833 tons
Captain: Warren F.Caborne
Sailed London 10th September 1876 - arrived Napier 16th December 1876

The Waitara, a ship of 833 tons, built by Reed of Glasgow in 1863, and flying the New Zealand Shipping Co's flag, did not enjoy a long career in the New Zealand trade, as she was sunk in the English channel by the Hurunui on June 22 1883.The two ships left Gravesend togeather in the evening, and shortly after the weather became thick and hazy. The Hurunui struck the Waitara twice amidships, and the latter sank in a few minutes while endevours were being made to lower the boats. A few of the Waitara's passengers clambered on board the Hurunui when the collision occured.  Twenty of the passenegers and crew were drowned, including a few old colonists who were returning to Wellington.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Bandon Micheal 30 Kerry Farm Labourer
Mary 30
Mary 5
Micheal 4
Ino: 2
Barlow James 36 Norfolk Labourer
Sarah 30
Harriet 11
Charlotte E. 9
Barrett William 26 Bucks Labourer
Fanny 22
Butcher John 32 Glostershire Blacksmith
Selemice ? 33
John E. 12 Trans to s/m
Mary A. 7
Henry C. 4
Elizabeth 4
Goerge R. 4 mths
Coghlan James 45 Roscommon Farm Labourer
Maria 37
John 21 Trans to s/m
Bridget 19 Trans to s/w
Kate 17 Trans to s/w
Mary 15 Trans to s/w
Ellen 10
James 5
Peter 3
Patrick 8 mths
Furniss Edwin William 30 Kent Carpenter
Cecilia 25
Edwin J. 1
Gregson William 29 Lancashire Quarryman
Sarah 29
Emily 6
Ellen 4
John Thomas 2
Margaret 7 mths
Keays Edward 40 Limerick General Labourer
Ellen 38
Eliza 20 Trans to s/w
Edward 13 Trans to s/m
Knowles Thomas 22 Monmouth Labourer
Emily 22
Limb George 30 Derbyshire Coal Miner
Mary A. 29
Sarah A. 7
William 1
McShane Thomas 29 Armagh Farm Labourer
Catherine 27
Mary A. 5
Rose 3
Patrick 18 mths
Elizabeth 2 mths
Miller John 37 Lancashire Quarryman
Ann 34
Martha 15 Trans to s/w
James 12 Trans to s/m
Harriet 8
John Thomas 3
Elizabeth E. 3 mths
Moody Richard 25 Norfolk Labourer
Elizabeth 2
Morgan Matthew 22 Cornwall Wheelwright
Emily 21
Phillips Charles 33 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Rebecca A. 24
Potts Robert 24 Northumberland Labourer
Matilda 25
Mary L. 2 mths
Reay John 34 Durham Carpenter
Margaret 29
William 10
Thomas 8
Rimmer Thomas 44 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Alice 39
George Henry 14 Trans to s/m
Mary A. 12 Trans to s/w
Alice 7
John c. 5
Ernest A. 3
Robson Thomas 27 Northumberland Joiner
Mary 21
Shanahan Denis 40 Kerry Farm Labourer
Mary 38
Patt 17 Trans to s/m
Mary 15 Trans to s/w
Jane 12 Trans to a/w
Denis 8
Smith David 32 Loncolnshire Farm Labourer
Eliza 23
Eliza 7
Annie 1
Stanley William 37 Tipperary Farmer
Mary 23
Richard 6 mths
Walford Albert 32 Glostershire General Labourer
Ellen 34
Harriet 12 Trans to s/w
Ellen 9
Emma 6
Rosa 3
Samuel 10 mths
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
McGreevy John 55 Roscommon Carpenter
Ellen 54
Arthur 19 Trans to s/m
John 17 Trans to s/m
Single Men
Anglim Micheal 20 Tipperary Fram Labourer
Aylward Philip 23 Kilkenny Plumber
Beacham Kennett 23 Kent Carpenter
Bowers George 26 Surrey Carpenter
Boyd Donald 30 Sheltand Carpenter
Burke Martin 19 Clare Farm Labourer
Butcher John E. 12 Glostershire
Carter Harry 33 Essex Farm Labourer
Clifford Jeremiah 22 Kerry Farm Labourer
Coghlan John 21 Roscommon Farm Labourer
Cuddihy Patrick 23 Tipperary Labourer
Daly Patrick 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Daly Micheal 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Dowling William 22 Kerry Plumber
Downey Micheal 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Downey Maurice 22 Kerry Labourer
