Ship: 1250 tons
Captain: Cowan
Sailed Glasgow 16 December 1875 - arrived Otago 24 March 1876

Under the immediate command of Captain Cowan (formerly Wild Deer) Wellington left the stocks of the yard of Robert Duncan in 1874. A ship of 1250 tons, she was built for the firm of Patrick Henderson & Co. but transferred to Shaw Savill when they merged with the Albion Company. A fast sailer, Wellington made 21 voyages to New Zealand between 1874 and 1903. Twelve of these voyages were to Dunedin, five to Lyttelton, two to Wellington, one to Auckland and one to Nelson, her last voyage to new Zealand. In 1904, Wellington was sold to S.O. Stray of Norway and at the end of 1908, while under tow from Gulfport USA to Argentina she foundered and was abandoned at sea.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Bowie George 32 Stirling Boltmaker
Janet 28
Janet 6
Helen 4
Elizabeth 2
George 3 mths
Cumming Mrs Isa 23 Wigtown Dressmaker
Magdalena 1
Joss Mrs Magaret 39 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Isabella 18
George 10
Alex 3
Mitchell James 48 Lanark Labourer
Margaret 45
Jane 28
Edith 17
George 17
Helen 14
Dugald 11
McGown Cornelius 35 Dumbarton Labourer
Margaret 26
Mary 8
James 6
Cornelius 2
Penny James 33 Forfar Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 32
John 11
Ellen Jane 9
William G. 4 mths
Rosa Marcus 30 Middlesex Cabinet Maker
Bertha 25
Maria 3
Tashet 2
Fanny 8 mths
Woolff Levy 35 Middlesex Tailor
Fanny 28
Mendel 8
Hannah 6
Rahcel 8 mths
Single Men
Dallas John 27 Renfrew Labourer
James 23 Renfrew Distillery
Gorman Owen 21 Galway Ploughman
John 20 Galway Farm Labourer
Mahoney Jeremiah 20 Tipperary Farm Servant
Mearns William 21 Edinburgh Seedsman
Single Women
Burke Maria 22 Galway Domestic Servant
Ellen 16 Galway Domestic Servant
Hickey Ellen 22 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Penny Eliza 21 Forfar Domestic Servant
Wight Ellen 27 Northumberland Housemaid

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