Ship: 1116 tons
Captain: White
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 23 September 1870 - arrived Lyttelton 23rd December 1870

The Zealandia, a fine iron clipper-built ship of 1116 tons, was built for the Shaw, Savill Co, in 1869 ande made her maiden voyage to Lytteton. The Zealandia was a beautiful ship, specially designed for carrying passengers. Her saloon was spacious and lofty and the cabins were unusually large and well ventilated, having extra large portholes to them. The decoration of the saloon was extremely chaste. She had some special cabins for families, and a ladies saloon. The second cabin was on deck and the berths were larger then usual and well lighted. The Zealandia, after completing 31 voyages to New Zealand, was sold to the Russians. She was stranded in 1911, and sold to a firm in Nova Scotia.
Source White Wings Volume One Sir Henry Brett

Our thanks to the dedicated researcher who sent us a transcription of this list.

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Arthur George 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ann 18
Borland James 40 Tyrone Saddler
Emma 33
Maggie 16 Trans to s/w
Robert 10
Emma 8
William 6
Charles 5
Sarah 3
John 4 months
Bourne John M 22 Kent Farm Labourer
Fanny 24
Edith 4
Brown Francis 49 Aberdeen Ploughman
Sarah 40
Sarah 20 Trans to s/w
Jessie 18 Trans to s/w
Francis 16 Trans to s/m
Alexander 14 Trans to s/m
William 6
Jane 4
Milne Jessie 3 months Travelled with Brown
Cowbrick Sydney 26 Middlesex Coach Maker
Clara 21
Webb Thomas 59 Kent Farm Labourer
Travelled with Bourne
Sarah 57
Davies Benjamin 38 Derbyshire Moulder
Elizabeth 37
Evans Edward 29 Oxfordshire Carpenter
Martha M 21
Fanny K 3
Fell Josiah 27 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 27
Gilbert John 35 Buckinghamshire Millwright
Caroline 34
Henry 7
Emma 4
Arthur 9 months
Green Samuel 28 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary 27
Clara 6
Jessie 4
Kate 2
Annie 1
Griffiths John 50 Derbyshire Labourer
These persons have friends living in Canterbury
Mary 51
Mary JR 20 Trans to s/w
Sarah 16 Trans to s/w
Samuel 11
Griffiths John JR 24 Derbyshire Smith
Hannah 26
John James 1
Cutler Thomas 26 Staffordshire Forgeman
Travelled with Griffiths
Alice 26
Scott Mary 61 Trans to s/w Travelled with Griffiths
Yates John 23 Trans to s/m Travelled with Griffiths
Norman Richard 20 Trans to s/m Travelled with Griffiths
Haines Michael 44 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Ruth 42
Swan Lucy 3 Travelled with Haines
Hardwick John 42 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
Hannah 42
Thomas 17 Trans to s/m
John 14 Trans to s/m
William 11
Mary 9
Catherine 6
Amy 3
Elizabeth 4 months
Hayler James 34 Sussex Farm Labourer
Mary A. 26
James 7
Sarah 1
Henwood Thomas 28 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Emma 27
Hicks Henry 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary 19
Johns William 36 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary 35
W. Henry 14 Trans to s/m
John James 11
George Thomas 8
Mary A. 6
Jessie 3
Albert R. 7 months
Mayn James 30 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Emma 30
Mary J. 11
John 10
James 7
Emma 5
Elizabeth A. 2
Page John 48 Bucks Labourer
Eliza 48
William 19 Trans to s/m
Eliza Jane 12 Trans to s/w
Harry 6
James 5
Rainbow James 37 Bucks Farm Labourer
Caroline 36
Henry S. 15 Trans to s/m
Reed William 23 Devonshire Smith
Mary Ann 24
Seager Samuel 50 Middlesex Carpenter
Mary A. 54
Rose 18 Trans to s/w
Samuel 15 Trans to s/m
Jane 13 Trans to s/w
Ada 11
Simpson George 36 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Martha 40
Henry 10
Martha 7
Frederick 4
Stewart Kate 10 Travelled with Simpson
Simpson John 47 Donegal Ploughman
Jane 45
Mary 20 Trans to s/w
Willis Lewis 35 Banff Shepherd
Christian 32
Wise George 29 Surrey Farm Labourer
Ellen 22
George R. 4 months
Single Men
Arras Wilhelm 19 Bavaria Farm Labourer
Breeze Matthew 40 Norfolk Farm Labourer
John 20 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Brown Daniel 21 Middlesex Clerk
Brown Francis 16 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Alexander 14 Aberdeen
Calder William 20 Banffshire Ploughman
£8.10 pd in Colony No 1313
Caldwell Thomas 24 Derry Ploughmans
Callaghan John 20 Cork Farm Labourer
£8.10 pd in Colony No 1318
Canavan George 25 Down Labourer