Euright Bryan 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Fisher John 35 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Fogerty John 24 Tipperary Labourer
Goulding Micheal 17 Cheshire Joiner
Hackney William John 16 Antrim Farm Labourer
Hallissey Jeremiah 29 Cork Farm Labourer
Halloran John 24 Clare Farm Labourer
Hamilton Alexander 34 Lanarkshire Labourer
Hannigan Patrick 22 Tipperary Labourer
Harrington Patrick 26 Kerry Farm Labourer
Hemingway James 22 Yorkshire Labourer
Keane Timothy 28 Kerry Farm Labourer
Keays Edward 13 Limerick
Le Peht Alfred 20 Jersey Farm Labourer
Lynch Robert 22 Dublin Farm Labourer
Mangin Patrick 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Martin Frederick 19 Essex Farm Labourer
Matthews George 25 Berkshire Farm Labourer
McCarthy Jeremiah 21
McCroghan James 23 Kerry Ploughman
McMahon Richard 24 Limerick General Labourer
Meehan John 25 Kerry Ploughmans
Meehan Micheal 18 Kerry Farm Labourer
Miller James 12 Lancashire
Mulvey William 20 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Murphy John 24 Kerry Farm Labourer
O'Connor William 18 Kerry Farm Labourer
O'Sullivan Micheal 26 Kerry Farm Labourer
Cornelius 28 Kerry Farm Labourer
Cornelius 24 Kerry Farm Labourer
Page Frank 22 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Pendy Phillip 21 Kerry Ploughman
Powell George 23 Tipperary Labourer
Power Edmond 30 Tipperary General Labourer
Rimmer George Henry 14 Lancashire
Sexton Micheal 28 Clare Farm Labourer
James J. 19 Cork Farm Labourer
Shanahan Thomas 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Shanahan Patt 17 Kerry Farm Labourer
Startup James 43 Kent Labourer
Frederick 15 Kent Labourer
Samuel 13 Kent Labourer
Stevens John 39 Devon Farm Labourer
Sullivan John 27 Kerry Farm Labourer
Ward William 22 Middlesex Carpenter
Ward John 20 Roscommon Farm Labourer
White Daniel 30 Kerry Farm Labourer
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Highley Herbert 22 Yorkshire Joiner
William 20 Yorkshire Joiner
McGreevy Arthur 19 Roscommon Shoemaker
John 17 Roscommon Moulder
McLeod William 22 Nova Scotia Labourer
Single Women
Clarke Mary A. 25 Suffolk Servant
Coghlan Bridget 19 Roscommon Servant
Kate 17
Mary 15
Comber Margeret 20 Clare Housemaid
Daly Mary 22 Kerry Servant
Dooling Mary 24 Kerry Servant
Johanna 18 Kerry Servant
Ferris Kate 20 Limerick Servant
Garne J. A. James 25 Jersey Nurse
Healy Nano 20 Kerry Servant
Jewell Elizabeth 29 Bucks Nurse
Keays Eliza 20 Limerick Servant
Keane Catherine 18 Kerry Dairymaid
Betsy 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Lyons Anne 19 Kerry Servant
Madden Honora 27 cork Servant
McAnerim Henrietta 21 Tyrone Housemaid
McSweeney Bridget 18 Kerry Servant
Miller Martha 15 Lancashire Servnt
Rees Frances 22 Middlesex Servant
Rimmer Mary A. 12 Lancashire
Shanahan Mary 15 Kerry Servant
Jane 12 Kerry Servant
Starr Ellen 15 Tipperary Servant
Startup Hannah 11 Kent
Walford Harriet 12 Glostershire
Waters Sarah J. 29 Yorkshire Cook
Watson Jane J. 27 Middlesex Laundress
Colonial Nominated Single Women
McLoed Mary 50 Nova Scotia
Maggie B. 17
Mary C. 12
Jessie 10
Martin BURKE:
Martin Burke was born 1854 to Patrick and Anne Burke (Nee Kilkelly) County Clare Ireland. He married Hannah nee Lenihan 8/8/1882 at Sacred Heart Church Hastings and had eight children. Martin died with appendix aged 42 years on 3/12/1896 and is buried at the old Taradale Cemetary Puketapu Road Taradale. He is buried with his wife who died 21/10/1926 aged 69yrs.He still has surviving  grandchildren, plus many more in this area.   If you are interested to learn more or have a connection to this family please contact Elaine Mattsen.

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