Ship: 1116 tons
Captain: Curry
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London October 10th 1872 - arrived Otago January 10th 1873

The Zealandia, a fine iron clipper-built ship of 1116 tons, was built for the Shaw, Savill Co, in 1869 ande made her maiden voyage to Lytteton. The Zealandia was a beautiful ship, specially designed for carrying passengers. Her saloon was spacious and lofty. and the cabins were unusually large and well ventilated, having extra large portholes to them. The decoration of the saloon was extremely chaste. She had some special cabins for families, and a ladies saloon. The second cabin was on deck and the berths were larger then usual and well lighted. The Zealandia, after completing 31 voyages to New Zealand, was sold to the Russians. She was stranded in 1911, and sold to a firm in Nova Scotia.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Cormack Donald 50 Caithness Farmer
Mary 60
Benjamin 21 T/F to single men Ploughman - crossed out on list
Culbert William 30 Dongal Farm Servant
Janet 25
James 5
Ann 3
William 10 months
Knox Henry 32 Cavan Labourer
Mary 30
William Thomas 10
Annie J 8
Henry 4
John James 8 months
McIntyre Donald 22 Sutherland Shepherd
Annie 23
Neal William 26 Staffordshire Gardener
Elizabeth 28
Taylor John 40 Caithness Ploughman
Elizabeth 28
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
Brown John 38 Fife Labourer
Elizabeth 36
John 17 T/F to single men Baker
Jane 15 Servant
William 13 T/F to single men
James 11
Peter 9
Andrew 3
Agnes 11 months
Cockburn John 53 Berwickshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 47
Euphemia 20
David 17 T/F to single men
John 12 T/F to single men
Robert 10
Sarah 8
Stewart David 44 Perth Labourer
Mrs 41
Single Men
X  Cormack Benjamin 21 Caithness Ploughman - cross by name on list
McLean Alexander 21 Ross Farm Servant
Pierce William 20 Fermanagh Agricultural Labourer
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Argue Thomas 51 Cavan Gardener
Mary Ann 28 Nurse
William 25 Coachman
Brown John 17 Fife Baker
William 13
X  Cockburn David 17 Berwickshire Agricultural Labourer - cross by name on list
John 12
Crawford John 22 Fermanagh Farm Labourer
Dale James 20 Yorkshire Joiner
Mark R 15
Ennis Christopher 22 Dublin Tailor
Kennedy John 24 Cavan Farm Labourer
Kinnaird William 15 Fife Farm Labourer
Mooney Patrick 19 Armagh Farm Servant
Sinclair Barnetson 20 Caithness Shoemaker
Urquhart William 28 Inverness Farm Labourer
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Lunn Elizabeth 20 Edinburgh Cook
Jessie 24 Handmaiden


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