Barque: 513 tons
Captain: Forbes Michie
Surgeon Superintendent: C. William Gordon
Sailed Plymouth 11am December 4th 1842 - arrived Auckland March 31st 1843

Vessel owned by: Duncan Dunbar
Surgeons Report of Westminster

Arrival of the Westminster

Name Age
Cabin Passengers
Best Dr John M
Perry Charles Esq
Thomas Colonel
Paid Steerage Passengers
Eagland Charles Snr
Eagland Charles Jnr
Steerage Passengers
Adams Henry 21
Barrbal Charles 30
Ann 28
John 6
Samuel 3
Sophia 1
Barrow John 20
Bell Richard 20
Bennett George 27
Best John
Brooks William Thomas 22
Ellen 23
Ellen 18 months
Charrett Charles 20
Cooper William 16
Cozens William 17
Dael John 22
Dael James 18
Darbey Narroway John 20
Matilda 18
Davey Thomas 38
Eliza 36
Anne 13
Thomas 10
Elizabeth 8
Mary Ann 7
Hetty 3
Ellen Infant
Davey Jane 16
Desmond Henry 27
Dunn Timothy 36
Dunn Frances 28
Edwards William 19
Elliot Samuel 55
Mary Jane 21
William Henry 18
Eliza 16
George 14
Fowle Isaac 28
Ann 23
Fowle William 21
Goddard William 31
Mary Ann 32
William 4
Grattan Alexander 33
Rebecca 28
Mary 11
Eliza 8
John 7
Green Thomas 40
Harriet 41
Thomas 17
William 15
John 12
Harriet 10
Benjamin 8
Edward 5
Hall Michael 18
Halpine Catherine 21
Harmer Edward 29
Harper William 16
Heone Bernard 22
Janet 19
Catherine Infant
Hibberson Joseph 30
Hibberson Abraham 21
Hill James Carlton 38
Maria 29
Emma 12
Robert 10
Ernest Roden 9
Frederick 7
Albert William 2
Hill Carlton 18
Hill Mary 17
Hill Sarah 14
Harper Elizabeth 34 Widow
Elizabeth Ann 13
Edwin 7
Mary 5
Hortigan Michael 22
Humphrey George 20
Lashbury Henry 21
Heley Hannah 20
Kennedy William 22
Margaret 20
Knee John 23
Landrick John 32
Lark John 34
Lundon Patrick 38
Ellen 37
William 12
Patrick 9
Lundon Anne 19
Lundon David 16
Lundon John 14
Mary 14
Lorrigan Daniel 45
  Jane 44
Patrick 25
John 23
Lawrence 21
Catherine 19
William 17
Bartholomew 15
Mary 13
Margaret 11
Daniel 9
MacEnery Thomas George 27
McCuatt William 32
Mary Ann 26
James 12
Maria 5
Mcleod Frances 25
James 25
Merret George 23
Joseph 20
Henry 17
Morgan Ann 35 Widow
Mary Ann 17
Margaret 16
Fanny 14
James 11
Morgan Charles 21
Nash James 22
Nash John 19
Page Frederick 23
Palmer James 22
Maria 18
Paradise Isaac 22
Parr Thomas
Peterson Andrew 24
Elizabeth 25
Peardon William 37
Ann 21
Pell Walton 22
Hannah 22
Elizabeth 4
Pell John 20
Parr Thomas 34
Jane Elizabeth 31
Edward 13
Thomas 10
John 5
Rendles Henry 17
Roach Thomas 28
Margaret 25
Catherine 3
Margaret 1
Roach Patrick 25
Ann 24
Rose William 36
Sarah 36
John J.R. 15
Charles Henry 11
Mariah 9
Sarah 7
Russell William 39
Amilia 45
William 12
Mary 6
Jane 9
Henry 1
Scott John 23
Isabella 19
Mary Infant
Senior Joseph 18
Shepherd Thomas 36
Heather 34
Thomas 4
Charles 2
Sholes John 26
Skeen Robert 19
Catherine 21
Slemaker William 33
Ellen 23
Slow Robert 32
Elizabeth 29
Esther 10
Smith Robert 15
Spore James 27
Dorcas 24
Dorcas Elizabeth 1
Spore Harriet 30
Stanton George 31
Elizabeth 31
Jane 7
Stephen Richard 37
Ann 35
Eliza 8
John 5
Ann 2
Stockwell Henry 23
Sullivan Elizabeth 21
Sullivan Ellen 20
Tattersall William 30
Ann 34
William 13
Ralph 11
Laurance 7
James 5
Joseph 2
Wake Charles 17
Walker Edward 33
Anne 36
Edward 12
Ann 10
John 7
Martha 1
White Henry 29
Priscilla 31
Henry 3
Priscilla 1
Wilkins George 30
Willetts William 34
Mary 30
William 4
James 3
Wood Abraham 36
Louisa 38


