Ship: 731 tons
Captain: Westgarth
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London October 13th 1857 - arrived Lyttleton January 9th 1858

                                                                       Nelson March 6th 1858

Arrival of Westminster

Our thanks to Julie Lawry for sending us this list.

Name Comments
Chief Cabin Passengers
Bagge Mr F
Beillett Mr T D
Birch Mr J
Bradshaw Miss
Creyke Mr A R
De Bourbel Mr H H
Dodsworth Miss
Gooch Mr E
Greenstreet Mr C H
Kenwick Mr H
La Nauze Mr H C
3 sons
1 daughter
La Nauze Mr R J
Peacock Major
4 sons
2 daughters
Rowley Mr J C
Tetley Mrs J
3 sons
Vibert Miss
Wallace Reverend J
Ward Mr T L
Watts Russell Mr J C
Wyvill Reverend E C
Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers
Bendelow Miss M A Bound for Lyttleton
Buxton Mr J Bound for Lyttleton
Crampton Miss A Bound for Lyttleton
Davis Mr T Bound for Lyttleton
3 children
Infant Died on board
De Castro Mr P Bound for Nelson
Deighton Mr B Bound for Lyttleton
Dickinson Mr T
Eldridge Mr T Bound for Lyttleton
Fawcett Mr J H Bound for Lyttleton
1 son
1 daughter
Fitz Gerald Mr E Bound for Lyttleton
Foggart Mr G Bound for Lyttleton
Gladden Mr W Bound for Lyttleton
1 daughter Died on board
Gough Mr W Bound for Lyttleton
Hall Mr G Bound for Nelson
4 daughters
1 son
Haylock Mr G Bound for Lyttleton
Hodgkingson Mr C Bound for Lyttleton
2 sons
3 daughters
Idle Mr E Bound for Lyttleton
Lawry Francis Bound for Lyttleton
John Nicholas
Jane Oats
Nankervis Mary Ann Jane Lawry's daughter by a former marriage
Longden Mrs J Bound for Lyttleton
Mastery Mr J Bound for Lyttleton
2 sons
1 daughter
Minchener Mr C W Bound for Nelson
Oats Thomas Bound for Lyttleton
Mary Ann
Mary Infant Born on board
Oats Miss Honour Bound for Lyttleton
Miss Elizabeth Bound for Lyttleton
Paterson Mrs A Bound for Lyttleton
Price Mr P Bound for Lyttleton
Radford Mr W Bound for Lyttleton
Richmond Mr J Bound for Lyttleton
Rebolls Mr J Bound for Lyttleton
Rodriquez Antonio Bound for Nelson
Rowbotham Miss E Bound for Lyttleton
Rule Mr A P Bound for Lyttleton
Saxton Mr G H Bound for Nelson
Sisson Mr F Bound for Lyttleton
Smith Mr J Bound for Lyttleton
White Mrs Bound for Lyttleton
2 daughters
Wilkinson Mr H Bound for Lyttleton
Williams Mr D Bound for Lyttleton
Williams Mr F W Bound for Lyttleton
Willmer Mr G Bound for Lyttleton
2 sons
1 daughter
Wornall Miss J


LAWRY family:
Towards the end of 1857 Francis Lawry aged 32, with his wife Jane (Oats) 33, and four children, left St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England, to settle in New Zealand. They travelled on the "Westminster", arriving at Lyttleton on 9 January 1858. The children with Francis and Jane were Mary Ann Nankervis 12(Jane’s daughter by a former marriage), John Nicholas Lawry 7, Elizabeth Lawry 4 and Jane Oats Lawry 5. Also on the ship were newly-weds, Jane’s brother Thomas 32 with his wife Mary Ann (Wiliams) 28, and possibly Jane’s sisters Honour 25 and Elizabeth 23. The Lyttelton Times also stated that an Oats baby was born during the journey. This would have been Thomas and Mary Ann’s daughter, Mary. Unfortunately the new life of this young family was to be short-lived. A son was born early in 1859 but both he and his father died later that year. Mary Ann returned to Cornwall with her daughter. After arrival at Lyttelton, the family would have had to walk over the Port Hills on the track known as The Bridle Path. On 30 April 1858 little Jane Oates Lawry died, aged 6 years. A few months later another daughter was born and was also named Jane Oats although she was known as Polly. Francis and Jane Lawry lived for a short time at Kaiapoi before buying a farm of 200 acres at Springston, a rural town south of Christchurch. They called the property Rosehill Farm and lived there for some years. Francis was a successful farmer although, when he died at age 82, his occupation was listed as Shoemaker, as it had been in the 1851 Cornwall Census. If you have a connection with this family or want to know more please contact Julie Lawry the Great Grandaughter of Francis & Jane Lawry.


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Lyttleton Times January 13th 1858

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