Wild Duck

Wild Duck
Ship: 737 tons
Captain: Baillie
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London February 8th 1873 - arrived Wellington May 20th 1873

The Wild Duck was charted in "the sixties" by Shaw Savill & Co and ran almost exclusively to Wellington, with one trip to Auckland and one to Nelson. Immediately following the voyage to Nelson, she proceeded to Timaru where she was nearly capsized during a heavy gale. This voyage out in 1873 was her last to the colony.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Agate Stephen 44 Kent Gardener
Caroline J 41
Charles L 8
Henry William 6
Ann Rose 4
Willie H 2
Frederick 7 months
Beck James 40 Hertfordshire Bootmaker
Mary 23
James 3
McKune William 40 Warwickshire Labourer
Elizabeth 40
Sarah Ann 18 T/F to single women
George Henry 14 T/F to single men
William 8
Reeves William 33 Sussex Bootmaker
Mary 27
Lucy 7
Mary H 3
Rowley John C 27 Staffordshire Plumber
Caroline J 25
Tyrall Walter 26 Warwickshire Carpenter
"To be forwarded to Nelson at Messers Shaw, Savill & Coy's expense"
Eliza 24
Emma 3
Colonial Nominated Families and Children
Lloyd Roger 39 Pembrokeshire Miner
"To be forwarded to Nelson at Messers Shaw, Savill & Coy's expense"
Rebecca 40
Ann 18 T/F to single women
Priscilla 16 T/F to single women
John 11
Jane 8
Elizabeth 4
Maslin Thomas 55 Cornwall Brickmaker
Alice 52
Matthews Richard 56 Louth Labourer
Mary J 49
Ellen 17 T/F to single women
Francis 15 T/F to single women
Ann 14 T/F to single men
John 11
Miriam N 9
Moran Joseph 40 Middlesex Engine Driver
Julia 36
Joseph 11
Agnes 9
John 7
Ellen 5
Dominic 3
Rose 3 months
Muir Walter 56 Fife Miner
Agnes 56
James 19 T/F to single men
Jennet 16 T/F to single women
Single Men
Beaumont William 23 Norfolk Carpenter
Bigg Albert G 24 Suffolk Carpenter
Birks John 35 Staffordshire Carpenter
Crabbe James L 22 Kinkardineshire Agricultural Labourer
Curry Francis 23 Somersetshire Carpenter
Gore John 22 Warwickshire Gardener
"To be forwarded to Nelson at Messers Shaw, Savill & Coy's expense"
Hannan Geroge F 30 Middlesex Labourer
Henley John 21 Forfar Agricultural Labourer
Hepburn William 23 Forfar Ploughman
Mason George 18 Surrey Agricultural Labourer
McDermid Robert 23 Forfar Blacksmith
Middleton John M 22 Kinkardineshire Agricultural Labourer
McKune George Henry 14 Warwickshire
Shewbridge Henry 45 Gardener
Frances E 12 T/F to single women
George Thomas 11
Ann L 9 T/F to single women
Louise H 7 T/F to single women
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Antis William 12 Cornwall
Blackmore Thomas Henry 25 Devonshire Carpenter
Chinn James 22 Dorsetshire Draughtsman
Connelly John 19 Galway Shepherd
Hunter William John 21 Durham Labourer
"To be forwarded to Nelson at Messers Shaw, Savill & Coy's expense"
Matthews Francis 15 Galway Teacher
Muir James 19 Fife Miner
Robertson James 15 Aberdeen Printer
Sharkey Andrew 26 Leitrim Blacksmith
Williams Dinah 55 T/F to single women
Joseph 22 Kildare Constable
Charlotte 18 T/F to single women Servant
Single Women
Carroll Emily 18 Hartfordshire Housemaid
Gunter Charlotte 26 Middlesex Cook
Kent Martha 25 Surrey Cook
Lane Jane 19 Kent Cook
Lurcock Alice 17 Kent Servant
McKune Sarah A 18 Warwickshire Servant
Shewbridge Mary A 22 Kent Nurse
Frances E 12 Kent
Ann L 9 Kent
Louise H 7 Kent
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Antis Anna 35 Cornwall
Bessie 14 Cornwall
William 12 T/F to single men
Frank 8 Cornwall
Rosina 4 Cornwall
Frederick C 14 months Cornwall
Crowe Maria 24 Clare Seamstress
Deans Jane 24 Forfar Servant
Donaher Margaret 15 Tipperary Dressmaker
Fitzpatrick Alice 18 Tipperary Cook
Lloyd Ann 18 Pembrokeshire Servant
Priscilla 16 Pembrokeshire Servant
Matthews Ellen 17 Galway Dressmaker
Ann 14 Galway Servant
Moran Mary 16 Middlesex Servant
Catherine 13 Middlesex
Muir Jennet 16 Fife Servant
O'Leary Kate 23 Cork Servant
Tait Martha 45 Edinburgh Housekeeper
Margaret 18 Edinburgh Servant
Ann 16 Edinburgh Servant
Williams Dinah 55 Kildare
Charlotte 18 Kildare Servant

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