347 tons
Captain: William Lacey
Surgeon Superintendent: Alexander McShane
Sailed London 27th April 1841 -
arrived Wellington 8th September 1841, Nelson 5th November

The 347 ton Whitby was one of three vessels fitted out to carry out a survey for the new settlement at Nelson. Whitby and Will Watch departed London on Sunday afternoon, May 2nd 1841. A service had been held on board Will Watch and their passeg down the Thames was marked by a 21 gun salute. Arrow did not depart until May 21st but beat the other two ships to Port Nicholson. All three ships first arived at Port Nicholson until the question of the site of Nelson had been resolved. Whitby brought to New Zealand, Capain Arthur Wakefield R N (brother to Edward Gibbon Wakefield) along with 59 officals and labourers.

Name Age Profession
Cabin Passengers
Wakefield Captain Arthur 42 NZC Agent for Nelson
Arnold Aldous Improver
Bell Henry Angelo Clerk. Died Nelson Mar 10 1842
Browne David Surveyor
Brunner Thomas 19 Improver
Davidson William Improver
Howard James NZC Storekeeper
Lairdet Francis 43 NZC Agent New Plymouth
McShane Alexander Surgeon
Musgrave Thomas Surveyor
Stephens Samuel Surveyor
Torlesse Charles Improver Married Cathrine Wakefield, sister of E G Wakefield
Tytler James Stuart Volunteer
Tytler George Volunteer
Wilkinson William Ernest Improver
Armstrong John 24 Agricultural Labourer
Attwood John 28 Agricultural Labourer
Barnes John 29 Boatman
Bradley James 33 Labourer
Brydon William 24 Agricultural Labourer
Burnett Richard 30 Gardener and Ag lab
Burnett Robert 28 Agricultural Labourer
Cawte John 27 Police Officer
Chapman James 30 Labourer
Cresswell Thomas 26 Agricultural Labourer
Cross James Smith 25 Boatman
Dearling Thomas 23 Excavator
Doughty Thomas 27 Bricklayer
Eves Samuel 27 Miner
Forster John 26 Gardener
Fraser John 28 Labourer
Goddard Samuel 30 Boatman
Graham James 20 Labourer
Hannah Thomas 29 Miner
Holdaway John 32 Agricultural Labourer
Hollis James 27 Excavator
Hovenden Thomas 28 Labourer
Hughes William 29 Agricultural Labourer
Lodder William 21 Gardener and Labourer
Logree Joseph 28 Labourer
Lunn Henry 30 Agricultural Labourer
McDonald George 26 Labourer
McDonald John 29 Agricultural Labourer
McMahon Bernard 28 Agricultural Labourer
Maund Richard 30 Miner
Mickle William 28 Agricultural Labourer
Mowbray Alexander 26 Labourer
Palmer William 19 Servant to Lairdet
Pennock William 28 Miner
Rayner William 27 Excavator
Smith James T. 29 Serjeant
Songer William 29 Servant to Capt Wakefield
Spain James 32 Agricultural Labourer
Spittle James 20 Farm Labourer
Taylor William 32 Miner
Wastney Edmund 29 Agricultural Labourer
Wells Samuel 30 Agricultural Labourer
Whibbey Edward 23 Agricultural Labourer
White David 30 Agricultural Labourer


The story of John ATWOOD and Mary BARNES:
John Atwood and John Barnes arrived in New Zealand on board the ship Whitby, landing at Nelson in 1841. They were to be followed some time later by their wives and families on the brig Lloyds. Shortly after arriving, John Barnes, for some unknown reason, returned to England and, in London, Mrs Jane Atwood and her daughters, again for reasons unknown, did not embark on the Lloyds. The original passenger list shows their names crossed out but does not offer any solution to the mystery. On the arrival of the Lloyds at Nelson Mary Barnes could not for obvious reasons find her husband and Mr Atwood was equally frustrated in being able to find his wife and daughters. Having no reason not to, John and Mary paired up and together had a family of 10 children. In 1862 they filed an "Intention to Marry" but did not exchange their wedding vows. Mary died in 1867 and was buried as the "Beloved Wife of John Atwood". The following year John re-married a Mary Ann Gentry (nee Hatcher) who, with her husband Charles, had come to Nelson on board the Mariner in 1849. Many thanks for this wonderful story go to Jenny Kynman who is the great, great, great grandaughter of John and Mary.

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