Ship: 1000 tons
Sailed London 30th November 1878 - arrived Wellington 26th February 1879


The Warwick called at Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Nelson, Marlbough, Lyttelton, Westland and Timaru but not necessarily in that order. This list is broken up into the various ports of entry.

Name Age County Occupation Nomination No
Families and Children
Casey Martin 44 Clare Farmer
Bridget 43
Martin 16 Farm Labourer
Thomas 14
James 13
Michael 10
Patrick 8
Families & Children Colonial Nominated
Cain Thomas 24 Lancashire Baker 1531
Ann 22
Morgan John 44 Pembroke Smith 1110
Frederick 20 Pembroke Fitter
Agnes 17 Pembroke General Servant
Charles 16 Pembroke
Edwin 13 Pembroke
Symth James 25 Lanark Cooper
Mary L 22
Single Men - Colonial Nominated
Donnelly John R 29 Dublin Railway Labourer 1486
Hogan Peter 26 Tipperary Farm Labourer 1498
Winship William E 19 Yorkshire Farm Labourer 1375
Single Women - Colonial Nominated
Harris Martha 30 Cornwall 1523
Thomas b 9
Lynch Bridget 20 Kings General Servant 1421
Edward 18 Kings Labourer
Families and Children
Gray Henry 26 Buckshire Gardener
Sarah A. 26
Agnes 8 mths
Hillier Charles 26 Somerset Farm Labourer
Mary A. 25
William George 10
Emma M 2
Ada 4 mths
Morgan Darby 26 Waterford Farm Labourer
Ellen 26
Johanna 11
Michael 6
Bridget 3
Scobie Frederick 31 Surrey Coachman
Susannah 30
Families & Children Colonial Nominated
Hickey Daniel 41 Tipperary Farm Labourer 2028
Bridget 39
Daniel 17 Farm Labourer
Patrick 15
John 13
William 11
Mary 9
James 6
Matthew 1
Miller Septimus 34 Middlesex Labourer 2211
Thirza 32
Thirza M 13
Dora 10
Septimus 8
William 6
Charles 3
Alexander 1
Price William Henry M 29 Essex Bookbinder No. 22 List 14
Martha S. 27
Elizabeth S 8
Edith C. 6
Alice H 3
Florence 1 mth
Quillnan Michael 37 Lancashire Farmer 2160
Mary 35
Michael 14
Kate 11
John 7
Mary 2
Stretch John 32 Lancashire Bootmaker 1860
Margaret 30
Trevethick Charles 24 Cornwall General Labour 2222
Louisa 25
Clara 2
Flora 10 mths
Single Men
Bulter James 18 Limerick Farm Labourer
Gant Joseph 18 Monmouth Farm Labourer
Single Men - Colonial Nominated
Curtis James 28 Essex Hammerman 2193
Reading Thomas 29 Middlesex General Labourer
Hehir Michael 18 Clare Farm Labourer 2170
Lee Wilfred G. C. 13 Middlesex 2205
Mercer Edward 17 Lancashire 2199
Newman Albert 16 Wiltshire 2230
Herbert 12
Small Michael 21 Galway Farm Labourer
Trevethick James 19 Cornwall General Labourer 2223
Young John B R 18 Forfarshire Farm Labourer 2198
Single Women
Amson Sarah 18 Middlesex General Servant
Mary A 14
Gray Marion 19 bucks Parlour Maid
Parkin Hannah 51 Cambridge Cook
Scott Margaret 21 Devon Housemaid
Single Women - Colonial Nominated
Brown Annie 20 Germany Cook 2214
Louis 9
Fitzgerald Hannah 18 Kerry Dairymaid 2218
Hehir Anne 20 Clare General Servant 2170
Molloy Ellen 21 Clare Housemaid 2229
Murphy Hannah 29 Kerry General Servant 1547
John M 8
Mary M 6
Margaret M 5
Jane R 3
Neal Ellen Alice 26 Leicestershire Housemaid Dunedin 3735
Families & Children
Gillespie David 44 Derry Gardener
Bridget 43
William James 11
Johns Joseph 33 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ann 30
Families & Children - Colonial Nominated
Davis Edwin 38 Glostershire Farm Labourer 6082
Esther 35
William 12
Agnes 10
Kate 6
Emma 1
MacKay Murdock 22 Sutherland Shepherd 3801
Margaret 22
William 1�
Ryan John 27 Tipperary Farmer 3961
Johanna 22
Mary 5
Bridget 4
Timothy 2
Martin 10 mths
Delahunt Joseph 26 Lancaster Gardener 5087
Alice 26
John A 2
William 2 mths
Stott Susannah 23 6009
Annie 3
William 2
Single Men
McGrath Michael 22 Tipperary Labourer
Single Men - Colonial Nominated
Aitkin William 20 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer 6014
Cox Charles Henry 23 Middlesex Carpenter 6077
Crean Thomas 20 Tipperary Ploughman 6059
Murphy Michael 28 Kilkenny Labourer 4074
Maurice 22 Kilkenny Labourer
Prince Samuel 22 Staffordshire Farm labourer 6083
Rogers Thomas 25 Cornwall General Smith 6055
Families & Children - Colonial Nominated
Brosnan Cornelius 44 Kerry Labourer 837
Ellen 42
Johannah 19
Mary 18
Single Men
Elliott James 23 Longford Saddler 888
Hays Timothy 29 Cork Labourer 811
Kennedy James 19 Derry Farm Labourer 872
John 18 Derry Carter
McShane Michael 19 Derry Farm Labourer 871
Rouke Denis 20 Kerry Farm labourer 837
Cody John 20 Longford Farm Labourer 887
Eliza 30 Longford Servant
Hanifan Micheal 20 Kerry Farm Labourer 764
Single Men - Colonial Nominated
Brosnan John 21 Kerry Farm Labourer 869
Patrick 19 Kerry Farm Labourer
Edmund 17 Kerry Farm Labourer
Single Women - Colonial Nominated
Scanlon Lizzie 18 Kerry General Servant 689
Honora 20
Families & Children
Trimmins William 37 Worcestershire Carpenter
Hannah 35
Effie 15
Celia 14
Nolan 5
Flora 3
Ernest 1
Single Men
Cook David 23 Fife Rabbit (illegible)
Hatherley William 23 Devon Farm Labourer
Sang David 23 Fife Rabbit (illegible)
Single Women
Marsh Mary 24 Worcestershire General Servant
Effie 15 Worcestershire Nurse
Families & Children
Fahy Daniel 32 Tipperary Labourer
Anne 28
Mary 1
O'Donnell Mary 15 Tipperary General Servant
Bridget 13 Tipperary General Servant
John 12 Tipperary
Wood Alice 42 Yorkshire Dressmaker
Mary 19 Yorkshire General Servant
George A 16 Yorkshire
Single Men
Dillon Thomas 12 Tipperary
Dunne martin 17 Mayo Farm Labourer
Geoghegan Patrick 24 Limerick Labourer
Mullin Patrick 26 Westmeath Labourer
James 22 Westmeath Labourer
Shannahan William 24 Surrey Carpenter
Single Women - Colonial Nominated
Fahy Johanna 35 Tipperary General Servant
Families & Children
Feeney Winifred 48 Galway
Patrick 21 Galway Gardener
Joseph 20 Galway Gardener
Single Men
McClatchie Samuel 38 Meath Carpenter
Single Women
Gibbs Caroline 30 Berkshire Cook
Higgins Maria 19 Mayo General Labourer
Moore Mary Jane 18 Tyrone General Servant
Wall Alexandra 25 Forfar Weaver
Single Women - Colonial Nominated
Carson Mary A 22 Dublin Housemaid
Hawkes Bay
Single Men
Reidy Thomas 21 Clare Farm Labourer
Single Women
Powell Ann 17 Bedfordshire General Servant
New Plymouth
Families & Children
Mumby Robert 39 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Ann B 10
Brumpton 8
Crampton 6
Mary A 2
Single Men
O'Donnell John Thomas 13 Dublin
Single Men - Colonial Nominated
Galvin Patrick 24 Limerick Farm Labourer
James 21