£8.10 pd in Colony No 1303
Chick Peter 22 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Corkery John 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
£8.10 pd in Colony Timaru No 9
1 April 1870
Dermott James 22 Armagh Farm Labourer
£8.10 pd in Colony No 1298
Evans Richard 26 Montgomeryshire Farm Labourer
Rowland 17 Montgomeryshire Ploughman
Fourdrinier Alfred 23 Middlesex Labourer
Gamble Charles 20 Essex Farm Labourer
Griebel Peter 25 Bavaria Farm Labourer
Haeslip John 26 Cork Labourer
£8.10 pd in Colony No 1266
Hardwick Thomas 17 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
John 14 Buckinghamshire
Harris William 20 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Hollobon Alfred 16 Sussex Tinman
Albert 13
Huffey George 35 Suffolk Couchman
Bill for £11.6.8 given Timaru 25, May /70
Johns W Henry 16 Cornwall Labourer
Leary John 22 Kerry Farm Labourer
£17 pd in Colony No 12 Timaru
William 19 Kerry Farm Labourer
McNae Richard 48 Kirkcudbright Engineer
Morgans John 21 Montgomeryshire Farm Labourer
Edward 18 Montgomeryshire Farm Labourer
Moyle James 28 Cornwall Farm Labourer
William 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Munro John William 23 Rosshire Shepherd
Murphy Patrick 27 Kerry Labourer
Nicholls Moses 19 Glostershire Labourer
Norman Richard S 20 Leicestershire Boiler Maker
Nott John 18 Devonshire Ploughman
Osborn Joseph Richard 26 Northampton Labourer
Page William 19 Buckinghamshire Labourer
Page Frederick 19 Kent Ploughman
Patton Thomas 20 Perthshire Ploughman
Power George 22 Waterford Gardener
Bill for £13 given No 1277
Rainbow Henry L 15 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
Richards William 30 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Seager Samuel 15 Middlesex Labourer
Seib Michael 20 Bavaria Farm Labourer
Shear Denis 24 Kerry Farm Labourer
Spillane Thomas 23 Kerry Farm Labourer
£8.10 pd in Colony No 10 Timaru 12, April 1870
Sullivan Cornelius 22 Kerry Labourer
Tudor David 35 Montgomeryshire Farm Labourer
Wotten David 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Yates John 23 Staffordshire Labourer
Single Women
Abbott Mary 22 Bedfordshire General Servant
Ahlers Helena 25 Germany General Servant
Baland Maggie 16 Tyrone Nursemaid
Besley Maria 27 Oxfordshire Cook
Brown Sarah 20 Aberdeen Dairy Maid
Jessie 18 Aberdeen General Servant
Campbell Flora 22 Down Dairy Maid
Margaret 18 Down Dairy Maid
Carroll MATRON
Christie Ann 19 Lancashire Nursemaid
Corbel Euphemia 24 Rosshire General Servant
Cross Eliza 27 Norfolk Cook
Dyer Martha 38 Middlesex
Emily 16 Middlesex General Servant
£8.10 pd in Colony No 1317
Amelia 13 Middlesex General Servant
Esselborn Maria 22 Bavaria General Servant
Fawkes Caroline 20 Middlesex General Servant
Forrest Catherine J 29 Lancashire Housemaid
Griebel Maria 22 Bavaria
Griffiths Mary 20 Derbyshire General Servant
Sarah 16 Derbyshire General Servant
Gudex Magdalina 20 Bavaria Dairymaid
Gütel Jakobine 28 Bavaria Dairymaid
Harris Jane 24 Cornwall General Servant
Hollobon Mary 40 Sussex
Alfred 16 Trans to s/m
Albert 13 Trans to s/m
Jesse 10
Arthur 5
Emily 4
Ellen 2
Houghton Kathrine 17 Norfolk Domestic Servant
Hutchinson Jane 21 Northumberland General Servant
James Matilda 16 Cambridgeshire General Servant
Jones Mary 34 Middlesex General Servant
Jane 16 General Servant
Minnie 9
William 4
Clark Ann 60 Bedforeshire Travelled with Jones
Joyce Mary 25 Down General Servant
Coll Nomn 1303
Leary Catherine 21 Kerry Dairy Maid
Coll Nomn No 12 Timaru
Ellen 16 Kerry Dairy Maid
McNae Ann 21 Lanark General Servant
Miller Jane 26 Lanark General Servant
Morcombe Mary 30 Cornwall General Servant
Murphy Margaret 21 Kerry General Servant
Nicholl Martha 19 Cornwall General Servant
Page Eliza Jane 12 Buckinghamshire
Patton Elizabeth 22 Perth Dairy Maid
Johan Perth General Servant
Poff Johanna 22 Kerry General Servant
Coll Nomn Timaru No 1
25, Aug /69
Pound Emma 27 Middlesex General Servant
Power Elizabeth 24 Waterford General Servant
Coll Nomn 1277
Roberts Louisa E 20 Buckinghamshire General Servant
Robertson Alexander 21 Ross General Servant
Russell Anne 26 Orkney General Servant
Timpson Charlotte 25 Surrey Cook
Scott Mary 61 Lancashire
Seager Rose 18 Middlesex General Servant
Jane 13
Simpson Mary 20 Donegal General Servant
Stuart Selina 26 Somersetshire Housekeeper
Frances A
Web Emma 19 Cornwall General Servant

