The Voyage of the Arab

The Voyage of the Arab

The following was sent to us by Helen Johnson. Thanks very much Helen.

Extracted from the New Zealand Journal 1841 (page 136)
The Arab sailed on Thursday for Port Nicholson having on board 202 emigrants of the labouring class, and six cabin passengers. The ship having a poop for her cabin passengers and a top-gallant forecastle for her crew, the whole of the lower deck from stem to stern, is exclusively allotted to the emigrants, and no ship has yet sailed with such comfortable accomodation.

The wind being favourable the Arab did not bring up at Gravesend, but everything being in order, the steam-tug cast her off, and she continued her course down the river. The passengers were in admirable spirits and cheered heartily as the tug left the ship.

Extracted from the New Zealand Journal 1841 (page 151)
The Arab unfortunately carried away her fore topmast in going down the channel and was obliged to go to Plymouth to refit, by which she was detained 4 days. The emigrants of both these ships were selected out of a very large number of applicants and in point of health, age and character, will be an acquisition to the Colony.

Extracted from the New Zealand Gazette October 20 1841
The emigrants by the ARAB have voted Dr Butler the surgeon of the ship, a letter of thanks, for his humane conduct towards them during their passage from England to Port Nicholson. It was signed by the whole of the passengers.

Extracted from the New Zealand Journal 1841 (page 294)
Rate of hire of ship:            19.5.0 per adult.