MORGAN family:
The Morgan family came from County Cork, Ireland but nothing is known of Ann's marriage or the death of her husband or the birth of her children.  Mary Ann Morgan married John Beaton in St Patrick's Cathedral Auckland on 23 May 1843. John was a native of Isle of Mull, Scotland but no evidence has been found relating to his arrival in Auckland.  As the wedding was only seven weeks after the arrival of the Westminster you might think that perhaps he was on the same ship (perhaps as crew) however it remains a mystery.   John and Mary Ann had four children in Auckland (of whom the eldest died at 17 months). They then moved to New South Wales, Australia where they had a further four children following which they moved back to Auckland where another child was born.  Mary Ann died in Auckland on 11 Feb 1890 and is buried in Waikumete cemetery. Margaret Morgan married Alexander McArthur on 22 Aug 1843, also in St Patrick's. They had four children in Auckland before moving to NSW where they had two more children. Margaret died in Sydney in 1866. Fanny Morgan married Dennis Trainor (Traynor) in St Patrick's on 2 Jul 1846 but no subsequent trace of either party nor any children has been found. The widow Ann Morgan married Samuel Dean, a widower, in St Patrick's on 23 Feb 1851.  The date and location of her death has not been found. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact John Beaton.


SCOTT family:
John Scott and Isabella Coats were married in Barony Lanark on 16th May 1841 and arrived at Auckland on the
‘ Westminster ‘ in 1843 with their infant daughter Mary. Their first born in New Zealand, John Scott who was born on 18th October 1844, married Janet Naysmith on April 25th 1872 at Victoria Quadrant Auckland. They were the Dundon Maternal grand parents. They had six boys and two girls. Chronological order is Christina b 16/7/1873, Frederick b 10/9/1874 he married Sally ?, Charles b 13/8/1876, David Anthony b 19/6/1879, Thomas b 27/1/1880, Janet Eveline b 3/12/1887, Henry (Bill) b 1/11/1891, and John Francis b 12/3/1892 married Elizabeth Seggers in England in 1917. Janet Eveline married Henry Kevin Dundon in Auckland in 1911, before moving to Australia. There were 8 surviving children from the marriage. If you have a connection with this family or are interested to learn more please contact Col Dundon.


LORRIGAN family:
Daniel and Jane (Walsh) LORRIGAN and their family of nine children aged between 25 and 9 years of age were from Ballyslough County Limerick in Ireland. When they settled in Auckland this family of eleven lived in a raupo 'house' with an earthen floor, crude furniture, beds of dry fern, and an open fire for cooking.  The water came from  a gully nearby, and town was over a mile away on a clay track through thick scrub.  The Auckland newspaper 'Southern Cross' of 22 April 1843 reported that the Government of the day was callous in that it had left more than 200 passengers for four days after their arrival in cold comfortless houses after a voyage of "four or five months" and with "not a shilling of money".  The Lorrigan family took an active part in the activities of the young town of Auckland.  Patrick became a tavern keeper, and was granted a licence for the Crown and Anchor Inn in Queen Street West, John Lorrigan contributed his labour to help build the
Auckland Temperance Hall in September 1843, and the men of this family were among the helpers who rolled stones from the quarry at Mount Eden down to the site where St Patrick's Cathedral was being built in 1846-1848. Daniel was an Auckland Timber Merchant in Queen Street in the 1850's. William and Laurence later owned their own farms.  Mary and John married other passengers from the 'Westminster' - Mary m Hans Christopher, and John m Ann Lundon. Daniel Lorrigan senior later farmed at Paupaterie near One Tree Hill, and his death was reported in "The New Zealander" of 1 January 1853 as follows:  "Died:  In consequence of a fall from his horse on Tuesday 27th inst, in the 62nd year of his age, Mr Daniel Lorrigan of Auckland, and late of Ballyslough of County Limerick".  His wife Jane died on 14 June 1864, and her death was reported in "The Daily Southern Cross" 15 June 1864 as ..."relict of the late D Lorigan of Auckland".  If you are interested in this family please contact Moira Draper.


Item of interest:  Henry White, a passenger on the "Westminster" later built some of Auckland's more prestigious buildings, and the windmill which stood as a real landmark at the corner of Symonds Street and Karangahape Road for many years. Thanks to Moira Draper for this item.


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