James Curtis arrived at Wellington on board the Warwick on February 26th 1879. The second son of Charles and Esther (nee Gillett) Curtis, he was born at Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England on January 19th 1848. James had three sisters (Mary Jane, Emily and Jane) and the family lived at Apton Field in 1841 and Hadham Road in 1851. There were a lot of breweries in the area and the occupation of many of the men is listed as Brewer or Brewers Labourer. It would appear, however, that the men in this new family, Stephen and James, may have had some education and undertaken apprenticeships as Stephen was very involved in the railway during his life in New Zealand after he emigrated in 1873. James appears as a Hammer Man in his application to come to New Zealand but has his occupation as a Boiler Maker on all documents in New Zealand. Stephen Curtis emigrated to New Zealand on the Roo Parelle which arrived in Auckland on May 30th 1874 with his wife Sarah Rebekah (nee Horne), who he had apparently married in London. They soon moved to Wellington and were in Tinakori Road when Stephen nominated his brother James and a sister (probably Jane) as assisted immigrants. Only James appears to have actually made the journey on the Warwick. Also on board the Warwick was Ellen Alice Neal from Leicestershire. Ellen's ticket indicates that she was supposed to go to Dunedin. Research has not determined by whom she was nominated and it is presumed she got off the ship at Wellington. On March 13th the following year (1880) James and Ellen were married in Wellington. Oddly enough their first child, Rose, was born just 6 months later. It appears that James and Stephen were both involved with the development of Petone. They were foundation members of the Ulster Masonic Lodge, involved with St James Anglican Church in Lower Hutt, the Petone Central School and I believe Stephen was very involved with the fledgling Rowing or Yacht Club in Petone. James wife, Ellen, died in 1891 about 7 months after the birth of their 7th child and was buried in the grounds of St James Church, Lower Hutt. Stephen also lost his wife, Sarah, in 1885. Both men remarried and had further family. In the 1990's Sharyn Burling (nee Curtis) and a Great Grandaughter of James Curtis, made contact with Phyliss Worthington, a Grandaughter of Stephen Curtis and valuable information and photographs were exchanged. The ancestry of James and Stephen has now been charted back to 1751 with a John Curtis marrying Elizabeth Stubbings in Ugley, Hertfordshire. James Curtis died in 1929 and is buried in Taita Cemetery. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Sharyn Burling

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