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Ship: 1021 tons
Captain: Worster
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Plymouth May 5th 1877 - arrived Lyttelton August 8th 1877

The Waikato, a well-found ship of 1021 tons, flying the New Zealand Shipping Co.'s flag, was a real clipper and completed many fast voyages out and home. Of twelve passages outwards only three exceeded 100 days. Captain Worster made a fine run to lyttelton in 1877. The Waikato made the passage from Plymouth in 82 days, and 78 land to land. When steamers took the place of many sailing vessels the Waikato was sold to the Germans and renamed Pfluger. Subsequently she fell into the hands of J D Spreckles and Son, of San Francisco, in a partly dismasted condition. This was in 1900, when she was rigged as a barquentine, and given the name Coronado. She was sold to the Canadian Pacific Coal Co., and used by them as a towing barge. She foundered on November 20, 1918, when being towed from Ladysmith to Vancouver.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Boaks George 34 Kent Railway Servant
Caroline 28
George A. 6
Henry John 2�
Edith A. 6 mths
Dallard George Joseph 25 Glostershire Groom
Sarah M. 25
Frances M. J. 2
Dora Alice 3 mths
Dooley Patrick 30 Dublin Farm Labourer
Margaret 27
Falleni Luigi 25 Italy Coachman
Isold 18
Eugenie 3
Ferris Alexander 25 Donegal Farm Labourer
Jane 21
Grocott Joseph Henry 43 Staffordshire Carpenter
Annie 39
Richard H. 8
Herbert 4
Harold 1
Gallagher William 28 Tyrone Ploughman
Catherine 23
William 3
Margaret 1
Ellen 1
Hamilton Hugh 29 Tyrone Ploughman
Jane 30
Thomas 3
Sarah 2
Long Thomas B. 37 Sussex Carpenter
Pricilla 39
Susan E. 7
Robert J. 6
Augusta M. 4
Eveline E. 18 mths
Nolan John 34 Donegal Farm Labourer
Mary Ann 26
Susan 5
Catherine 3
Mary Jane 2
Margaret 4 mths
Stevenson William 36 Tyrone Carpenter and Mason
Isabella 30
John A. 5
Annie 3
Margaret Jane 10mths
Single Women
Adams Margaret A. 20 Antrim Farm Servant
Amsdem Rebecca 19 Middlesex Housemaid
Bentley Lizzie 19 Essex Nurse
Bateson Hannah 48 Yorkshire Tailoress
Geraldine R. 14 Yorkshire
Beaufort Rosa 24 Guernsey Nursemaid
Birmingham Bridget 19 Galway General Servant
Annie 23 Armagh General Servant
Boyle Cella 20 Galway General Servant
Bratt Florence 19 Warwickshire Servant
Sarah A. 17 Warwickshire Servant
Broadbelt Elizabeth 21 Middlesex General Servant
Brown Sarah A. 22 Leicester General Servant
Bunting Mary J. 26 Armagh General Servant
Carson Esther 22 Londonderry Farm Servant
Mary Ann 20 Londonderry Farm Servant
Chapman Alice 22 Surrey Housemaid
Clare bridget 18 Kilkenny Servant
Clark Mary 18 Devon Servant
Clarke Hannah M. 20 Derry Farm Servant
Eliza 18 Derry Farm Servant
Connor Margaret 20 Clare Servant
Cunningham Hannah 51 Devon Cook
Mary 23 Jersey Nurse
Daly Mary A. 26 Antrim Farm Servant
Sarah 24 Antrim Farm Servant
Eliza 20 Antrim Farm Servant
Davis Susan 22 Devon Housemaid
Day Emma 34 Berks Cook
Dixon Margaret 34 Durham General Servant
Eden Jane E. 24 Lincoln Parlor and House Maid
Ewart Mary Ann 21 Londonderry General Servant
Eliza 24 Londonderry General Servant
Fallon Margaret 18 Galway General Servant
Fitzgerald Julia 20 Cork General Servant
Flaherty Kate 20 Galway General Servant
Fuller Charlotte A. 17 Cambridge General Servant
Gollan Jane 27 Inverness
John 2
William 4
Cameron Agnes 9 Travelling with Gollan
Gray Clementina 30 Forfar Cook / General Servant
Green Sarah E. 22 Kent Nurse
Hawkins Rhoda J. 19 Stafford General Servant / Nurse
Henry Jeanne 17 Derry General Servant / Nurse
Hewitt Harriett 22 Middlesex General Servant
Hunton Caroline 21 Yorkshire Nurse
Johnston Ann J. 18 Londonderry Servant
King Susan 22 Cork Ladies Maid
Marley Sarah A. 19 Durham Housemaid
Marlow Sarah 24 Tyrone Nurse
Anne 26 Tyrone General Servant
McAlister Jane 28 Londonderry General Servant
McAnlay Elizabeth 18 Londonderry General Servant
McCaw Nancy 20 Antrim Farm Servant
McCutcheon Mary 52 Tyrone General Servant
Eliza A. 23 Tyrone General Servant
Rachael 21 Tyrone General Servant
Matilda 20 Tyrone General Servant
McElhinny Sarah 16 Donegal General Servant
McGall Mary 21 Antrim Farm Servant
McHcombe ? Sarah 23 Kent Housemaid
McIntosh Agnes 24 Lanarkshire Housekeeper
McLean Elizabeth 21 Londonderry General Servant
Mitchell Elizabeth 40 Middlesex Cook
Mitchell Sarah J. 19 Donegal Housemaid
Margaret 17 Donegal Housemaid
Mulholland Mary 17 Antrim Farm Servant
Neale Elizabeth 24 Middlesex General Servant
Neal Eliza 21 Middlesex General Servant
Norris Eliza 25 Tyrone General Servant
Nuttall Annie 16 Middlesex Nursemaid
O'Neill Mary 19 Antrim Farm Servant
O'Shannessy Ellen 18 Clare Servant
Pain Elizabeth 25 Glostershire Servant
Pidgeon Eliza e. 27 Middlesex Ladiesmaid
Pratley Mary J. 23 Gloucestershire Cook
Pridaux Ann 50 Alderney
Pritty Ellen 34 Suffolk Housekeeper MATRON
Reid Elizabeth 17 Antrim Farm Servant
Rielly Margaret 23 Monaghan Cook
Salter Elizabeth 23 Cornwall Housemaid
Saudy Agnes 23 Norfolk Nurse
Stanlake Annie 22 Cornwall General Servant
Steele Sarah 20 Antrim Farm Servant
Steele Letitia 20 Derry Farm Servant
Stokes Elizabeth 28 Jersey Cook
Sutherland Janet 22 Sutherland Servant
Toughil Margery 28 Londonderry Housemaid
Tresize Mary A. 28 Gloucestershire Housemaid
Walsh Julia 21 Galway General Servant
Waters Hannah 26 Waterford Housemaid
White Ellen 19 Derry Farm Servant
Wilson Esther 25 Middlesex Housemaid
Winters Mary J. 17 Clare Housemaid

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National Archives Reference IM15/291

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