Mary Scott:
John Lee & George Scott had arrived in New Zealand on board the ship Ramsay in June 1870. Later that year, on board the Zealandia, Mary (nee Yates), John Lee and George Scott’s mother sailed to join her sons, together with her daughter Alice, and Alice’s husband Thomas Cutler. Thomas was to assist the two brothers in the cottage building. They travelled in the party of the Griffiths family, but I am not sure of this relationship. In 1871 a third brother, William (b. 1836) a foundryman, with his wife and 5 children sailed on the Zealandia (sailed 8.9.1871, arrived Lyttelton 9.12.1871) to join the family and become the third Brother of Scott Brothers Limited. Moses Scott (b. 24.8.1834) also joined Scott Brothers, but to date I have been unable to find the ship on which he emigrated. However there is a written notation against William Scott’s name on the Zealandia 1871 sailing, which says "and brother" which could point to Moses. Should you wish any more information on this family, please contact Lesley Wootton.


WISE family:
My Great Grandparents, George & Ellen (nee VOAK) WISE  and their son George Richard came out on the Zealandia to Lyttleton.  The WISE family settled in Christchurch along with 5 of George's siblings and his father who came out on various ships over a ten year period. The Zealandia was a particularly fast iron clipper ship, and made the voyage in  days. This was one of the faster journeys to NZ and some incredible distance records were set.   In one period of 17 consecutive days they sailed 5044 miles (8000kms). This is further than the Whitbread round-the-world yachts of recent years were capable of. If you have a connection to this family or are interested in diaries relating to this voyage (Bruce has copies of two diaries) please contact Bruce Crowther


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