Quinlaw Miss
Reddon Mr
Riordan Miss
Severne Mr
6 children
Shepherd Mr
5 children
Sullivan Miss
Sullivan Julia
2 children
Sullivan Miss
Walsh Miss
Diederich and Katerina Bosselmann (nee Lubbering) were from the village of Mellinghausen, near Hanover, Germany. Diederich was born 17.1.1814 and Katerina was born Febuary 1817. They joined the already established German settlement at Upper Moutere (Sarau) with their nine children. Their original homestead now forms part of Neudorf Winery. Diederich died 12.8.1871 and Katerina 9.10.1906. They are both buried in the Lutheran Church cemetery at Upper Moutere. There are descendants in several locations around New Zealand. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Sarah Johnston.

Caroline & Emily BULLARD:
Caroline and Emily Bullard were daughters of Thomas Ransom Bullard Snr and his wife Mary (nee Dixon). Thomas Snr and Mary also emigrated to New Zealand about 1865/66. Caroline and Emily's brother, Thomas Ransom Bullard Jnr and his wife Mary (nee Borkwood), emigrated to New Zealand on the ship Berkshire in 1850. Caroline married Robert Burns in Nelson and had 12 children while Emily married James Graham, also in Nelson, and had a family of 8. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Denise & Peter.


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Statement of Passage Money repaid to Immigration Society During Quarter ended 30/09/1864
Nelson Colonist July 7th 1864

(Copied from the Nelson Museum)